Sunday, March 13, 2016

Investigation Update 3.13.2016

A lovely week in Savannah, for both us AND our investigators. We had a ton of activity, and can't wait to share with you. So, here it is!

Kelley was our lead investigator on Sunday evening, on a really active night. Every one of the investigators came in with an open mind and positive energy, and it seemed like the spirits really fed off that. One mother/ daughter team that investigated had a really awesome experience with Yusef, whom they communicated with in Arabic. Not only did they speak to him in that language, but also received responses in Arabic!

A group of four that investigated each had their names called through the Ghost Box in turn- John, Krista, Dane, and Caleb. Krista was the first of the group to have her named called, and although her name was on the jacket she was wearing, everyone else in that group had the same experience. Crazy!

There were a lot of children's voices coming through in the Gribble House area. At one point, one of the ladies investigating asked if the little girl she was communicating with could touch the Boo Bear. "No" came through in a little girl's voice. Then she asked if one of the spirits could knock on the wall. "I'll try" was then followed by "No".

The Raggedy Ann doll was active all over the entire building. The investigators carried her at waist height and she was flashing all over the place!

Kelley was our lead again on Monday night- the activity was just as good. There was one funny exchange with the Ghost Box almost first thing of the night. The investigators had gotten kind of quiet, and weren't asking many questions. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Well, talk!". They decided to asked "How many spirits are here". The Ghost Box was quiet for a few seconds and then "It's haunted" was the response.

There were some frightening and interesting responses through the Ghost Box, as well. The investigators kept hearing "Help" come through, so they asked what the spirits needed help with. The responses they got were chilling- "My throat", "Robbers", and "I'm out of time".

Another strange moment came in the Residual Area. The building was pretty warm that night after a nice bright, sunny day. But, despite the fact that everyone was toasty warm, everyone also got creepy chills on and off...

Once again, Kelley led the investigation for the night of Tuesday this past week! Kelley tried something new, and left a Spirit Box and her cellphone in the Slave Quarters for most of the night alone, in the hopes of capturing something that the spirits might not say when people are around them. More to come on that later.

Over by the Stage Area, the father of the group investigating with us was taking a look at the CCTV cameras we have set up. When he thought he saw something moving around on Camera 3, he mentioned it. But, through the Ghost Box they heard "Higher... 4" instead.

The word of the night seemed to be "People". Not only did it come through the Ghost Box several times, but it also came up on the Ovilus, as well. There were a lot of names coming through, too. They heard Maggie, Rachael, Christopher, Joseph, Debra, Sarah, Lisa, Paul, Steve, Ian, Nathan, and Rick, as well as Sam.

Near the Gribble House area was a lot of strange physical activity. Random seeming cold breezes swept through the area although it wasn't even close to being cold outside, nor was the air moving. The REM Pod was flashing green steadily almost the whole time.

Ted and Tricia investigated on Wednesday night with a pair of ladies. Everyone had a really great time, and were able to capture some very interesting activity.

At the Stage Area, Ted introduced himself to the spirits who they were conversing with and "Hi Ted" came through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators asked "Where did you grow up?". The response they got was "Historia". "Where is Historia?" they asked, and then "Jordan" was the reply. As they were investigating that area, Tricia could smell what seemed like strong stale cigarettes, but none of them smoke.

In the Residual Area, one of the investigators Ginger heard laughter coming through the Ghost Box after the word "First" came through. "What's so funny" she asked. The laughter stopped and heard "Nothing".

The Raggedy Ann doll was very active in the Slave Quarters. Kristina, the other lady investigating, asked a lot of questions and was able to get the Doll to light up on cue. Ginger asked "can you come over and make this flash", and the spirit mocked her saying "Come". Ted said "We brought the Raggedy Ann doll here for you to play with", which was followed by "Sure" through the Spirit Box. Just after, the Doll began to flash again. Awesome!

Kelley was the lead investigator again on Thursday night with a great group- a mom and her kids. This family got called every name in the book that evening, from "*sshole", to "jerk", to "witch". Not very nice, But two of the family members, Gabrielle and Angel had their names come from the Spirit Box. Although the Spirit Box seemed more quiet than usual, that was only because there was less chatter going on. For the questions the investigators asked, they received very direct and relevant responses.

A few names came through the Ghost Box and Ovilus several times throughout the night. They heard Steve, Steven, Paul, Lisa, Linda, and Amos quite a few times. There were certain words that were very popular, as well. Words like Light, Pirates, and Able.

