Sunday, November 8, 2015

Investigation Update 11.8.2015

Another great week in the Gribble House! The building was active all week long, and we've got lots to report.. so here it is!

Sunday night had Ted as our lead investigator, starting the week off! Being that it was the night after Halloween, some of the investigators had some candy with them, which they used as a trigger object. The group used the Spirit Box to communicate and asked "We have some candy. Would you like some?". The first response was "We are there". When they replied "We have enough for everyone" the response they got was "Bring it". This all happened in the Slave Quarters. Pretty neat.

While at the Stage Area, there was activity going on in the middle of the building, even though no one was in that area. As the K-II Meter was flashing all the way up to orange, one of the investigators noticed on the closed caption TV that there was a white shadow figure moving around in the center of the building, while Ted was in the Slave Quarters with the rest of the group.

The Residual Area had some pretty cool activity going on that night, too. When they moved into that area the words "The doll" came through the Ghost Box, so Ted went to go get the Boo Bear. When he handed it over to one of the investigators, Boo Bear lit up a few times. The investigator then asked if they wanted the Raggedy Ann doll, and the K-II Meter flashed once. She told the spirit if they could make both EMF detectors go off and flash once, she would bring the Raggedy Ann doll. Only only flashed, but the word "One" came through the Ghost Box- which was then followed by the sounds of children laughing...

Kelley was the lead investigator on a VERY active Monday night. There were orbs flying all over the building, and you could clearly see them on the closed caption TV monitor. They were very interesting- You could see the orbs moving around the building and suddenly they would disappear, just to reappear somewhere else in the building.

An experience similar to Ted's investigators on Sunday night happened to Kelley and her group on Monday. As one of the groups of investigators was at the Stage Area, they looked at the closed caption TV monitor and could clearly see that there was someone moving across the warehouse floor, while Kelley and the rest of the investigators were in the Slave Quarters....

Both forms of the movement detectors- both the Motion Sensor and the REM Pod, were active in the Gribble House that night. The REM Pod was set up on the Stage and was pretty active all night. Kelley set up the Motion Sensor in the Gribble House area and went off several times with no investigator around it.

Kelley was lead investigator again on Wednesday night with a great family. There were a LOT of names coming through the Ghost Box that night. They heard Nick. Garry, Keith, Chrissy, Lucy, Lisa, Carol, Peter, Steve, Pete, Paul, Michael, Sue, Tom, and Em. All of this was accompanied by strange whispers and heavy breathing coming through the Spirit Box, which is always creepy.

The REM Pod was particularly active over by the Gribble House gated area. Quite a few times, it would light up blue to indicate what side the activity was coming from- and it was happening rapidly. Kelley was taken aback by it because she had never seen it flash so fast like that.

Over near the Stage Area, something was going screwy with the closed caption TV monitor. Channel 12, and only Channel 12, was static and was flashing with interference. What's odd about that was throughout the night the investigators could hear what sounded like the creaking of stairs right where the camera for Channel 12 is positioned, and none of the investigators were anywhere near those stairs...

Another very active night for Ted on Thursday evening! He investigated with a lovely couple who were right into the paranormal. The Raggedy Ann Doll was the star of the show in the Slave Quarters. At first, it didn't seem like she was going to do much of anything- she was quiet and dark for a good bit of time. Then, all of a sudden, the investigators saw a slight flicker on her right hand. That flicker got stronger and stronger until it was pretty steady- almost like they weren't sure if they should be touching it or not. One of the investigators said, "Go ahead and play with the Doll. You like it". Through the Ghost Box came the response "I do" in a male voice.

The Stage Area had some angry activity. The spirits there were not willing to talk to the investigators. When they first walked up, they heard the word "Sit" come through. But that was quickly followed by an angry "GET OUT". The husband told the spirit, "My wife is nice and wants to talk to you". Then they heard an "F- You" come through. At that point, they decided to leave.

Friday night had Kait as the lead investigator with a really nice couple. They had done some investigating before, at a house and have some friends who have their own investigative teams, so they had some good previous ghost hunting experience. The activity started as soon as they walked into the Slave Quarters. Over the spirit box they heard the word "Sit" come through, which they took as an invitation to communicate. A little boy came through and told them he was playing with the Raggedy Ann doll, all while she was lighting up. They were able to find out that Ben is five years old.

Paul wasn't very talkative on Friday night. They hadn't heard from him at all, so the lady investigating asked if he was near and "I'm here" came through the Spirit Box. When they asked him if he had just arrived a clear "NAH" came through. He must just not have felt like communicating. One spirit named Mo really did want to show his presence, though. At the Stage Area the EMF detector was flashing wildly almost the whole time, and when they asked who it was, the response was "Mo".

Saturday night was pretty neat, with Kelley and Kait leading the way. Our investigators included a professional group from Crossroads Paranormal, who investigate with us pretty frequently. Paul was a bit more present, that night. As soon as they walked to the Stage Area, they heard "Paul is here" come through the Spirit Box. But he wasn't being friendly. They asked him if he would like to play or sit near the Boo Bear, which only made Paul laugh and respond with "Mental". He also proceeded to call some of the investigators "Idiots".

Someone in the Slave Quarters was looking for Ted on Saturday night. Over the Ghost Box they could hear his name being called "Ted, Ted". There seemed to be a lot of chatter going on, with seemingly random words coming through. Everything from "Noose", "Eight men", "Doll", "No", and some names as well. One guest sitting in the Slave Quarters had Boo Bear sitting on her lap, and he lit up several times.

A great week for us and all our investigators! Remember, tag yourselves, share as many photos as you'd like, and feel free to tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!