Sunday, November 22, 2015

Investigation Update 11.22.2015

It's been a strange week for weather in Savannah! From high temperatures and rain, to chilly and dry- but that didn't stop us from investigating!

Ted started the week off as lead investigator this past Sunday night. The entire group that investigated with him spoke Spanish, and there was a lot of Spanish coming through the Ghost Box as well, which is pretty cool.

Paul was pretty active at the Stage area. When they first walked up, they asked "Paul, are you here?'. They got the immediate response of "Hi". As they continued to talk to Paul, the EMF detector on a folding chair in the center of the stage started going off hard and fast. The investigators decided to see if it was an anomaly, and placed a K-II Meter next to the EMF detector. It started flickering almost in the same manner. They then asked Paul to touch just the EMF detector, and the K-II stopped lighting up. Pretty cool!

In the Gribble House area, as soon as the girls entered the doorway they were hit with that sweet, perfumey smell. It was strange, because none of the men could smell it, but the scent made all the women feel uneasy. There were a lot of Spanish numbers coming through the Ghost Box here. When they asked how old the spirits were they heard "Veinte" (twenty) and "Seis" (six).

The equipment was acting up in the Slave Quarters. For some reason, one of the speakers on the Ghost Box kept losing power and shutting off. So, Ted went into the Safe Room and grabbed another speaker. It worked for a little bit, but then the same thing happened! When he went back into the Safe Room to get another, both started to work again. The third speaker Ted brought out worked for the rest of the evening.

Kait was our lead investigator on Friday night. The building was very active, especially the Slave Quarters. Quite a few names were coming through, like Leroy, Paul, and Greg. When the investigators asked how many spirits were in the room with them, through the Ghost Box they heard "Twenty", and then the entire Ghost Box and speaker turned off!

Once they got the equipment back on and running, the Raggedy Ann doll began to blink pretty steadily. Kait asked who was touching the doll and the name Chris came through the Spirit Box. When they asked Chris "Are you touching the Raggedy Ann", they heard "Butt" come through.That was about the end of the conversation though. Just at that point they would like to speak with anyone in particular and a loud and clear "GET OUT" came through the Ghost Box.

Saturday night was a great night with Kelley as our lead investigator. One of the groups that investigated with her were pretty experienced, and came with their own equipment. One piece of equipment that Kelley brought out to let them use was the SB-11, and they had some great results with it. One of the things you can do with it is turn it off when you are asking questions and turn it back on to hear the responses. One response in particular was pretty long, and fairly chilling. They heard "Anita. Call Anita, Marshall's here. I don't think this person is possible". Strange.

The Raggedy Ann doll and EMF detectors were very active in the building. Both of those devices would flash at the same time, in the same pulses. The Raggedy Ann doll, in particular, was very popular. She would light up quite a bit. Whenever she's light up, they would ask "Who is touching the Doll"? The response they got the most was "Tom". Whenever they heard that name, there seemed to be the soft voices of children coming through the Spirit Box. They heard the name Tom quite a lot that night.

In the Slave Quarters, one group got some activity as soon as they walked in. "Trouble" came through as they walked through the door. They asked who said that and "Richy" came through, but then another voice came through and said "Richard", as if correcting them. They decided to ask what other spirits were in the room with them and "Paul" was said in a male voice, then "Steve" in a female voice. Finally they heard "Brad, it is I".

It was such a great week for us, despite the weather! We're looking forward to a great Thanksgiving week, as well. Remember, as always, you can tag yourself or share the photos we post. Or, you can tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.