Sunday, February 28, 2016

Investigation Update 2.29.2016

Happy early Leap Year to all you folks! That means what we have one extra day of investigating this year, which is a great thing. Here's what's been going on in the building this week:

Our week started on Monday night with Kelley as the lead investigator. She investigated with two ladies from Canada who really had a great time. It seemed like the Spirit Box was less chatty than usual, but the responses they did get were very pointed and very specific.

The night started out at the Stage Area where they heard "Rick" come through immediately, followed by "We're dead".  Kelley asked if any of the spirits would like to talk with her and the response she got was "Not tonight". As Kelley was explaining the equipment to the two ladies, the same male voice kept coming through the Ghost Box saying "Cool".

There was a strange exchange in the Gribble House area as the women were snapping photos into the caged area. "Who doesn't like flash" was spoken through the Ghost Box, while just after a different voice communicated "Hate the flash". Awesome!

In the Slave Quarters, they heard several children's voices come through. When one of the ladies asked how many children were in the area with them the response they got was "20". Two of the people they heard from were named Jane and Will, but they were told that there were "No good" spirits in the Slave Quarters.

Kait was the lead investigator on Tuesday night, on an evening when they started in the Slave Quarters. As soon as they entered that hot spot, the Raggedy Ann doll started blinking right away. Kait asked "Who is here with us and touching the doll?". The response they got was "Zero". A little while later, they asked again who was touching the doll and the response they got this time was "Steve".

There was a spirit in the building that night named Dana who provided them with a lot of activity. They asked Dana if he could make the EMF detector flash to the red while they were in the Gribble House are, and the word "Clap" came through the Spirit Box. The investigators clapped their hands and then the EMF blinked. This happened twice for them. Pretty cool! When they moved into the Residual Area, they heard from Dana again. This time, there was a ton of EMF activity going on. At one point, as they were talking to Dana, every person suddenly felt a cold spot come over them.

One of the groups investigating heard from Steve all over the warehouse, to the point where it just seemed like they were having a long conversation. One of the investigators tripped in a small dip in the floor and asked "Steve, why didn't you warn me about that?". The response they heard was "You're fault".

On Wednesday night, Ted was the lead investigator for an interesting night. Although the night started as usual, one of the girls got too spooked by the Ted and the background of the building to go any further! They didn't have an investigation after that...

Thursday night was a really good one for Kelley and the guest investigators. The three ladies who investigated with us started out at the Stage Area and really got the jackpot with a full name. They asked "Who is with us here tonight" and "Private David Correy" came through. Very cool! The REM Pod was very active from them while they were in this hot spot, and they were able to get it to go off on cue by asking.

When they walked into the Gribble House area, they were greeted by someone who said "Hi punks", but that was the end of their greetings. Almost immediately that was followed by "Get out" and then "Stop coming here", then "Turn and walk". Very unsettling.

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Friday night with an awesome group of folks. Everyone had very strong K-II and Raggedy Ann doll activity not just in one area of the building, but at both the Stage and the Gribble House. Two of the women even had their names called through the Ghost Box- "Brandy" and "Amanda"! So cool.

The two ladies who had their names called were in the Gribble House area when they asked the spirits to touch the EMF detector and make the light go up to the red. Even though they said please the spirit responded with "Can't". When it did finally light up they asked who had touched it. "I'm John" came through. When they started talking about taking some photos, that same voice came through and said "Picture".

In the Slave Quarters, the other group got some really great Spirit Box activity. They didn't really want to go all the way inside of the room, but still managed to pick up a lot of activity from the doorway. They heard "Leave" and "Get out" followed by "The door" come through as they stood in the doorway. They also heard "Afraid". One of the investigators asked if the spirits in the Slave Quarters had been treated well and "Whipped" was the response.

Finally, Saturday was a really good night with Ted as the lead investigator. They started the evening in the Slave Quarters where the K-II Meter was very active. At one point, the device was geared all the way up to the red and was holding that energy level for quite some time. When it did finally come back down to the green, one of the investigators asked "Can you do that again"? Once more, the K-II went back up to red, but only momentarily.

The K-II Meter was just as active at the Stage Area, but it was acting fairly strangely. The device was set up on one of the folding chairs and was flickering steadily, that is, until Ted started walking towards it. As soon as he walked over to the folding chair, the K-II immediately stopped. The same thing happened for two other investigators. One woman investigating with us, however, had better luck. When she walked over, it continued to flicker and she was even able to sit next to the K-II while it held its energy to the red.

There was some really interesting Ghost Box activity in the Residual Area. Ted was walking towards the Slave Quarters while the investigators were in the Residual Area. As he walked through the doorway, he said "How's it going in here" and "What's up" came through the Ghost Box for the people in the Residual Area. That same voice came through and said "How's it going" when Ted walked towards them in the Residual Area and said "How's it going here". Pretty cool!

Another investigator had a pretty personal moment. She was talking about her sister who was watching her kids during the investigation and the name "Tammy" came through the Ghost Box. That just so happens to be the name of her sister!