Sunday, March 6, 2016

Investigation Update 3.6.2016

We have made it into spring here in Savannah- we've been begging for warmer weather and it's here. Although, I'm sure we'll all be wishing for cooler weather sooner rather than later. Here's what's been happening with the Gribble House Crew...

Sunday night, we had a Leap Day investigation with Kelley as the lead. Even before the investigation officially began, it felt like the building had a very creepy vibe to it. As Kelley was setting up, she could hear rustling sounds coming from every area of the building- like someone was running past her but not making the sound of footsteps. There was a negative energy to it, as well.One of the ladies investigating with her felt that negative energy herself, and became overwhelmed with emotion that brought her to tears.

Lots of female and children voices coming through the Spirit Box that night- a lot more than usual. When the investigators asked why the spirits were here, the voice of an older woman cone through and told them "Heart". Other strange and sad phrases came through the Spirit Box, such as "He killed her", "She is in Heaven", and "The ship sank".

When they walked into the Gribble House area and settled in, they asked "Who would like to talk to us?". The response they got was "None". In fact, it almost sounded as if the spirits were "Shhh"ing one another so they wouldn't answer any questions. The only phrases they did hear completely was "I'm dead" and "You gotta help me".

In the Residual Area, there were quite a few children's voices coming through, but they weren't welcome or inviting- they were creepy. There were strange, sullen moments of complete silence through the Ghost Box, as well, which is not normal.

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Monday night. There were some really good intelligent responses through the Ghost Box for all the groups who investigated. One of the groups asked "Can you see us? Tell us how many ladies you can see", and the response they got was "Three", which was correct. Kelley lit her lighter and said "Can you see this flame?". Through the Ghost Box they heard "I'll show it to you." Neat!

In the Residual Area, one of the groups heard a child's voice come through to say "Hello". Just after they heard this, a man's voice came through the Ghost Box and said "Be a good boy". They were joking around a few minutes later and said that one of the investigators, Kingston, was black. Through the Spirit Box came the "N" word, followed by "Hey man". Both Kingston and Colin had their names come through.

Tuesday night went just as well for our investigators, with Kelley in the lead again. Everyone got the chills in the Slave Quarters, and had a ton of names come through the Spirit Box. They heard Bob, Ian, Ashton, Elliot, Mark, Mama, Joseph, Bud, Alisha, Lisa, Louis, Paul, and Steve- they even heard "Hey cutie", which is neat. They also heard the names Michael, Yusef, Emily, Amy, and James, as well as Garry, Seth, Cecil, Marshall, and William.

In the Gribble House area, some foul language came through the Spirit Box. They kept hearing the word "Asshole" come through, and a few times they heard someone agreeing with that- "It's true". They also heard "Shut up" come through three times in a row when they asked if anyone wanted to talk to them.

More foul and angry language came through in the Gribble House area. They heard "Fire the person", "Get away, damn it", and "Beat 'em up". There was a lot of K-II Meter and Ghost Box Pro activity in this hot spot, and the investigators were able to get those devices to light up on cue just by asking.

Ted was our lead investigator on Thursday night. There were a few pretty spooky moments in the building for the investigators that evening, as well as some funny ones.

They started out at the Stage Area where they had an amusing exchange through the Ghost Box. Ted walked up and said "My name is Ted, who are you?". They heard "I am Ted" come through. One of the other investigators then asked "Can you say my name", and the response they received was "Asshole", followed by "Is your name!?". Then through the Ghost Box they heard "Jay". "Are you Jay", one of the investigators asked. "What?" what the response. She repeated, "Are you Jay". "Of course not" came the reply.

In the Gribble House area, four ladies entered and immediately heard a loud and firm "HIDE" come through the Spirit Box. That was the end of that hot spot for those ladies- they hightailed it out of there! When they were ready to go back in, they heard "HIDE" come through again, although this time they stayed for a few minutes to ask questions.

A sad moment came in the Slave Area when the investigators asked "How many kids are here" after she noticed the Raggedy Ann doll flickering steadily. "Always" and then "A lot" came through. "How many kids are here", they asked. The response they got was "Six".

On Friday night Kelley was our lead investigator once again. There were quite a few interesting, and a few creepy, moments in the building that night!

Three of the women investigating were part of a bridal party. They might have had the most creepy moment of the night. At one point in the Slave Quarters, one of the ladies felt what seemed like a nail piercing into her neck just as through the Spirit Box they heard the word "Nail". A few minutes later, another women in the group felt like someone was smoothing down her hair. Crazy!

Kelley was in the Slave Quarters and decided they needed on more folding chair in that hot spot, so she walked towards the Residual Area to get one. When she walked back in, through the Ghost Box they heard "Have a seat". A lot of names were called through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters. They heard Kent, Tom, James, Randy, Fletcher, Edward, Ace, Seth, Ann, and Ted.

The Spirit Box and the Ovilus were syncing up while in the Gribble House area. They heard "Phone's ringing", "Who is it", followed by "Jesus". Jesus then came through two more times over the Spirit Box and once on the Ovilus.

Ted was our lead investigators with Kaitlyn and Tricia on a great Saturday night, through two investigations. During the first tour of the night, the investigators had a cool moment in the Slave Quarters. They asked how many people were in the room at that moment and the response they got was "Seven". There were six guest investigators and Ted in the room, which makes seven. The spirits seemed to be giving the investigators the run around, though, through the Spirit Box. Each time they would ask the spirits their names, they would get a response of a specific name, like Carrie, in the correct gender voice. But, when they asked if they could speak with the spirit, a different voice would respond and say "No", or announce another name.

In the Gribble House area, they had a K-II Meter set up on one of the folding chairs. Ted asked if the spirits could move closer to everyone that was sitting in the area and the K-II started to flicker violently, as the energy in that space went up. A guest asked "Who is sitting next to me". The response they got was "Linda" just as the K-II started flickering even more.

While the groups were in the Residual Area, there were a lot of noises happening around them. From the mobile stairs set up near the Slave Quarters doors they could hear the sounds of tapping and banging. There were also some strange scents happening. Everyone smelled what they likened to wet dog at several different times. Three guests snapped photos at the same time and each of them was black, except a red dot in the center. Tricia and another investigator saw that same red obr, along with another, just above the fourth window on the far side of the building. To top it all off, it seemed like whenever they were asking questions, the responses through the Ghost Box had strange, scary laughter in the background of the response...

The second investigation went very well. Although the Stage Area had been quiet during the first investigation, during the second it was pretty active. Ted had set up a K-II Meter on one of the folding chairs in that hot spot, and it seemed to flicker pretty steadily almost the entire time they were there. Chuck, one of the guest investigators, asked "Who is sitting in this chair?". The response they heard was "Jay". When they asked Jay how old he was, he told the group that he was "Fifteen".

When they moved to the Gribble House area, Chuck asked "How many are here tonight". The response they got was kind of strange. "All of them" came through the Ghost Box. They asked if the spirit could "Touch the device", the K-II Meter that was set up in the corner, and it started going off as through the Ghost Box they heard "Sure".

As soon as they were walking into the Slave Quarters, Chuck heard his name called through the Spirit Box, which is always cool. Ted had set up the Boo Bear on the table in the Slave Quarters and for some reason it kept turning off. This is strange because to turn it on and off, you actually have to slide a little switch up, or down. Ted turned it one twice, and it turned itself off. Ted decided to ask "Who keeps turning off the Bear". Through the Ghost Box they heard "It's on". Strange.

It was a really good week for us, and for all our investigators. If you've got anything you'd like to share with us, please feel free to do so and tag us! Or, you can always tag yourself in the images that we've posted.