Over at the Stage Area, the very first response they heard was "Paul's here", but it wasn't Paul's voice but was the voice of a woman. When they asked the spirit to touch the green light on the EMF detectors, the response they got was "Nuh uh... evil". Just a few seconds later, the voice of a woman came through again urgently calling "Hello?!".

We had two really great tours on Friday night with the dynamic duo of Kaitlyn and Ted as our leads. The first investigation went very well, and one of the investigators took an amazing photo of what appears to be a child in the corner of the building.

As soon as the investigators started in the Stage Area, instead of the regular Paul coming through, they heard the name "Jack" called through the Ghost Box. One of the guests asked "What's on your mind Jack?". "No one" was the response, followed by "How to get... Seth". Very odd.

Although Paul wasn't heard in at the Stage Area, they heard his name called as soon as they entered the Slave Quarters. Just after the name Paul came through the Spirit Box they heard "Help... help" come through in the same voice. "Do you know who Paul is", an investigator asked. "Paul" was the response, again in that same voice followed by "Help".

One word that came through the Spirit Box in several different areas of the building was "Bawdy". The responses throughout the building all seemed to be relevant to the questions the investigators were asking.

The second investigation went just as well. Although there were a few skeptics and a few folks who were on the fence when it came to the paranormal, everyone kept an open mind, which is key! The investigation started at the Stage Area and the first response through the Spirit Box they got was of a woman. One of the investigators asked "Is there anyone here who would like to talk to us?". The woman responded with "Hey" and a loud laugh through the Spirit Box. Another investigator asked the spirit to touch the EMF detector- to touch the green light. It started to flash very wildly, but when they asked the spirit to go a step further and push it over, they heard a loud and clear "NO" come through.

In the Slave Quarters, it seemed like the responses the investigators were getting were either loud and forceful, or quiet and almost hard to hear. They heard a lot of names in that hot spot, too. They heard Larry, Ned, Justin, and Frank. One spirit who was coming through sounded like he was in pain. Noises and yells of "OW" and "Pain" were coming through. Although the investigators asked how they could help him make the pain go away, the couldn't receive any response.

Two of the folks investigating that night had a previous experience with the paranormal while they were in Florida, and in their own home. Because one spirit had been following them through the building that night, someone named Ned or Frank, they asked if it was him that they had seen standing over their bed at the hotel in Florida, but they didn't receive a response other than "One".

We had another two great tours on Saturday night, with Kelley as the lead. During the first investigation, one piece of equipment that was super active was the REM Pod. Not only did it go off in almost every area of the building, but it went of with alarmingly strong sounds, and all colors indicating temperature fluctuations and energy levels. Pretty cool!

The one family group started in the Slave Quarters, and after they asked the first question of "Is there anything we can do to help", through the Spirit Box they heard "No, please leave". Very soft phrases came through from them in the same voice the whole time they were in the Slave Quarters. They heard some names like Peter, Pete, Lisa, and Tom, as well as Nate. But some of the words that came through seemed to be connected. "Heaven", "Souls", "Happy", and "Rainbow here".

A pair of couples had a lot of good activity in the Slave Quarters as well, especially with one child spirit. Although they weren't able to communicate with him using full phrases, whenever they would ask a question, the child would respond with "Yeah", over and over. They also had a woman come through who had a Southern drawl, and she communicated with them in several areas of the building.

Finally, a group of five women had some great responses through the Spirit Box, but not much luck with the Boo Bear. One of the ladies asked the spirit to touch the Bear and make him light up Through the Spirit Box they heard "Do what?".

The second investigation of Saturday night was with a great pair who were really into the investigation. The wife had a really cool moment when her husband had stepped away from the group, but they were moving into another hot spot. She called out his name "Ray" and through the Spirit Box they heard "No, Mike". When Ray walked into the Slave Quarters, he asked "Is anyone here". A sarcastic response of "You" came through. Pretty funny.

One name that came through a few times was Tom. They also heard "Tom is here". The investigators asked "What ethnicity are you, black or white?". Through the Spirit Box they heard "Brown, ma'am". She asked the spirit if he was free and instead of a worded response, all they heard was a chuckle come through. One the Ovilus, the word Laugh came up at the same time.

The investigators took a lot of pictures, and were even able to capture a few orbs in them.

All in all, it was a great week for us. Perfect weather, and great activity. What more could you ask for? If you see an image of yourself, feel free to tag it. If you've got an image you'd like to share with us, please do! Send it direct, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.