Sunday, April 10, 2016

Investigation Update 4.10.2016

We really had an amazing week at the Gribble House. Lots of activity, and lots of great guest investigators. Here's just a slice of what happened in the building...

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday night. The two folks she investigated with, Joshua and Asia, were ready and raring for a paranormal packed week in Savannah. They even stayed at the #marshallhouse, one of the most haunted Savannah hotels!

Before the investigation began, Kelley was setting everything up and was using the Ovilus in the Question and Answer mode. As she waited for the two to arrive, the words Car and Traffic kept coming up on the screen. Funnily enough, she got a phone call from the investigators letting her know that they would be just a minute late because of all the traffic they were getting into! Weird!

When they arrived, they were pretty pumped up about getting to use the Ovilus- they had actually been looking up the information about the device earlier that day. Numbers kept coming up on the screen for them. Twelve, Six, Fifteen, Twelve, and Six again kept coming up.

The investigator Asia had her name called through the Ghost Box several times, but there were a lot of names that were heard. When they asked who was in the building with them in the building that night they heard Vincent, James, Linda, Steve, Phillip, Mark, Frank, Clement, Rose, Arnold, Simon, and even a full name- "Anne Strickland!" was exclaimed through the Spirit Box.

Kait took the lead on Tuesday night on a night with a good bit of activity going on! They started the evening in the Slave Quarters, and as soon as they entered, the Raggedy Ann doll started blinking- like she had been waiting for the investigators to enter that hot spot. The first spirit that they made contact with told them that his name was Craig. Craig was very receptive to their questions, and even making activity happen on cue. When they asked him to make the EMF detectors flash, they did each time. They even asked him to turn their phones off- and they did.

Another group investigating started at the Gribble House area, and they asked questions about the murders of the three women. They heard "Blood", "Panic", and "They're dead" come through after they asked the spirits what had happened in that hot spot. "Who killed the women" they asked, and "Not me" was the response.

There seemed to be a lot of physical activity that night, in which the investigators felt like they were being touched. One woman felt as if her hair was being petted in the Slave Quarters, and another in the the Gribble House area. Another person felt like something kept brushing again their legs, but there was nothing there.

In the Residual Area they heard from a spirit who told them that his name was Jim. There was a strange tapping noise coming from the large garage door, and when they asked him who was making that noise they heard "It was me". "Jim, will you make that noise again", and the tapping would start all over again.

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Wednesday night. The first group that started in the Slave Quarters had some amazing activity with the Ghost Meter Pro. As they asked yes and no questions, the needle on the device was pegging all the way up while the red light was flashing. One of the investigators, Sarah, is a kids teacher and when she started hearing a lot of children and female voices coming through, she tried singing nursery rhymes to get more activity. She tried singing Ring Around the Rosie, and at one point asked the children in the room to hold her hand. Almost immediately, her left hand started tingling and got very cold- documented with the Digital Thermometer.

When the other group made their was into the Slave Quarters, the first question they asked was "Who is with us tonight?". They heard Nate, Enoch, Ashley, and then Kelley- that name came through in a child's voice. But, they didn't just hear names when they asked that question. There seemed to be a spirit in the room that didn't want them in there. "Shoo" and then "Leave" were heard. Another spirit was being silly. When they asked if they were a man or a woman, the response they got was "Vampire".

There was a pretty cool moment at the Stage Area with the Ovilus and the Spirit Box. One of the guys investigating was holding the Ovilus and the word Roses came up on the screen. All of a sudden, he remembered that he had roses in the bag he had brought so that he could give them to his date. He went back up to the Safe Room and offered them to her. She asked "What color are the roses", and the response they heard through the Spirit Box was "Red".

Thursday was pretty awesome, too. We had some people who were new to investigating, and two ladies who were sensitives, and very experienced investigators- but everyone had a great time. Tracy, one of the sensitive ladies actually saw two spirits in the building that night. One was an older man. dressed in military garb- she was sure he was some kind of general. The other spirit was that of a young boy, with a shaggy blonde bowl cut.

There seemed to be a great deal of religious themed phrases and words coming through the Spirit Box. They heard "Father", "Catholic", and "Priest" in fast succession. Just after that they heard a very unsettling phrase- "The dead speak". Creepy.

The Slave Quarters had a very strange vibe to it that night. Although there always seems to be the presence of spirits behind the curtain, on Thursday night it seemed to be a lot more substantial- like an actual solid figure was standing behind it. Kelley moved over into that area, carrying the Raggedy Ann doll. When she bent down to put her on the chair, it felt like something tingly and cold passed between her body and an investigator named Jill. She told Kelley she felt it, too. As Kelley went to explain to the other investigators how it felt like a person was in the room with them, the word "Person" came through the Ghost Box.

