Sunday, January 17, 2016

Investigation Update 1.18.2016

Rain, rain, go away! That's how we were feeling for a good part of this past week. But the building stayed dry and we were able to get in a good number of great investigations. Here's what's been going on...

Ted was our lead investigator for Sunday night with a couple of great pairs. One of the couples came from Maryland, and were experienced investigators. The other pair had not done anything like this before, but were ready and raring to go- which was a good thing! There was some pretty interesting activity going on in the building!

They started off at the Stage Area and immediately got some strong K-II Meter activity. As they asked their questions, the REM Pod with the temperature fluctuation detector was set up on the yellow railing and was going off quite a few times.

One word that they group heard come through several times was "Idiot". At the Stage Area they heard "Idiot" come through in a woman's voice after they heard the name "Pauly" come through. When the investigators asked if Pauly was an idiot, the response they got was "He isn't". When they moved to the Gribble House area, they heard "Idiot" come through the Ghost Box again. This time, it was followed by a quick and emphatic"LOOK OUT!".

Strange noises happened all over the warehouse. While the group was in the Slave Quarters, through the Ghost Box they heard "Just leave" and then "Get out". Just after those two phrases came through, outside in the building they could hear what sounded like a folding chair being crashed into. They were the only people in the building at the time. Then, after the investigation was over and Ted was alone in at the Stage Area, as he closed the curtains to shut everything down for the night, it sounded like there was a large bird flapping its wings right behind him. Strange.

Ted led the way again Monday night with a pair who were new to paranormal investigating- Juan and Sam. Although they had never done any thing like this before, they really did a good job and asked a lot of great questions. Juan had his name called through the Ghost Box at the Stage Area, which is always a cool thing to happen.

In the Gribble House Area, Juan could smell the distinct floral perfume scent (which he also detected in the Residual Area). As he was explaining this to Ted and Sam, they detected a strong cold spot right next to the REM Pod on the yellow rail. Juan said "Don't be shy, we would like to get to know you", and "Help" came through the Spirit Box. He then asked "What can we help you with" and they heard "Thirsty" as the response.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators had quite a few children make contact through the Ghost Box. Ted said "I am Ted, next to me is Sam and Juan" and through the Spirit Box they heard "Hey guys" in a little kid's voice. Juan then said "We have a doll for you to play with" and a little girl's voice came through and said "Pretty".

A few moments later, they heard "They're coming" . "Who is coming" Juan asked" and the response they heard was "Through the Gate". Very odd.

Kelley was the lead investigator on a Tuesday night with a lot of activity. One of the investigators was curious to see what kind of response he would get by asking the spirits mathematical equations. He asked them what four plus four was and noticed that the Ghost Meter Pro flashed eight times. Then he asked them what three plus three was and thought the Spirit Box they heard "Six" come through.

At the Stage Area, as Kelley was walking over to see how everything was going, an investigator told her that through the Ghost Box they heard "F-you" come through. At first Kelley thought they were just tring not to say the "F" word, but after listening to the recording she actually found that they did indeed say "F-you". Interesting.

A little bit later on in the night Kelley brought out the Ovilus and it was strangely silent for quite a few minutes. Five minutes after they turned it on the word Read came across the screen, just as "Read" was called through the Spirit Box.

Quite a few names were called through the Ghost Box. They heard Edward, Ian, Pablo, Ted, Mike, Paul, Lewis, Peter, Greg, and Ruby.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Saturday night for two big tours. The first investigation of the night went really well. Every group that was with Kelley that night had some really good Ghost Meter Pro activity- it was even on cue. It was so consistent that even Kelley was surprised by the activity!

One family group, the Guzmans, spoke and asked every questions in Spanish. These yes and no questions they asked received "No" and "Si" as their responses, which is really neat. The best part about it was that the Ghost Meter Pro was flashing once for yes and two for no at the same times those responses were being spoken through the Ghost Box, in both English and Spanish.

The Paramour group had some really good activity, as well. Their K-II and Ghost Meter Pro were working in congruence, too. At one point they asked the spirits if they would like to sit down and talk with them. Through the Ghost Box they heard "In a minute".

There were quite a few religious words coming through the Spirit Box that night during the first investigation. The word "Priest" came through in several different areas of the building. They also heard "Reverend". Interesting.

The second investigation of the night was just as good. It seemed like the phrases and words coming through the Ghost Box were very clear and easy to understand. One guy in particular seemed to be the focus of attention of the spirits, although they didn't call him very nice names. After they told him to "Stay awhile", the words coming through the Spirit Box were "Happy", "Psycho", and "Punk".

Another group was in the Slave Quarters and was trying to get the spirits to touch the Raggedy Ann doll. Over the Ghost Box they heard "The Doll", "See it", and then "NEVER".

There were a lot of land and sea words coming through the Ghost Box for another group of two who investigated with us. They heard "We need protection", "Help", "Water", and "Land". When they tried to get the spirits to touch the Raggedy Ann doll, they didn't have much more luck in actual contact. But when they asked if they would like to touch the Doll they heard "Who wouldn't", and "Gorgeous".

One of the most interesting events of the evening came during the their time in the Slave Quarters. Kelley was standing outside the door listening to the activity going on in the room when an investigator asked if anyone was in the room with them. "Kelley's outside" came through the Ghost Box! It was pretty cool.

This week went really well for us and for everyone who investigated with us. If you see yourself in any of the photos, feel free to share and tag, or to share your own images and audio with us! Send it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!