Sunday, January 3, 2016

Investigation Update 1.03.2016

Happy New Year, everyone! We had a great New Years week, and it was all because of our investigations. Here's what's been happening-

Our week started on Sunday with Ted as the lead investigator through two tours. During the first investigation, one of the folks came into the building "on the fence" about the paranormal, but definitely left a believer.

At the Stage Area, they had a fairly funny experience. One of the investigators asked "What is your name", and the response they got was "Paul". They asked Paul "Can you make my" and before the investigator could finish their sentence, an exasperated "Yes" came through the Ghost Box and her K-II Meter flashed.

They moved into the Slave Quarters and the guest Carol had her name called through the Spirit Box. The investigators decided to see if the spirits could tell the numbers they were thinking, 1 through 10, without saying them out loud. They chose numbers 7, 6, 5, and 4 and surprisingly all of those numbers came through.

The second investigation of Sunday night was just as good as the first. In the Slave Quarters they heard the voice of a man come through quite frequently. Because they had set up the Raggedy Ann doll on one of the folding chairs, they asked him if he would like to touch the doll. A loud and sturdy "NO" came through the Spirit Box. They asked "Is it because the doll is a girl" and "Yes" was the response.

A very strange event took place in the building while everyone was in the Residual Area. They were looking towards the Slave Quarters and on the wall next to the stairwell everyone saw a bright white flash of light. Just a few seconds later, it flashed again on the wall next to the Gribble House area. It certainly wasn't the headlights of a car, and it wasn't a flashlight. Strange...

Kelley was the lead investigator on Monday night. Everyone had really great K-II, Ghost Meter Pro, and Raggedy Ann doll activity in the building, and in some not quite so normal areas. Everyone heard the name "Bob" come through, and everyone had creepy whispers come from their Spirit Boxes.

One of the families investigating had some great results with the Spirit Box. Each question they asked they received some direct responses to. They also got quite a few names to come through. Scott, Bob, Benjamin, Able, Rick, Mike, and Jennifer were all called through the Ghost Box. There were a few strange responses to questions, and they all seemed to do with health and exercise. They heard "Diet", "Abs", and "Supposed to hurt". You can hear some of the Ghost Box activity they had here:

The other group investigating had the voices of a lot of children coming through for them in every area of the building. One of the more interesting things that happened throughout the night was that it seemed like the Spirit who were conversing with the one group would answer questions that were being asked by the other. For example, the word "Gentle" came through the Spirit Box just after a guest in the other group said "You can touch my hair if you are gentle". That sort of thing happened through the whole night.

The building itself was very active on Monday night, too. The REM Pod in particular was very active. As Kelley would walk towards the REM Pod it would flash faster and faster until she reached it. Then it would go silent. When she walked away, the flashing would start again. There were also strange creaking noises coming from the roof, rafters, and windows.

Ted took the lead again on Tuesday night during a really cool investigation. They started out in the Slave Quarters and immediately asked "Who is here". The response they got was "Ted" and then "Todd", both said in the same woman's voice. They asked "Who is here" once more and "Dead" came through. Once more they asked "Who is here"- "Dead" came through again. Odd.

At the Stage Area, the investigators set up the K-II Meter on one of the folding chairs and asked the spirits to touch them. The lights went all the way up to red three times and the guests immediately felt a cold spot. Using the Digital Thermometer, the documented a temperature drop down to 32 degrees when the rest of the building was at 75 degrees.

It felt almost as if the spirits were mocking the investigators on Tuesday night. Quite frequently they would asked questions and the same question would come through the Ghost Box, or one of the words from the question would be repeated. They also got quite a few snarky remarks to questions like, "Paul, are you home"- "NO".

On Wednesday night, Kelley took over as the lead investigator again. She broke out one of the pieces of equipment we don't use all that often- the SB-11. The one group had really great results with it, hearing names, and getting intelligent responses to their questions. It worked the best from them in the Gribble House area. When they asked for the last names of the spirits in that area with them, they got the response of "Owen".

Another group investigating went into the Residual Area and heard a few French responses. As soon as they entered "Adieu" came through with a French accent. They made contact with a spirit named Jim who was pretty active with them. The REM Pod would flash up to red and then blue several times for temperature fluctuations, but it only happened when they would ask Jim to do it. The lights would then stop when they asked him to stop, too. Kelley was pretty impressed by this so she let out an "Ooooo", which was followed by an "Ahhhh" that came through the Spirit Box.

