Sunday, February 21, 2016

Investigation Update 2.21.2016

What a great week! We collected some awesome evidence inside the building this week. Here's what's been going on:

On Sunday night, Kelley was our lead investigator for an awesome Valentine's Day night! When she was setting up for the night, a strange thing happened to her. She was in the front Safe Room setting everything up, which included hanging the Gribble House sign. As she lifted it up, it felt like someone actually took hold of the left side of it to help her set it on the hook! When she looked back over her shoulder, no one was there.

Before the investigation started, the guest investigators asked if anything in particular attracts more activity, so Kelley told them that in the last few weeks she's noticed that military service men and women had been getting a lot of activity. It just so happened that one of the folks investigating that night was a Marine, and it did seem like he got a lot of action around him. They heard "E7" come through the Ghost Box, and the Ovilus gave him a lot of words that corresponded with their Ghost Box. While at the Stage Area, he asked if there were any soldiers in the hot spot with them and "Three" came through. Pretty neat.

The other group investigating heard some very unsettling noises come through their Spirit Box- mostly screams. But it wasn't just eerie screams coming through, they had some fun moments too! One of the investigators called out "Marco", and the response that came through was "Polo". Awesome!

On Tuesday night, Ted was the lead investigator. Activity started even before anyone had broken out any equipment! As Ted was showing the guest investigators around to the Hot Spots, they got to the Residual Area and heard a really strange noise. It sounded like someone was opening and closing the Slave Quarters door! No one was around it, but everyone heard the noise.

Once the investigation started, they walked into the Gribble House area, and immediately heard a loud "Get out" come through the Ghost Box. You can listen to that here:

Just after "Get out" came through, it was followed by a very rude "Get the f* out".

In the Residual Area, the guest investigators were asking some good questions, and getting responses not only from the Ghost Box, but also from the Ovilus. But most interestingly, it was while they were in this area again that they heard strange noises- like they had heard the Slave Quarters door earlier in the investigation. They heard a loud "Knock" spoken followed by a loud actual knock coming from the center of the building. A few minutes later, they heard two distinct thuds directly above them on the roof. "Are you making noises on the roof" Ted ask, which got the response of "Henry".

On Thursday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with a really good pair. There was really good Ghost Meter Pro and K-II activity all night long, even though it seemed like the Spirit Box was a little more quiet than usual. There was one long conversation with Steve at the Stage Area that was very interesting. As soon as they walked over to that area, Kelley called out and asked who was there with them and "Steve" came through. Although, when she called out for Steve and Paul, the response they got was "They're wicked".

In the Gribble House area the word "House" came through. They also heard the word "Hide" come through the Spirit Box, and then it was repeated three times over the Ovilus. That seemed to happen while they were trying to communicate with any children spirits in the area. There were quiet a few children and teenaged voices coming through, but no one seemed to want to communicate.

They had a strange moment in the Slave Quarters involving a child. Someone was touching the Raggedy Ann doll, so one of the investigators asked who was touching her, if it was a man, a woman, a boy, or a girl. "The boy" came through and just after the voice of a little boy came through and said "Help me". Very sad.

Kait was the lead investigator again on Friday night. The first group that went into the Gribble House heard "I love you" come through as soon as they walked in over the Spirit Box. In addition to having a lot of EMF activity, there was a rather drastic temperature drop. Using the Digital Thermometer they documented a drop from 54 down to 34. That's amazing!

At the Stage Area, Paul told them that he had a girlfriend named Ivy. One of the girls investigating who had been on an investigation before with us asked if Paul remembered her. Unfortunately he responded with "No".

Kelley was our lead investigator with Tricia and Kaitlyn as back up on Saturday night for two big tours. The first group that investigated with us had two folks who decided to stay in the Safe Room for most of the night, but still used the Spirit Box and Ghost Meter Pro up there and got some really good activity. Once when they asked for names they heard "Ford" and "Doc". Pretty cool. The rest of the group in the building made contact with what they thought was a child's voice. They heard "Help" and then when they asked if it was a child they heard "Teen" come through.

The other group investigating in the Slave Quarters got a lot of child and teenaged voices, too. One of the ladies asked if the children would like to play and a gruff male voice came through and said "I will". Creepy. One of the group of six brought their own equipment and brought everything like a purple laser grid, a Mel Meter, and had some really great Spirit Box replies.

The Stage Area was full of K-II activity all night long, sometimes all the way up to the red. One of the investigators asked for last names, and they heard Stewart and Woodrow. The first names of Michael, George, and Steve come through.

The second tour of the night was just as good as the first. There were some amazing EVPs coming through the Ghost Box. They heard a lot of greetings come through, like "Hi ya", and "Hello". THey also heard some names like Esther and Ingrid. One woman came through and called out "MY BABY", which was very sad.

In the Gribble House area, one particularly deep and ominous voice came through and told the investigators to "Get down". When the investigators asked who was hurting him the response they got was "It's you", but then didn't hear from that strange voice again.

Another group had the same deep male voice come through almost all night long for them. Although the names Kevin and David came through, they didn't think that was the deep male voice One of the guests, Bev, had her name called through the Spirit Box! Awesome!

It was a really great week for us, both in activity and weather- and our investigators had a great time, too! If you see any images of yourself, feel free to tag yourself and of course, feel free to tag us!