Sunday, January 31, 2016

Investigation Update 2.1.2016

This has been a GREAT January for us. We collected more evidence of activity in the building than we ever have before. Here's what we documented for the last week of January-

Ted was our lead investigator on Monday night with an awesome pair named Hillary and Katherine. Hillary was a little nervous, and Katherine was ready to go, and as a pair they really did a great job throughout the investigation.

At the Stage Area there was a lot of activity with the REM Pod and Motion Sensor. They had set up the REM Pod on the yellow railing, in it's normal spot, and the Motion Sensor was near the gate by the Gribble House hot spot. Both of them were very active. There were several temperature drops documented by the REM Pod, and the Motion Sensor went off without anyone near it. All this was happening while the investigators were asking questions.

In the Gribble House area, as soon as they walked through the door there was the very strong scent of flowery perfume. They spoke with a little girl spirit in there who told them her name was "Beth". "How old are you, Beth" Hillary asked and they heard "Five" come through the Spirit Box. she then asked "Beth, are you scared" and "Yes" came through, but it was in a man's voice. They didn't hear from Beth again.

There was a lot of angry and foul language coming through the Spirit Box in the Slave Quarters- some of it so foul that we won't really repeat it here. Both the K-II Meter and the Raggedy Ann doll were flashing at one point.

Ted was the lead investigator again on Tuesday night. The star of the evening seemed to be the K-II Meter which flickered steadily through the whole night. The odd thing about it was that whenever the investigators would walk towards the chair that that the K-II Meter was set up on at the Stage Area, the flickering and activity would stop. Once they walked away, it would start up again. One investigator was holding onto a K-II Meter that was active a lot of the time, and at one point she sat it on the chair next to the K-II Meter that was sitting there. Both of them immediately stopped flickering...

When they moved to the Gribble House area, they heard the name Andy come through right away. One of the investigators asked "How many spirits are here with us?". The response they got was "Five". "What are your names" another investigator asked. In succession they heard Dan, Arthur, Dominick, and then "This is..."

A funny moment happened in the Residual Area when the investigators were attempting to get a response from the spirits without directly asking any questions. One guest threw two pennies on the floor and through the Ghost Box they heard "Money!" in an excited voice. Everyone laughed at this despite the fact they all seemed surprised to hear that come through!

There were some very strong temperature fluctuations in the Slave Quarters. At one point an investigator documented those drops with the Digital Thermometer and the temperature went from 61 degrees to 71 degrees and back to 61 degrees. Crazy!

Kait was our lead investigators on Friday night with a lovely pair of ladies. The most active piece of equipment that night was definitely the Raggedy Ann doll. While they were in the Slave Quarters, the doll was lighting up so consistently that it was almost constant.

The investigators decided to see if there was any difference in temperature around the Raggedy Ann doll, so they used the Digital Thermometer and documented a pretty severe cold spot around her. One of the most prominent spirits they communicated with in the Slave Quarters identified himself as Kevin. They spoke with him for quite a while, asking yes and no questions and getting some really good relevant responses.

Steve communicated with the ladies in two different hot spots- both the Gribble House area and the Residual area. The ladies asked him some very interesting questions, about when he lived and what he did while he was alive. Steve told them he was alive in the "70s". Given the kind of stuff that went on in culture during the time frame, the girls asked him if he did drugs. "Acid" came through the Ghost Box. Strange!

Kelley was the lead investigator on Saturday night on a very active evening in the building. The pair that she investigated with were naturals! Both the K-II and the Raggedy Ann doll were full force active all night long. At the Stage Area, the Gribble House, and the Slave Quarters the K-II Meter flashed all the way up to the red several times, consistently with questioning. In the Slave Quarters specifically the K-II Meter and the Raggedy Ann Doll were flashing and pulsing together.

At the Stage Area, there were a few interesting phrases that came through the Spirit Box. At one point the word "Forty" came through three times in a row. They also heard a very cryptic "Trying to get upward". Creepy.

Many many names came through. They heard Amy, Brenda, Rick, Otis, Zach, Anna, Hannah, Paul, Steve, Rhonda, Robin, and Michael. In the Slave Quarters they heard "We're all invisible" come through the Spirit Box. Just a few moments later "I've been trying to reach you" was heard.

It was a really good week, with lots of activity and lots of fun. See yourself in an image? Go ahead and tag it! Send yours to us, and tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.