Sunday, November 1, 2015

Investigation Update 11.1.2015

We had a really great Halloween week! Lots of activity, lots of investigations, and lots of fun. Here's what's happened...

Kelley started the week off as our lead investigator this past Sunday night. It was a very active night. Everyone who investigated had EMF, Ghost Meter Pro, and Raggedy Ann doll activity all over the building. One of the coolest moments of the night happened in the Gribble House area when the EMF pulses happened all at once with all of the equipment.

At the Stage Area, some of the investigators were speaking in Spanish and were getting Spanish responses through the Ghost Box- but the Spanish responses only came through when Spanish was spoken first. Very cool!

The K-II EMF Meter was very active in parts of the Warehouse that were pretty unusual. In the Residual Area, one of the guests asked if someone was standing near the K-II because it was flashing all the way up to the red. The reply through the Spirit Box was "You are".

Wednesday has Ted as the lead investigators. Again, we had a lot of activity- it was a really cool night. The evening started at the Stage Area when the investigators both heard the name Paul come through the Ghost Box while at the same time his name came up on the Ovilus. That's always a really good sign of strong activity! One of the guests asked "Do you like poker?" and a voice through the Ghost Box said "Yeah". Just then on the Ovilus came "Cards, Bet, Deal". That's pretty cool.

In the Residual Area, the Raggedy Ann doll was pretty active. One of the investigators sat her on the floor next to his chair, and as soon as he did she started to flicker. Another investigator aimed the Digital Thermometer right at her and the temperature went from 75 degrees, up to 79 degrees, and then back down to 75 degrees.

It was another SUPER active night on Thursday with Kelley taking the lead. The most active area of the evening was the Slave Quarters, even when they weren't in the room! While watching the closed circuit TVs near the Stage Area, there was a flurry of orbs moving around the room.

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash very quickly and strong in quite a few different parts. One of the investigators, David, recorded some very significant temperature drops with the Digital Thermometer. But the strange thing was when David would walk towards the area of the lowered temperature, it would move- almost like it was avoiding him.

A strange EVP came through the Ghost Box during the free time in the Building. As everyone was walking through the main area, they heard "Children... come with us"...

Friday started our Halloween weekend, with two investigations with Ted and Kelley as the lead investigators. The first investigation of the night went very well... but it was kind of strange. The vibe in the building was very weird. Not that it was uncomfortable but it didn't feel the same in the building as it normally does.

Everyone had experiences that were the same, but everyone also had very unique events take place. For example, everyone heard the names "Paul" and "Steve" come through the Ghost Box, and everyone had K-II activity at the Stage Area. But, each guest had their own personal experiences. One lady in particular was sitting at the Stage Area in one of the metal folding chairs when it felt like it was starting to vibrate. For the rest of the evening, she felt very uneasy.

Another investigator was in the Slave Quarters when she mentioned that she was a skeptic. The response she got through the Spirit Box was "Get Out".

The second investigation went just as well, but the building didn't seem as strange. But, there was some strange activity going on! One of the most interesting events of the night was when the groups were split between the Slave Quarters and the Stage Area. As the one group entered the Slave Quarters, they heard "I am Paul" come through the Spirit Box. At the same time, the group at the Stage Area heard the same words come through. Very strange.

The Gribble House area was pretty active, as well. The Ghost Meter Pro was active next to the fence in the middle of the room, but as soon as it was moved it fell silent. One of the investigators placed the K-II EMF Meter on a chair near the door and then asked "Can you make the light go to red". The K-II flashed up to orange, not quite to red, and the word "NO" came through the Ghost Box.

Halloween night! There was a decent amount of activity with some really pumped up investigators. Ted and Braden lead the two tours that we had last night. One of the most active areas of the first investigation was in the Gribble House area. Through the Ghost Box came the names "Steve" and "Candy" which happened to be the names of one of the couples investigating. That was pretty surprising to the couple! While all this was going on the sweet flowery smell was moving through the area.

The Slave Quarters was also pretty active. The Raggedy Ann doll was flashing, the EMF detector was getting strong spikes, and the Ghost Box was super active. But there was also a lot of physical activity, as well. Braden had two very interesting experiences. At one point, he felt his sleeve being tugged. Then, as the first investigation was ending, he saw a little boy in the Slave Quarters as he was walking past. Very cool.

The second investigation was SUPER active- and we had a super cute group of investigators in costume for the holiday. This investigation, the Gribble House was by far the most active spots of that tour. One of the guests asked "Can you see us" and the response was "I'm looking at you". Then, the question "Can you see us?" came through... that was pretty creepy. Quite a few of the investigators heard what sounded like footsteps moving around in the area while everyone was sitting down and later on, Ted and Braden heard what sounded like a plastic bag being crumpled.

After the investigation was over, more strange activity happened. It sounded like there were footsteps still coming from the Gribble House area, just as it had earlier in the night. Then, as Ted was locking up the Slave Quarters, it sounded like someone was trying to turn the knob back open. Wow.

All in all, it was a really active and impressive week of investigations. As always, if you've taken pictures or recorded audio you'd like to share with us, send it our way. Or! You can tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse tag!