On New Years Eve, Kelley investigated with a really cool pair who had investigated before in St Augustine. They got some interesting activity in the building. Some of it was a little unnerving, too. When they asked if there were children in the building with them that night, the response they got was "There's demons". There were also low, soft, but menacing whispers coming through the Spirit Box throughout the entire night. Creepy. You can catch a listen to it here:

The Ovilus and the Spirit Box synced up a few times during the night. At one point, the investigators asked how many spirit were in the building with them and "Ten" was spoken through the Ghost Box just as the word Ten came up on the Ovilus screen. That sort of thing happened several times that night.

Quite a few names came through, as well. The investigators heard Rich, Rick, Ben, Wendy, Mark, Paul, Steve, Cody, and Anne.

On New Years Day, we had two really big tours with Kelley as the lead investigator. During the first tour of the night had a pair who had investigated with us before. They brought along with them some of their own equipment, including an SB-11. Kelley was having some difficulty taking pictures of them, though, because every one she snapped of the pair came out blurry for some reason. All the other photos she took that night came out clear.

Another pair that investigated had some great activity in the Slave Quarters with the Spirit Box, the Ghost Meter Pro, and the MEL Meter. They got some intelligent responses, like a "You're welcome" when they told the spirits thank you for letting them talk to them. At one point, the lady of the pair asked if the spirits would come closer to them, and they got the response of "No- leave". When she asked again the same question they heard "Can you?". You can hear a clip of that here:

The other groups who investigated has some strange experiences in the building. At one point, a very feminine scream came through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators asked "Did you just scream", and "Bad girl..." came through in a man's voice.

The second investigation of Friday night was just as active. Quite a few of the folks who investigated with Kelley had their names called through the Ghost Box, including Katie, Ian and Fletch.

Another investigator asked the spirits if they missed their family. Through the Ghost Box they heard "No" followed by a faint "Dead". A few moments later they heard a woman say "Help". While they were in the Gribble House area, one of the guests told the spirits that he takes care of his mother-in-law, and asked for advice on how to help her. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Daughter" come through.

Finishing out our week was Ted on Saturday night with two investigations. The activity started off even before the official investigation began. While the investigators were watching the video at the beginning of the night one of the ladies felt her hair being tugged on, very hard. So hard, in fact, she asked her husband if he was doing it as a joke. He told her that it wasn't him, and everyone noticed that the K-II Meter on the chair at the stage was going off pretty strong.

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, and the very first thing they asked the spirits was "How many are with us". They got the response of "Five". When they asked them what their names were, they heard "Paul", then "Tom" and then "And me". "Who said 'And me"?", one of the guests asked. "Sam" came through the Ghost Box. Really cool.

While the investigators were in the Gribble House area, the REM Pod was set up on the railing near the Stage Area and was going off pretty hard. When they walked over to take a look at it, there was a distinct cold spot right in front of it. The REM Pod was indicating temperature drops, and electromagnetic fluctuations.

The couple who investigated with Ted during the second go around were Mike and Jesse. Mike had investigated with us a year ago this past Halloween, and when he was here before he had gotten a really good response from children in the building. During this investigation, they had a great deal of action too.

While they were investigating at the Stage Area, Mike asked "Do you want to talk to Jesse?". Through the Ghost Box they heard "Do you?". He then asked "What is her name" as he pointed towards Jesse and they heard "Ma'am" come through.

When they walked into the Gribble House area, Mike immediately felt a distinct cold spot right at the doorway. Mike heard his named being called through the Spirit Box a few times, so he asked the spirits to use his energy. Right away he started having a ringing in his ears coupled with some pain. Ted asked "Are you messing with Mike" and "Maybe" came through the Ghost Box.

In the Residual Area, the investigators could smell a strange rosy, floral scent, which is odd. That aroma is usually found in the Gribble House area. The pair asked if there were any children in that area and they got a solid "NO" through the Ghost Box. In response to their question if there was a man in that area they got the response of "Jamie".

We had a really good week, and it was a great way to start out 2016. If you see yourself in any of these images, feel free to tag and share. As always, you can tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. Happy New Year!