Sunday, March 20, 2016

Investigation Update 3.20.2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the whole Gribble House Paranormal Experience Crew! This is always a busy week for us, and we collected some fantastic evidence. Here's what's been happening-

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday night. The building was very active, especially the Raggedy Ann doll and the Ghost Meter Pros. Even though the Spirit Box didn't seem to be as active as usual, the Ovilus was very chatty while on Question and Answer mode.

In the Stage Area hot spot, one of the couples was talking about how they were originally from Alabama. A few moments later, through the Ghost Box they heard "Bama" come through. There was a strange moment a few minutes later when it sounded like a cat coming through the Ghost Box- but not an actual cat. It sounded like a child was making the sounds of "meow", and that was what was coming through. Very odd.

So many names were coming through both the Spirit Box and the Ovilus. They saw Mandy, Daniel, Ian, Ann, John, Paul, Carrie, Jacob, Bert, William, and Mark.

Monday night was pretty active, as well, with Kelley as the lead investigator. There were several short, and direct answers to queries from the investigators. Some of these responses came up on the Ovilus, as well as coming through the Spirit Box, which is always a great thing.

A funny moment happened on the Stage when a drop of water fell from the ceiling and landed on an investigator. "You're wet" came through the Spirit Box just after the drop fell.

The investigators got called a few unpleasant names, and were told a few unkind things. "You suck", one investigator was told while asking questions. "Fat", "Leave", "Get out", and a few more especially unkind words came through.

Ted was our lead investigator on Tuesday night, with several folks including a pair of repeats from the night before- they had such a good time they wanted to go all over again. The building was very active and the investigation went very well.

There were quite a few names being spoken through the Ghost Box at the Stage Area. The investigators heard Paul, Maggie, and Bob. One of the investigators said "Say our names" and they heard "RJ" come through. This was especially strange because it's a nickname one of the investigators went by- Rowen Jade or RJ for short. Awesome! When it came time to move to a different hot spot, Ted said "We are leaving now". Through the Spirit Box they heard "SIT DOWN" along with a very strong spike of energy on the K-II Meter. One of the investigators said "Do you want us to stay?". "Yes", was the response.

In the Slave Quarters, as soon as they entered they heard the name Tom come through. They tried to make contact with children by asking "Are there any children here". The response they got was "Secret". They had brought candy into the building and mentioned that. It didn't entice any children to speak, but they did get a "Thank you".

Quite a few religious words came through both the Ghost Box and the Ovilus in the Residual Area. Heaven... Sent, Life... Holiday... and Bible all came through. There was a strange string of words that came up on the Ovilus- Affair, Produce, and then Harvest.

Kelley lead the way again on Wednesday night with a pretty active evening in the building. Although they didn't make contact with any children the night before, there were quite a few children's voices coming through at the Stage Area with Kelley on Wednesday night. Guests Steve, Laurie, and Megan all had their names come through after Ted asked "Do you know our names?". When the investigators decided to ask about the murders, instead of a verbal response, through the Ghost Box they heard a deep and angry growl.

In the Slave Quarters, two words kept coming up on the Ovilus- Holiday and Green... kind of funny considering the next day was Saint Patrick's Day!

Laurie spoke with a female spirit in the Slave Quarters who answered quite a few questions, including letter Laurie know that she was a slave.

Kelley was the lead investigator on Friday night with a super group, and Kaityln! There was a really cool moment at the Stage Area when they first started the night. They walked up to the hot spot and through the Ghost Box heard "Is Garry here"? Kaitlyn said "No, not tonight", but an investigator then said she thought she had just heard Kelley say he was in the building, and that she was going to get him. Very odd.

In the Gribble House area, a group of five investigators were getting pretty good responses through the Ghost Box. They heard a male spirit tell them that he was a "Ghost" that was "Killed". When they asked him how long he had been there, the response was "Years". Creepy laughter kept coming through in the background of the Spirit Box responses, so an investigator asked "Are you laughing at me?". "Yes" then came through.

The other group investigating had some great responses in the Slave Quarters. Paul talked to them in there, and when he was speaking the word Friend flashed on the Ovilus screen. As one of the investigators went to take Kelley's picture they heard "Ugly" come through the Spirit Box- rude! They heard a few names come through when they asked the spirits to identify themselves. They heard Patrick, Ed, Sarah, Tom, Paul, and Ted.

Saturday this past weekend was crazy in Savannah! We had two really great tours with Kait and Kaitlyn as our lead investigators. During the first tour of the night everyone started in the Slave Quarters. While in that hot spot the investigators made contact with a spirit named Maury. Through yes or no questions using the EMF Detector, they were able to find out that Maury was 19 years old, and although he was chatting quite a bit, he had "Nothing" to say to them.

There were a lot of orbs floating around the building that night. Not only did they show up on photos taken by the investigators, but while they were watching the CCTV monitor screens, they could see them moving around.

The Residual Area was by far the most active of the night- in fact, things got sort of crazy there. Nick, one of the investigators, decided that he wanted to go off on his own for a little while. A spirit named Gabe made contact with him, and talked with him for a long time. Nick told Gabe that his brother Michael had passed away in 2002 in the war. Gabe replied through the Ghost Box and said "It's David". "No, it's not David", Nick replied. Then a different male voice came through the Ghost Box and said "No, not David. It's Michael". Nick felt really strange about that, so he went back up into the Safe Room for a few minutes. When he came back out, that same male voice talked to him again.

Another group investigating had a lot of physical activity around them. Not only did they feel cool, strong breezes around them, but one man in particular felt like someone kept touching him, and his wife. Chills were very common for this group, and another investigator felt like someone was following them around.

The second investigation went very well, too. In the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was really active, but subjectively. The Doll had been sitting quietly on the folding chair for most of the investigation until one woman, the mother of the group, walked into the hot spot. Then she started flashing wildly- that is until one of the girls walked towards it. As soon as she touched the Raggedy Ann doll, she stopped flashing.

While they were in the Slave Quarters as well, the kept hearing the sound of scratching- like something was clawing away at the walls. But, they couldn't tell where it was coming from.

One spirit named Liam made contact with them in several areas of the building. At first they heard from him at the Stage Area, but when they moved to the Residual hot spot they heard "Liam's back". They asked Liam if he liked dogs or cats, and he replied "Neither".

A really great week for us, and for everyone who came to investigate with us. If you see any image of yourself or your friends, go ahead! Tag it! If you've got any of us you'd like to share, tag it with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.