Sunday, January 10, 2016

Investigation Update 1.10.2015

Wow! It has really gotten cold in Savannah. It must finally be that winter that everyone talks about. Despite the chill, we're keeping warm inside during our investigations at the Gribble House. Here's whats been happening...

Our week started on Monday night with Kelley as the lead investigator. A pair who had investigated with us many times before were back and ready to go. The other new investigators were just as prepared for a great night.

Three of the ladies who investigated were asking all the right kinds of questions, getting intelligent responses to most everything they asked. One of the women asked "Is there anyone trapped in here" and they got two responses. First they heard "Yes" and then "Can't answer that". They were confused by the second response, so they asked the spirit to repeat themselves. "No sir, can't" came through the Spirit Box. Twice they heard "There's a fire" come through the Ghost Box, and both times it was said by a lady.

Another group investigating had some responses from women, as well. they heard both "Help" and "Tourniquet" come through, spoken in a female voice. They got a few names to come through, like Bob, John, and Michael while they were in the Gribble House Area. When they moved into the Slave Quarters they heard Mike, Drew, Jay, Freddie, Ben, and Troy.

The big group of five with Kelley that night had a really cool response through the Ghost Box. They asked the spirit how he died and "Walk plank" came through. Neat!

On Thursday night, we had Kait as our lead investigator with a group that was ready to go! When everyone walked into the Stage Area, they got some activity right away on the EMF detector. Every time they asked a question, it seemed, the EMF would go off the same time the Ghost Box would response. Paul was at the Stage Area, as well, and he wasn't too unfriendly that night. In fact, he even made the temperature drop when asked to! Pretty cool.

There were some strange noises going on in the building that night, and they were all in response to the investigators questions and requests. One of the ladies asked the spirits if they could make a noise. Just after she asked, there was a loud noise like something was moving on the far side of the warehouse. A little while later, in the Residual Area, they heard another loud noise when they asked for confirmation they weren't alone. This time, a spirit named Phil took credit for the noise.

One sort of funny moment happened that night in the Gribble House area. The investigators hear the name Phillip come through, and they conversed with him for a little bit, until he asked them to turn on the "flashlight" and "up". Just over their heads at the time was a Phillips lightbulb!

Friday night had the great duo of Kait and Kelley as the lead investigators. The Slave Quarters was by far the most active hot spot of the building that night. They heard from two specific spirits who communicated with them quite a bit- Richard and Sam. Sam continually made the EMF detector go off- almost every time they asked him to touch the light. In fact, Sam even followed them to the Stage Area and continued to give good EMF activity.

In the Gribble House area, they heard from a spirit who called himself Tony. The investigators asked Tony to tap on a metal box that was in the area. Although it took a minute or two, the investigators swear that they hear the sound of a "tap tap tap" on metal. Just outside the Gribble House area, by the gate, is where Kait and Kelley had set up the Motion Sensor. It went off several times without any one around it while everyone was in the Gribble House hot spot.

The group moved back into the Slave Quarters later on in the night. Again, they got a ton of EMF activity but this time, not just with the one EMF detector. Every device the investigators brought into the Slave Quarters that detects electromagnetic energy was going off at once, and pretty strong. The Raggedy Ann doll, the EMF detector, and the K-II would all go off at once. Awesome!

Finally, we had a great Saturday night with Kelley as our lead investigator. The Bashams were back, a couple who has investigated with us many times before. This time they brought along some of their new equipment, including an Infra Red Camera with a MEL Meter attached. Pretty cool stuff, there.

The one group of two who investigated got a lot of phrases to come through the Ghost Box, and a lot of names as well. They heard "We came...we fought", "You seem ready", Come back next year", "We're stuck here... help", and "We saw the adventure". Some of the names they heard were Garry, Ted, Freddy, Wilson, Steve, and Ian.

Another group of three who was investigating with us had some creepy noises and sounds coming through their Ghost Box. A lot of the answers to questions they received were spoken in a deep Southern drawl- the same voice coming through over and over. A different voice that came through was soft, but deep and menacing in a whisper and said "Help".

Paul came through quite a bit for another group, up until they didn't hear from him anymore. When the one lady asked if Paul was still with them they heard "He left" come through the Spirit Box. They had a lot of religious sounding words and phrases come through- things like "Confess, please", "Bible", and "The Lord has".

It was a good week for us, and for everyone who investigated. What a great start to the year! If you see a picture of yourself, go ahead and tag! If you had any images or audio you'd like to share with us, of course please send it our way. You can always tag us, too, using the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse.