Sunday, February 7, 2016

Investigation Update 2.8.2016

Well, we started this week like it was mid-July- in the high 70s! What a wonderful way to start our February. Here's some of the activity that we captured this week...

Ted was the lead investigator starting on Monday night with really cool couple- Adam and Maryann. There was some excellent K-II and Doll activity on both the Stage and in the Slave Quarters.

At the Stage Area, Maryann asked "How many spirits are here"? Through the Ghost Box they heard "Three". When she asked them if she could take a picture with them, they heard "Sure". After they had taken the picture, "Thank you" came through the Ghost Box. Cool!

As soon at the couple walked into the Gribble House area, they were hit by the very floral perfume scent. As that smell was coming over them "Hi" was heard through the Ghost Box. The spirit identified himself as "Patrick". When they asked Patrick how many spirits were in the building with them, he responded with "20". That number would be heard again and again in all the areas of the building.

The Ovilus and the Ghost Box were pretty in sync in the Slave Quarters. There were several words that came through both devices, right after another. Just after the word "20" was called through the Spirit Box, they saw the name Paul come up on the Ovilus. "Paul" was heard then through the Ghost Box. The same thing also happened with the word "Wave". Awesome!

Kelley was the lead investigator on Tuesday night with another great couple. There were so many orbs in so many of the pictures.

In the Slave Quarters, there seemed to be a lot of children's voices and giggle, as well as some very creepy whispers coming in behind their voices. There also seemed to be a lot of women's voice- definitely more than usual. They heard "Jew" come through twice, and one of the guests mentioned that she was Jewish. Again "Jew" came through the Ghost Box/

In the Gribble House area, a ton of names started to come through the Ghost Box. They heard Glenda, Linda, George, Ed, Eddy, Dan, Danny, Daniel, Richard, Linda, Carol, Ethan, Tom, Paul, Kevin, and Zach. When the investigators asked how many spirits were in the room with them "Family" and "People" came through the Spirit Box.

For some reason, there was just a real feeling of unease at the Stage Area- like it felt creepy to the investigators and Kelley to be there. The Spirit Box was very quiet, but the K-II and Raggedy Ann doll were going off like mad- flashing all the way up to the red several times. Awesome!

Saturday night was so good for us at the Gribble House. Ted was the lead investigator for two very active tours. The group started their night in the Slave Quarters where they heard from a spirit named Isabella. Her name and voice came through as a little girl. When they told her that they wanted to take a picture of her they heard "Please" come through the Ghost Box. A few minutes later they heard the named Rebecca and Isabella come through the Spirit Box again just as the Raggedy Ann doll flashed four times in a row.

The Stage Area was very active. The K-II Meter was flickering very hard on the chair as the investigators approached the hot spot, but stopped as soon as they got to the stage. The name Crystal came up on the Ovilus, so one of the guests asked "Is Crystal a person?". They heard "Yea" and then "Crystal baby" come through the Spirit Box.

When they all moved into the Residual Area, Ted asked "Can you tell us who the Lady in White is?". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Yes" followed by the name "Kate". One of the investigators asked "Is Kate with us?". They heard "Yes" come through in a man's voice, followed by "Hey girl" in a woman's voice. "Is that the lady in the dress" an investigator asked, and "Yes". The name Kate came through again a few more times before they left the hot spot.

The second investigation was just as active. They started out at the Stage Area and the most active piece of equipment was the K-II meter. An investigator was holding one K-II Meter while another was sitting on one of the folding chairs. Both of those Meters were flickering to the red at almost the same frequency. One of the investigators asked "How many died in the ax murder" and "Three" came through in a voice that sounded... strange.

There seemed to be a lot of mumbles coming through the Ghost Box in the Slave Quarters, in a lot of different voices- male and female. Every time one of the investigators would ask the spirits to repeat what they had said before, they didn't get a solid response. One guest asked "Can you say that louder?" and "I am good" came through. At another point they asked "We can't understand you, can you say that again" and they heard "Name". Odd.

An investigator named Taylor had a really interesting moment in the Gribble House area. She was holding a K-II Meter in one of her hands, and it started to flicker very hard. Once it stopped, her dad asked "Can you hold Taylor's hand" and the K-II Meter started to flash again back up to the red. This happened on cue several times in the Gribble House area. When they decided to leave that area, the device started flashing to red again. Really cool!

This was a good week for us, and for all our investigators too. Like always, if you see a picture of yourself that you would like everyone to see, tag it! Or tag us with the @gribblehouse #gribblehouse.