Sunday, November 29, 2015

Investigation Update 11.22.2015

What a week! We had a ton of activity going on in the building and we can't wait to share it with you. Here's what happened...

Kelley was our lead investigator this past Sunday evening. Certain names came through the Spirit Box for everyone- one in particular was Ted. Perhaps the spirits were looking for our lead investigator, Ted, that night. One spirit was looking for him pretty fanatically- it came through rapidly twice in a row at the Stage Area.

There seemed to be a lot of nautical stuff coming through the Spirit Box at the Stage Area. Right in a row they heard "To feel dizzy", then "Sand beach", then "Disaster" and "November 69". A few moments later that was followed by "Ship is still here" and "Big ship".

One of the investigators, Derek, had a rather scary experience in the Slave Quarters. All of a sudden, he felt very hot on his face and on his side. When they examined him, there were actually scratches on his face and torso where he had been hot! They disappeared quickly, but it was scary nonetheless. Over the Spirit Box they heard "Choke him". As the night went on, Derek continued to have a splitting headache. When Derek finally him why they were messing with him, a female voice came through and said "Your hats".

On Monday night, Kelley took the lead again. Even though the Spirit Box was very active, the K-II Meter and the Raggedy Ann doll were super popular, especially in the Stage Area and the Gribble House area. There were a lot of names that came through that night- some of them were even in response to questions. When the investigators asked who was involved in the 1909 murders they heard "Amy, Henry, Harold, Chris," and "Harriet". Guest investigators Nick, Abbey and Mo all had their names called out, too.

Ar the Stage Area there were some pretty interesting conversations going on with Paul. The investigators asked Paul what kind of food he liked and "Pizza" came through. One of the guests, Jess, told Paul she thought he would be more of a steak and potatoes kind of guy, and "She's my buddy" came through. They then asked Paul if he had and pets and he told them "Four kittens".

Ted was our lead investigator on Tuesday night with a great group. The building was super active and everyone seemed to have a good time. In the Residual Area, one of the investigators named Taylor was feeling ill. They asked "Is someone making Taylor sick" and they heard "Let's go" come through the Ghost Box. Taylor said that she maybe felt sick because she needed to drink some water and "Water" came through. They asked who it was who was talking to them and "Mom" then "Linda" came through. This was very strange because Linda was the name of one of the investigators mothers who had passed away.

In the Slave Quarters they were able to get one of the spirit to tell them their full birthday. One guest asked "When were you born" and they heard "1988". Then they asked "When were you born in 1988" and "June" was the response. Finally they asked for the day and "4th" came through. Pretty neat!

The investigators on Wednesday night were a couple on their honeymoon, investigating with Kait for the evening. There was some pretty cool stuff happening in the Slave Quarters. They heard from Kevin, Ben, and Noah. When the Raggedy Ann doll started blinking and lighting up, they asked who was touching her. Noah told them it was him. When they tried moving her around to see if she would still light up, she continued to blink no matter where they moved her to. In fact, when the new husband was holding the Doll, she kept lighting up and his knee got very cold. Just about the same time, Kait's did the same thing. When they read the temperature with the Digital Thermometer, it read fifty degrees.

We hear from certain Spirits quite a bit in the building. Spirits like Ben in the Slave Quarters, Paul at the Stage Area, and Steve in the Residual Area. We get to know them a bit, and expect certain activity from them. In the Residual Area on Wednesday night the investigators heard from Steve, but he seemed a bit off. In fact, he really just said hello and replied yes when they asked him if he would touch the EMF detector. He never did actually make the light go to red, or even orange. It seemed like he had really low energy because it was taking him a while to answer.

Thanksgiving night we had a pretty great tour. No one was too tired and sleepy from eating turkey all day! The Spirit Box was full of names that night- they heard "Todd, Mary, Tom, Rachael, Felicia, Emily, Emma, Ruth, Steve, Paul, Yusef, Mike, John, Paul, and Noah". Certain words came through all night long. One of those words was "Tobacco", which they heard Paul say twice at the Stage Area. Both of the groups of investigators heard "Money" come through, as well as "Gold" and "Looking".

Some of the best responses we get through the Spirit Box are answers to direct questions, not just what sounds like random babbling. They asked the spirits where they were from and "Atlanta", "Bristol", and "Boston" came through right away. At another point in the Slave Quarters, they put the Raggedy Ann doll up with her back against the window and they asked the spirits to touch her and make her light up. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Window" and "Back". Pretty cool.

We had two great investigations on Friday night. During the first investigation, the Gribble House area had some strange activity going on. Two of the ladies investigating who were sitting across from one another got splitting headaches that lasted as long as they were in that area. Over the Spirit Box they heard "Help" come through, and then it just died. Ted, our lead investigator, had checked all the equipment before the investigation had started and everything was fine. They switched out the batteries and got to investigating again. Once they were back to business, the first thing they heard come through was "Be warned" and "Help" again.

The speakers seemed touchy throughout the whole night. They would randomly turn on and off in all the Hot Spots of the building. The REM Pod was also pretty popular- it went off in the Residual Area, and the temperature gauge went off in the Gribble House Area.

The second investigation of Friday night was just as good as the first. The Stage Area had a good bit of activity going on. They asked Paul how old he was and they got the response of "35". The investigators asked "Can you make this device flicker" and the GM Pro that Ted was holding went off and flickered twice. At the same time, the REM Pod that was set up on the railing went off with a temperature drop.

In the Residual Area, one of the lady investigators thought that someone had pulled her hair- so hard in fact she blamed her husband for it. He assured her that he didn't but she was sure someone had. Then later in the Gribble House area they could immediately smell the scent of perfume, although one of the investigators described the scent as being a clean Dove soap smell.

Once again, Kelley took the reins on the investigation last night- Saturday night! It was a very lively night, Spirits and investigators alike. There seemed to be a lot of personal stuff going on in the building that night. One of the investigators had their full name called through the Spirit Box, and another had certain words come across the Ovilus that were specific and creepy for him.

There were a lot more women and children coming through the Spirit Box then normal that night. They heard quite a few names too, like "Rose, Paul, Rick, Bob, Ann, Anna, Jordan, Tim, David, Howard, Kat, Angelo, Todd, Rachael, Clay, Clayton, Pete, Rite, Jen, Theresa, Trisha, Calvin, Richard, Caroline, Karen, Jim, Scott, Francis, Matt, Jim, Nick, Michael", and "Mark". All of these names came through as replies to direct questions about who the investigators were talking to. That is except for Yusef. His name came through the Spirit Box as if he was being called by another spirit to come and take care of something. Very strange.

At the Stage Area, one of the guests felt like her arm was touched and her arm felt very cold. It felt lie someone was standing right beside her. When she said it felt icy the word "Icy" came through the Spirit Box and another investigator grabbed the Digital Thermometer to get a read. It was definitely more cold at her arm than anywhere else in the room.

It was a really good week, and we hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. If you'd like, you can tag yourself in any of our photos, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tags.