Sunday, February 14, 2016

Investigation Update 2.14.2016

Talk about a cold spell we've been having! Savannah was almost frozen over for the entire week. But that doesn't stop us! Here's what we've been up to at the Gribble House...

Our week started on Tuesday night with Kelley as the lead investigator, with a great pair who was ready and raring to go! There seemed to be a lot of really strong K-II responses, as well as Raggedy Ann Doll activity, not just in one or two hot spots, but all over the entire building. At several different times through the night, the investigators felt cold breezes that sent chills down them!

The Spirit Box was pretty active, as well, but it was acting sort of strangely. Instead of super clear and distinct phrases coming through all the time, the Spirit Box was delivering mumbled, and soft phrases that were hard to understand right away. There seemed to be a lot of child like whispers and babbling coming through. This is one of the reasons why we encourage our investigators to use their cellphones as recording devices- you never know what you'll hear come through the Spirit Box, or just be plain spoken, when you didn't hear it in real time.

While in the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll started flashing at one point. As soon as this happened, a little girl's voice came through the Spirit Box saying "Precious". When they asked her what her name was, the only reply they got was "Anne". Everyone could hear what sounded like rustling leaves and feet coming from the Residual Area, but even stranger, it sounded like there were creaking footsteps coming from above them...

When the investigators decided to ask about the triple murder that took place in the Gribble House area, the responses they got were unsettling. They heard "Raping", and "Bloody" come through the Spirit Box.

Thursday night was another good evening for us, with Kelley investigating with a great pair. The one guest investigator, Brian, came in as a skeptic, but asked the spirits to make him a believer. His name came through a few times at the Stage Area, but in the Gribble House area, they heard "British" come through the Ghost Box twice- and Brian is from England! In fact, a female voice came through and said "That man... he's British". Pretty cool.

In the Slave Quarters, there were a few strings of phrases that came through that were pretty eerie. Kelley asked if anyone in the room with them was sick and "We're dead" was heard. Just after that "I've been trying to throw up" came through followed by a little girl saying "Help". When the investigator Isabella asked her what had happened to her, she replied "Strangled".

The Residual Area heard quite a few children's voices coming through the Spirit Box, and there seemed to be more than normal K-II and Raggedy Ann doll activity in that hot spot...

Ted was our lead investigator on Friday night, with Tricia investigating with him. The building was full of activity! All of our investigators were able to capture some great evidence, in almost every hot spot of the building.

Paul was not in a very good mood at the Stage Area. One of the K-II Meters was set up in a folding chair. When it started flashing to red, Ted asked who was "Sitting in the chair". The response they heard first was "I am", followed by "Paul". 'How are you doing tonight, are you doing good", he asked. "NO" was the answer through the Ghost Box. When Ted was leaving the area to go check on some of the other investigators he said "I'll be right back". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Don't go". Pretty cool!

One of the investigators decided that he wanted to watch the CCTV monitors to see if there was any activity going on in the other parts of the warehouse. As he walked over to the screen, there was a flurry of orbs sailing across the monitor.

In the Gribble House area, one of the couples was joking about Valentine's Day. She said "We have been married for a long time, we don't know what holiday it is". Through the Ghost Box, everyone could hear laughter.

A guest investigator had the really cool experience of having his full name spoken through the Spirit Box... almost. One of the investigators asked the spirits if they had anything they would like to say. "Yes" came the response. "Can you say it then" she replied. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Lawrence... Robert". This was odd, because one of the guests' names is Robert Lawrence. Cool!

Valentine's Day Eve we had two really great tours with Kelley as our lead investigator, along with Tricia and Kaitlyn. One of the groups who investigated with us had been with us before, and immediately went to the Stage in the hopes of making contact with Paul, who had been very chatty with them the last time they were here. The one investigator, Holly, heard her name come through the Spirit Box almost as soon as they got to the Stage Area. Paul did say hello to them, in his own way. "Madame" came through, as well as "Paul, Paul, Paul" when she said his name. Steve made contact with them at the Stage too, but instead of Madame, he called her a "Witch".

While in the Gribble House Area, another group investigating noticed that there was a Christmas Tree packaged in a box way up high in the storage. One of the investigators asked "Do you celebrate Christmas?". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Yea... we did... in the past". That's really cool.

Names came through all over the building. The investigators heard Paul, Ricky, and Jay. There were also a lot of numbers coming through. When the investigators asked how many spirits were in the building with them they heard 20, and even "40... ghosts".

During the second investigation, the groups started the night at the Stage Area again. This time when they asked for Paul, he seemed to be nowhere to be found. Instead, when they asked "Paul, are you here?", the responses they heard through the Ghost Box were "Anna", "Ed", "Phil", "Derek", as well as "Lost" and "Foolish". One of the investigators asked if they could asked the spirits some questions, and a very polite "Please" came through.

There also seemed to be a child spirit near the Stage Area during the second investigation. They could hear a little girl come through the Spirit Box call out "Mommy". They tried to make contact with her, but her responses only came through in one word answers. One of the investigators asked her "Do you like to play with the TV", gesturing towards the CCTV monitors. "No", she replied, and they didn't hear from the little girl again.

In the Gribble House Area there were quite a few names coming through. They heard Rick, but the name Ben came through a full times, even his full name. "Ben Smith" came through. When the investigators asked how many spirits were in the room with them, they heard "Lots", followed by "We're stuck here". You can listen to that EVP here:

It was a really good week for us, and we're hoping that your spending your Valentine's Day snuggled up with your favorite kindred "spirit". If you've got any images you'd like to share with us, either tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse- or you can even send it to us directly through Facebook! If you see yourself in any of the pictures you see here, feel free to tag yourself. Have a good week!