Friday, October 9, 2015

Investigation Update 10.4.2015

We had a super full and exciting week at the Gribble House- and here is all the good stuff that happened!

Sunday night this past week was led up by Kelley- along with a group of all brand spanking new, first time paranormal investigators. Although they didn't really know what to expect, they really warmed up to the experience very quickly. The night was really fantastic- with huge pulses of activity that coincided through all the equipment they used. The Spirit Boxes were fairly quiet, but all the other equipment was very active. That included the Ghost Meter Pros, the KII and the Raggedy Ann and Boo Bear! That's always good to see and hear. It even happened in every hot spot! At one point, Kelley thought she could see the Doll's hand moving, and Stephanie, another investigator, confirmed the movement.

The only real activity that was happening through the Ghost Boxes were these very strange, creepy whispers. The voices were soft and hard to make out, but it seemed like they were trying to attempt whole sentences. Words they they could make out were "Need help", and "Help".

One cool exchange they had was when guest mentioned that they had called a taxi who would call her when he arrived. Just before he called her and the phone rang, the words "Late" and then "Taxi" came through the Spirit Box. Cool!

Braden took the lead on Monday night, and it was a super exciting night of activity. Braden's night of activity began even before the investigators arrived. He had the SB11 sitting on the equipment channel scanning at AM. Over the Spirit Box came whole phrases- like they were having a conversation about Braden while he was busy setting up equipment. They said "Can he even hear us?", "He's not paying attention", "He's busy". All of those came out within a minute, and sounded like two different male voices.

The evening with the investigators started at the Stage Area and one of the ladies investigating felt like someone was blowing on her, regardless of where she was standing in that hot spot. Another one of the ladies had to walk away from the area because she felt like she was being crowded around.

They saw some very interesting balls of light in the building that night. The first they saw was in the Slave Quarters. One of the ladies investigating said she could see a light behind Braden rise up and head into the ceiling. Later, while they were roaming throughout the building, both Braden and another investigator saw a ball of light shoot across the warehouse. Pretty strange.

On Tuesday night, Kelley took the helm and led the investigation. The couple who investigated with her were very into it, and Kelley recorded almost the entire evening. One of the pieces of equipment they used was the Ovilus, and it was very active- the best part was that the words coincided with verbal words that were coming from the Spirit Box. That's always what you want to see! This happened at least twice, with the words "Business", and "Teacher".

Over near the Residual Area, some very strange things took place. Behind the curtain where the Segways are kept, there were some very odd noises- creaks and groans. Then, a wooden stick fell out from behind the curtain there all of a sudden. That was very creepy.

There were a TON of names called through the Spirit Box. They heard Steve, Nathan, Dennis, Mike, Tom, Rick, Rich, Heidi, Julie, Stewart, Lincoln, Melody, Chris, Candice, Yusef, Kent, Kait, Ace, Nick, Leah, Rose, Matt, Ray, Kelley, and Paul. Actually, Paul's name came through like this- "Paul's here, damn it!".

Dani had a group of investigators on Wednesday night who were self professed skeptics. But that didn't stop them from having a great investigation!

In the Gribble House area, they started their night off. As soon as they walked in they heard "HI" come through loud and clear in the Ghost Box. They then asked if they could tell them how many spirits were in the room and "Nine" was the response.

As they went through the warehouse, there were some very strange things happening. One of those incidents was when Dani mentioned that someone before in a previous investigation believed that there was the spirit of a dog inside the building. A guest then asked if there was a dog ghost and "Yes" came through, and just then they could hear the sound of barking...

The group that investigated with Ted on Thursday night were very enthusiastic and had a really good time. They started in the Stage Area, and the first word that came through the Spirit Box was "Demon". That was fairly surprising. Then there were some other strange words that didn't seem to make sense come through. Those words included planets- Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury. Those came up on the Ovilus.

Those same planets came up on the Ovilus again in the Gribble House area. More strange words came up in that area on the Ovilus- like Harriet, Africa, Beach, Water, and Wave. During the free time portion, one of the investigators, Gretchen, could hear the sound of a girl singing. However, it wasn't through the Ghost Box.

We had Kait as the lead investigator on Friday night. The group who investigated with them was very positive that spirits exist, and the had a great night.

During the History Portion of the night, the REM pod started going off- even before the official investigation started, which was pretty cool. When they really started going for broke in the building, the Raggedy Ann went off as soon as they passed through the doorway- like someone had been waiting for her.

When they got to the Stage Area, Paul was in his usual form. He told them that he wished he was drunk. As they were sitting in that hot spot, they could see a shadow by the gate in the Gribble House and a spirit told them it was "Uncle Bill".

We had TWO investigations last night, with TWO lead investigators- Kait and Ted. During the first tour of the night, There seemed to be a good bit of child activity going on. That included making contact with a little boy named Alex in the Slave Quarters, and the Raggedy Ann doll going off in almost every corner of the building.

While in the Residual Area, the investigators had some good responses with the EMF detectors. Evan, one of the investigators, asked if the spirits could make both the EMF detectors that he was holding go off at t the same time. They both flashed to red just after he asked that.

The second investigation also went very well. One of the strangest areas of the night was in the Slave Quarters. The word "Rose" was really popular in that area. As soon as they came into that hot spot, the words "Rose's Uncle" came through the Ghost Box, with an immediate response from the Ovilus.
"Rose" came up on the screen. When they asked who is here, the response they got was "Rose Morales". It was pretty odd.

Also in the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Anne doll was out of control. While she was sitting on the chair under the window, she was lighting up very strong. When they tried to figure out why and moved her to another area, it stopped. As soon as she went back to the original chair, she began to light up again. Using the Digital Thermometer, they documented a temperature drop from 74 degrees all the way down to 63 degrees. They were also able to get EMF spikes as they held it above her. Very strange.

All in all, it was a pretty good week! We look forward to having more good investigations in the week to come. As always, feel free to tag yourself in the photos we post- or post some of your own! Tag us using @gribblehosue or #gribblehouse.