Sunday, March 27, 2016

Investigation Update 3.27.2016

Hello Gribble fans! It's once again time to catch up on what's been going on inside the building.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday night. Everyone stayed together in one big group, and they started their night out on the Stage. Almost immediately, both the Boo Bear and the Raggedy Ann Doll started to light up while on the floor. Thinking that perhaps they were being energized by child spirits, they used candy as trigger objects, as well. Child voices did eventually come through the Spirit Box, but they were sort of slow and soft.

When they moved into the Gribble House area, there was a voice coming through the Spirit Box with a distinct Irish accent. Both the Spirit Box and the Ovilus were chatty with mostly names, calling out and reading Ashley, Harriet, Owens, Donna, Jeff, Nate, Matt, Ed, Tom, Chris, Ash, and Jesus.

The investigators were able to capture quite a few orbs in the photographs on Sunday night, but some of the best activity they had was using the Ghost Meter Pro. When they would ask questions and wanted a yes or no answer, the Ghost Meter Pro really came through- one flash for yes, two flashes for no.

Kelley led the investigation on Monday night, too. This time, everyone broke up into three separate groups. There was a LOT of EMF activity in the building that night. Two specific spirits kept making contact with all three of the groups that night, in almost every hot spot of the building- Tom and Paul. In addition, one phrase in particular kept being called through the Spirit Box, for all of the groups. "Speak up" they would hear come through while they were asking questions.

While in the Slave Quarters, the investigators asked how many spirits were in the room with them. "Twelve" and then "There's a lot" came through. "Are there children here, too?" one of the investigators asked. "There are" was the response.

The EMF activity was happened all over the building, with energy flashes not only on the EMF Detectors, but also on the REM Pod and the Motion Sensor. Wherever Kelley moved the device to, they would flash up.

Kait and Kaitlyn were our leads on Tuesday night with a great group of folks. They started the evening in the Slave Quarters, were a lot of the random chatter coming through the Ghost Box was unsettling, and distressing. They heard "Sick" being yelled at them, and a very strangled and angry "KILL ME" was called through. When the ladies investigating asked if the spirit would touch the red light of the EMF detector, instead they heard "Run".

While at the Stage Area, the EMF Detector kept lighting up, but only when the investigators were singing nursery rhymes.

When the groups moved to the Gribble House area, they were able to make contact with Steve. He told them that he liked to be called "Awesome". At one point, the investigators could smell the scent of floral perfume, which is usually captured in that hot spot. They asked Steve who was wearing the perfume and he replied "Eliza". The investigators all got goosebumps at that point, and documented a deep temperature drop using the Digital Thermometer.

They heard from Steve again in the Residual Area. This time, he told everyone that Kaitlyn was his girlfriend. She said "Tell them something funny, Steve". His response to that was "I'm dead" through the Ghost Box.

On Wednesday night, Kait and Kelley were the lead investigators. They started everyone out in the Slave Quarters this night, and the first thing that came through the Spirit Box was "Ann"- this was just after they had placed the Raggedy Ann Doll on one of the folding chairs. After Ann came through the Spirit Box, she began to light up. The investigators asked "Are there any children in here?". The response was "They're asleep... in the bedroom". Strange.

At the Stage Area, they made contact with a little box named Jacob, who told them he was eight years old. They tried to get Jacob to tell them what he would like to play with. When they offered him the Boo Bear, he said he "Didn't want" to play with it. He then told the investigators that he didn't like to "Play by the river". They also made contact with a spirit named Robert, but most of what was coming through the Ghost Box were murmurs and mumbles.

When everyone was having their free time investigating, they had one strange moment. An investigator was asking questions about time and location- "What year is it", "Where are we"- that sort of thing. When they asked "What country are we in", the response they heard was "Iraq".

Ted was our lead investigator on Thursday night, with a very active building! When they started at the Stage Area, the spirit communicating with them was not very pleasant. He told them several times to "Stop", and even said it in conjunction with the names of other spirits. "Paul... stop... leave" was called out. The investigator asked "Did Paul die here" and the response they got was "Idiot". "Do you want us to get out" they asked, which was followed by a loud "SHUT UP".

When they moved to the Gribble House hot spot, the first thing they heard was "Livid... Paul". But the most interesting thing that happened in the GH area was with the Raggedy Ann oll. One of the investigators walked in carrying her and placed the Doll on one of the folding chairs. She asked "Can you knock the Doll off the chair?" but the response they got was "Can't do". They asked a few questions, and nearly ten minutes passed before they heard "Raggedy" come through the Ghost Box. As soon as that happened the guests felt chills and got goosebumps and the Raggedy Ann doll fell out of the chair!! Incredible!

The Raggedy Ann doll was active again the Slave Quarters, but this time she just kept turning off. Ted turned her back on and then she really started flashing violently. When the investigators asked who was touching the Doll, they heard a woman say "Ida", followed by "Trouble". The investigator asked "Who's in trouble", which was followed by a deep female voice saying "Your ass!".

Kelley and Kaitlyn were in charge for the night on Friday, and the building was just as active as the evening before. One fellow investigating that night, Joe, had some strange experiences. Not only was his name called several times through the Ghost Box, and he felt as if he was touched at one point, but it seemed like the spirits were trying to draw him around the building. After leaving the Slave Quarters hot spot, the responses he was getting from the Spirit Box sounded like they wanted him to go back in.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators documented a few temperature drops. Although it was pretty warm in the building, and pretty warm in all the hot spots, the Slave Quarters felt much cooler, but there were a few times when the temperature dropped considerably. Using the Digital Thermometer, they documented a drop to 66 degrees from 75 degrees. After they noticed this, through the Spirit Box they heard "We're suffff... we're suffocating". Creepy.

Another investigator, Leo, not only had his named called through the Ghost Box five times, but also had it called with the word "Judge", which is pretty cool, because that is his occupation.

Several of the investigators noticed that the batteries on their phones died quite quickly once they entered the Slave Quarters. Others captured a lot of orbs in their photo graphs. One investigator asked if the spirits could tell her what color her shirt was, and the response was "White", which was right!

And finally, the night before Easter had Ted as the lead investigator. The warehouse was very active- everyone had a good time, and there were even a few startling, even scary moments!

One investigator, Dee Dee, had her name called through the Ghost Box several times at the Stage Area, but it wasn't all that nice. Not only was her name called, but they also heard "Dee Dee, you are an idiot". When she asked "What is your name?", the response they got was "Cole". Another guest, Julie, asked "What is your name" again. This time, the response was chilling: "You... Julie".

When they moved into the Gribble House area, Ted said "Counting me, this group makes five". Through the Spirit Box they heard "Make that seven"- very interesting! The pair, Julie and Allen, had another odd experience in that hot spot. They heard "Allen" and then "Husband", but the pair wasn't married. Ted commented on that saying "Okay, they aren't married" and "Maybe" came through. That was quickly followed by "Julie".

In the Slave Quarters the investigators heard "Anne Doll" come through, and she started to flicker.

The Residual Area had some pretty awesome moments, as well. The investigators asked "How many spirits are here" and the response they heard was "Too many". When it came time for the night to come to a close Ted said "We are leaving now" and everyone heard "Do you have to"?

It was a really great week for us, and everyone who investigated in the Gribble House. If you see an image of yourself, go ahead! Tag it! Or, if you have an image or video clip you'd like us to see, send it direct or tag with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.