Sunday, December 20, 2015

Investigation Update 12.20.2015

It's been a very interesting week here in Savannah. At the beginning of the week the temperature was in the high 70s, and now we are looking in the face of the mid-30s! But regardless of the weather outside, our investigations are always hot, hot, hot! Here's what's been happening in the Gribble House...

Sunday night had Kelley as our lead investigator with a really great group on a very active night. The star of the show was definitely the Ovilus. Throughout the entire evening the Ovilus and Ghost Box were in sync, where words would come up on the Ovilus at the same time the same words would come through the Ghost Box. This happened with the words Paul, Wood, Light, Door, Jerk, Memories, and Important. The word Important actually came through the Ghost Box twice in a row! Very cool.

In addition to being in sync with the Ghost Box, the Ovilus was also producing string of words together that were very relevant to one another. This happened with the words Africa, Human, and Cotton which came all in a row together. Another strange moment with the Ovilus came when the word Chairs came across the screen. At the same time the investigators could hear the sounds of metal chairs moving around in the far side of the building with no one near them.

One of the most interesting moments of the night involved the Ovilus, as well. Kelley came over to the group and asked the two ladies if she could take a picture of them. The two ladies stood for the photo and struck their pose just then the word Pose came up on the Ovilus. Laughter and an actual "Ha-ha" came through the Ghost Box. How awesome?!

Kait was our lead investigator on Monday night with a pair of ladies from Virginia. The most active area of the building that night was the Slave Quarters. As soon as they walked into that area the Raggedy Ann doll began to flash and the Ghost Box said the name "Adam". The ladies asked if Adam was the spirit who was touching the Raggedy Ann, but the name they got in response was "Mike". Then the name of one of the investigators came through the Spirit Box, "Sara". When they decided it was time to leave the Slave Quarters, their home state was said through the Ghost Box, "Virginia".

The investigators then moved to the Stage Area and they got some pretty cool results with their questions. Sara asked how many spirits were in that hot spot and "Five" was the answer. Then Kait asked what their names were and they actually got all five names! They heard "Oliver", "Johnny", "Brett", "Rich", and "Emery" all in different voices.

A pair of new ghost hunters named Asia and Ivan investigated with Ted on Friday evening on a very strange night in the building. The Gribble House was very active, but it seemed to have an almost creepy vibe to it. Although the investigators were a little nervous at first, they were naturals. They started the night at the Stage Area and as soon as they entered they heard "Who are you" come through the Ghost Box. At the very same time that question came through the REM Pod's cold temperature sensor went off. Ivan said that they were there to talk to Paul, but the name "John" came through the Spirit Box. Although they tried to talk to John, he wasn't having it. "Stop it" came through the Ghost Box, so Ivan asked him if he was "Feeling down". Just then, the K-II Meter that Asia was holding spiked hard all the way up to red.

Later on in the night the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters. As soon as they walked into the hot spot, they heard "Hey Ivan" come through, which really startled him. Asia had her flashlight on as they walked into the room, but then turned it off. She asked "Does it makes you feel safe when the light is on" and through the Spirit Box they heard "We do... safe". Pretty neat.

There were a lot of standoffish language coming through the Ghost Box on Friday night. Throughout the night they heard phrases like "Stay away", "Shit", "Escape", "Get out", "Shut up", and "Bullshit".

Finally, Kelly was our lead investigator on Saturday night, which a very active evening. One of the groups investigating was a family unit that was asking all the right questions, but a lot of the responses they were getting were pretty vulgar. The daughter of the group was asking great questions about the murders, and the creepy and eerie replies she was getting didn't scare her in the least! They also got some names come through the Ghost Box. They heard Mike, Rachael, Michelle, Kate, Carl, Karen, and John.

Another group had some really great action in the Slave Quarters, and Kelley had a strange moment herself in there. Everyone was looking at the Ovilus and she was thinking about how she was desensitized to some of the words that come up that would be unsettling to other investigators, specifically the words Poltergeist, Demon, and Murder. Just then those exact three words were spoken through the Ghost Box which really startled Kelley! Another investigator noticed that the EMF detector had been fairly quiet so he asked if someone would please touch it. Over the Spirit Box they heard "Gonna, mate".

At the Stage Area, another group had some interesting moments with the Ghost Box. It seemed like the spirits were talking to each other and their conversations were coming through the Ghost Box for the investigators to hear. One of those conversations sounded like this: "Paul's by it", "I can see". "Some see", "Some can't see", "You can't", "I'm working", "You're not". Interesting.

It was a really good week for us, and for everyone who investigated with us. This coming week is the week of Christmas, and we will not be having an investigation on Christmas night. We will however he having one on Christmas Eve, so please join us! As always, if you see an image of yourself, feel free to tag or to tag us in one of yours with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tags! Happy holidays!