Sunday, December 6, 2015

Investigation Update 12.6.2015

The weather has turned colder in Savannah, but our investigations have still been hot! Here's what's been happening in the Gribble House...

Last Sunday night Kelley investigated with a cool couple. One of them spoke Portuguese, and on several occasions they heard Portuguese come through the Spirit Box back at them. Kelley heard "Don't speak Spanish" come through as one of the guests was speaking Portuguese.

There was a lot of really cool EVPs coming through the Ghost Box that night. These were intelligent responses to direct questions. One of the more interesting responses they got was when Kelley asked if it was "Scary to die". The response they got was "It is". You can listen to it here:

A lot of soft, almost whispered words came through the Ghost Box all over the building. They heard "Sunday... Monday tomorrow", which was interesting since it was Sunday night they were investigating. Very cool.

Monday night had Ted as the lead investigator. Everyone was eager to investigate and ending up getting some great evidence of activity. While at the Stage Area they heard from Paul quite a bit- and heard a lot about Paul, too. Paul said hello to all of them but when they said hello back to him he responded with a very sarcastic "Stop". Just after that they heard a woman's voice say Paul's name and at the same time the K-II Meter on the folding chair spiked hard.

The Ovilus was super active in the Gribble House area with strange strings of words coming up on the screen. They saw "Observe, sunrise, base, teacher, spin, tin, factors". They they saw "New, country, ship" which is very interesting. Finally they saw "Below, holiday, under, need, lay". All of these were in response to questions that the investigators asked, and in congruence with responses from the Spirit Box.

While in the Slave Quarters they could hear the sounds of children coming through the Spirit Box even though none of them were speaking directly to the investigators. Dustin, one of the investigators, asked "Is there a little kid in here", and they heard an adult respond "A boy" very loudly through the Ghost Box.

Kait led the investigation on Friday night with a great group who were really into the investigation. The most active areas of the building that night were the Gribble House and the Slave Quarters, although the investigators were able to make contact with Paul at the Stage Area.

In the Gribble House hot spot, as soon as they walked into the area they heard "The whores" come over the Spirit Box. One of the men investigating asked if the spirit was talking about the ladies that used to live in the building and "I think I am" came through. Another investigator, Sean, went off to take some pictures by himself and came hurrying back when he caught the scent of floral perfume.

While in the Slave Quarters they immediately heard from a spirit named Mike who told them all he liked having guests. The Raggedy Ann doll started flashing pretty rapidly while sitting on a folding chair. The spirit Mike told them that a boy named Rich was touching her.

Finally, Ted and Kelley were our leads again on Saturday night. One of the investigators, Kelbi, had her name called through the Ghost Box quite a few times in several areas of the building. That's always a really cool thing. They heard quite a few names come through including Kelbi, Vanessa, Gabe, Paul, Tom, Mark, Patricia, Steve, Carol, and Kelley.

Kelley was standing with some of the investigators over at the closed caption television when they all saw the figure of a black shadow figure walking through the area for camera six. It was very clear to all of them, and very creepy.

In the Residual Area, one of the groups kept getting the name Steve over and over and over. It seemed like Steve was following this group all over the building into each hot spot. Ted mentioned that Steve likes to talk to Kelley a lot and "Yes" came through the Spirit Box. This group also had a very strong cold spot that registered 39 degrees on the Digital Thermometer which shot back up to 50 degrees quickly. A few minutes later, the name "Carol" came up on the Ovilus followed by "Teacher". This was really cool because one of the investigators's name was Carol and she is a retired teacher.

Another group had a very strange experience in the building when a spirit named Wes made contact with them. This was unexpected and strange because they had a friend named Wes who died suddenly and unexpectedly this past June. Another odd thing that happened for them was the name Scott kept coming through the Ghost Box. Scott just so happened to be one of the investigators mothers' maiden name. She asked the spirit if they were related and they were told 'No'. 

It was a really cool week for us, despite the chilly weather! If you see a picture of yourself, feel free to tag it! If you want to share a picture or audio clip with us, tag us with the #gribblehouse of @gribblehouse.