Sunday, December 27, 2015

Investigation Update 12.27.2015

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful week- we certainly did! Here's what been happening in the Gribble House...

This past Sunday night had Ted as our lead investigator with a really great group. There were a few very interesting things that happened. One of the most curious things that happened was with the Raggedy Ann and the REM Pod as the investigators were leaving the Slave Quarters, headed for the Residual Area. The doll had been quiet for the most part while they had been in the Slave Quarters, but just when they decided to leave that hot spot, she began to light up- almost like the spirit was waiting for them all to leave. At the same time she began to spike, the REM Pod's low temperature sensor went off on the yellow rail.

One of the investigators walked over to the rail to take some pictures and see what would come up, and as she did the voice of an old lady came over the Spirit Box and said "Sit". That was her cue to walked back to the Residual Area and sit down.

In the Gribble House area, the Ovilus was pretty active but the string of words coming up on the screen didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. They got Story, Property, Japanese, Lick, Run, Solo, Night, Trap, Dirt, Sold, Cotton, Life, Fifteen, and Count.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Monday night. Three of the ladies who investigated with her had some really amazing results with the Ghost Meter Pro, so much so that they were able to get results on cue. The Slave Quarters had some fairly creepy phrases come through the Spirit Box. Right as the entered they heard "Help me" come through in an eerie voice. A few seconds later they heard "What do you want?". Throughout their time in that hot spot, the word "Help" kept coming through, but with different voices and different volumes- some were stronger than others.

One of the investigators was trying to entice the spirits to touch the Raggedy Ann doll, but no one seemed to be that interested in her. He asked "Do you want to touch the doll", and "Doll" came through the Ghost Box. Just after, but very faintly, they heard "Don't want the doll". Very cool.

Kelley lead the way again on Tuesday night. It was very active in the building that evening. Almost everyone who were with her that night had investigated before, with the exception of two ladies who were naturals anyway. Everyone had really great results. One family in particular had a spirit that seemed to follow them everywhere they went in the building. The name Greg came through the Spirit Box multiples times for them, in every hot spot, with the same voice. They also got the name Rachelle spoken to them a few times- almost like those two spirits knew who they were. But, when they asked "Do you know us", the word "Stranger" came through the Ghost Box.

Two other ladies who were investigating had one name in particular come through for them quite a bit, too. They heard Anne come through the Spirit Box all over the building. These two ladies also had really good results with the Boo Bear, especially at the Stage and in the Gribble House area. While they were in the Gribble House they heard "Two killers... three" come through the Spirit Box, followed by "How true". Even more eerily, they asked the spirits if they would like to be alone and the response they got was "With one of you". Creepy!

The final group of two who investigated on Tuesday night had the name Steve come through the Spirit Box a lot for them. While in the Slave Quarters, they tried to get the spirits to tell them their names but the only response they got was "Fool... useless". It seemed like the spirits were the ones asking the questions with them- they were asked "Who are you" and "What are you doing" through the Spirit Box.

Wednesday evening was an incredible night of investigation with Ted as the lead. A family investigated with him who were really ready to go- the mother and daughter were even sensitives. The night started off with a bang when they entered the Stage Area. As soon as they sat down, their Spirit Box turned off and would not work. That sent Ted into the Safe Room to change everything out. As he was walking across the building floor, he could hear the family all saying "Hello!" excitedly, but he wasn't sure why. After changing out the equipment, he walked back towards the Stage Area with the new speaker. The family told him that they had heard a loud "Hello" spoken to them, which was really strange because Ted had the only speaker and Ghost Box with him. That had to mean they what they heard was a straight EVP- a disembodied voice. How cool is that!

In the Gribble House area they saw the word Kept and Murphy come up on the Ovilus. But when they asked "Are you Murphy", they heard "No" come through the Ghost Box. But the spirits seemed to be a bit confused in that way. When they moved into the Residual area, one of the investigators asked "Who is the lady in the white dress" and the response they got was "Chris". Confused, Ted asked "Did you just tell us the lady in white is Chris?", and they heard "NO" come through the Ghost Box.

Om Christmas Eve, Ted was our lead investigator with a father daughter pairing and a family group who spoke Chinese. Throughout the night, that family would get responses through the Ghost Box in Chinese, which was always a surprise. The Chinese responses started right away at the Stage Area when they heard "Wei" come through, which means Hello. The father daughter team asked the spirit how they died in English and they heard "Fire" come through. The family then asked the same question in Chinese and got the response "Shao", which means burns. Very cool!

The REM Pod seemed to be particularly active all night long, in almost every hot spot of the building. At the Stage Area it seemed to be happening sporadically, because it was frequent but not stable. Then in the Residual Area it was happening again, but it was a little more fixed. There were two really big temperature drops recorded by the REM Pod in the Residual Area.

The Ovilus was pretty active in the Residual Area as well, with some pertinent words appearing on the screen. They saw Tree, Squeeze, Hug, and Human all come up, Then one of the investigators was talking about how she had gold coins and Au came up on the Ovilus screen- Au is the Chemical Symbol for gold. Pretty neat.

Kelley was the lead investigator for Saturday night with a great group. Some of the folks had been on an investigation with us before, others were first timers but everyone was ready to go! There were a lot of names that came through that night- Anne, Dawn, Chris, Steve- Dawn just so happened to be the name of one of the ladies investigating with us that night. There seemed to be quite a few women's voices coming through the Ghost Box, which is unusual. One female voice came through and said "Holy" when the ladies investigating asked if there was a spirit in the room. That response was followed quickly by "It's too late" and "I'm not waiting".

It's been unseasonably hot in Savannah these last few days, and the building has been pretty warm and a little bit muggy, which is all the more interesting because Kelley and the investigators documented some fairly profound temperature drops with the Digital Thermometer. One was pretty low near the Gribble House gate.

A really great week for us, and we hope you all had a great holiday week yourself! Remember, if you have any photos that you'd like to tag us in just use the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. And you can always tag yourself in the photos that we've posted!