When it was time to go, they said goodbye and heard "Thankful... bye" come through. How nice!

We had two great investigations on Friday night, with Kait and Kaitlyn as the leads. One of the groups make contact with a little girl who told them that her name was "Sally". When they asked her more questions, they heard a lot of giggling. A little bit later on, two of the ladies in this group were in the Slave Quarters. As they asked their questions, each of them got a flash of the chills...

Paul was being a real jerk at the Stage Area. When the investigators asked who was talking to them "F-off" and then "Leave" came through. Paul continued to swear at them over and over, but he refused to tell them why he was so angry, or why he was so adamant about them getting away from the Stage. When they did decide to move away, they headed for the Gribble House area. Almost immediately they could smell the distinct scent of floral perfume, which is common there.

The group of six who investigated had a lot of strange activity going on for them. As they went into the Slave Quarters, one of the men walked in an his eyes started to water pretty badly. This same group walked towards the Stage Area to watch the CCTV cameras for activity, and right by the Slave Quarters where they had just been was a shadowy figure moving around. Very strange.

The second investigation was really good, too. Kaitlyn split everyone up into two groups, and each had a really good night. The first group was using the K-II Meter in the Slave Quarters, and it was flashing pretty steadily in accordance to their questions. But, when one of the investigators asked "Are you using the light to communicate with us" they heard a loud and forceful "NO", and then the light stopped flashing. They asked the spirit why they stopped the activity and "Shoo" was the response. "Why did you say that?" one of the investigators asked and the response was "RUN".

At the Stage Area, there were some VERY drastic temperature changes. One of the groups was watching the closed caption screen and saw a shadow moving across the floor, in a section where there were no people present. Another person who was snapping photos managed to capture a snapshot of two orbs flying, in conjunction, across the screen together.

Perhaps the most interesting moment of the night came while they moved into the Gribble House area. As they went to pass through the doorway they heard "Don't go there", but it wasn't through the Ghost Box- it was an actual disembodied female voice, warning them.

We had two great investigations on Saturday night, too. Kait and Kaitlyn, once again, led the charge. During the first tour of the night, there was a lot of really good Spirit Box activity, and good stuff with the Ghost Meter Pros.

The Stage Area was pretty active, and it seemed like Paul was in a better mood that night. Dave, one of the investigators, had his name called through the Spirit Box a few times. Another investigator felt like someone was pulling on the sleeve of her jacket, and when they asked Paul if it was him, the Ghost Meter Pro flashed once for "Yes". For almost the whole time they were in that area, the needle on the Ghost Meter Pro was spiking very hard.

A couple who had investigated with us in February was back for more, and had some of the same experiences again on Saturday. When they went to the Stage Area, the man experienced some intense vertigo, which had happened to him back in February, as well. How strange!

Another couple, who had just been to #colonialparkcemetery earlier in the day, was holding the Ghost Box when she heard the name "Lucy" come through in a kid's voice. This was really creepy and poignant for her, because she said that one headstone she had seen that really touched her was that of a young girl- Lucy.

In the Residual Area, everyone was standing up except for one lady in her group, who was sitting on a folding chair. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Get up", "Get up" come through several times, until she stood up, as well.

The second investigation was pretty good, too. Kelley was with one of the groups when they asked if the spirits they were communicating with knew they were dead. "DEAD DEAD" came through the Spirit Box, which was pretty creepy. "How did you die", one of the investigators asked". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Work". Just after they heard work come through, a little kid yelled out "Hey".

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, the Ghost Meter Pro and the EMF Detector were flashing and going off in congruence with one another as the investigators asked their questions. A lot of the responses they were getting had to do with religion this night, as well. "Reverend", and "Bible" were coming through on the Spirit Box, and the Ovilus. All the equipment was very active in the Slave Quarters.

The Residual Area had a bunch of K-II Meter activity, which was happening on cue. The investigators asked the spirits if they could make the "Red light flash" on the device, and it flashed immediately. Awesome! At one point, even though the groups were separated across the warehouse, their K-II Meters seemed to be going off at the same time, with the same pulses. Really cool.

The most memorable moment of the night, though, happened in the Gribble House area. While everyone was sitting in that hot spot, they heard the name "Carrie" come through the Spirit Box, and then all the devices they were holding went off. One of them asked "How many spirits are with us right now", and "Three" was the response. "Is Carrie still with us?" and the K-II Meter flashed. "How did you die, Carrie?". A woman's voice responded with "Axe".

What a good week- lots of activity, and lots of fun. As always, if you see an image of yourself, go ahead and tag it! If you'd like to tag us, use the @gribblehouse or the #gribblehouse! See yah next week!