Sunday, October 25, 2015

Investigation Update 10.25.2015

Wow! What a super busy and active week for the Gribble House. Here's what's been going on...

Our week started on Sunday with Ted leading the investigation. There was quite a bit of action going on. In addition to having some great Spirit Box direct conversations, there was some interesting stuff going on. In the Slave Quarters, there seemed to be random cold spots that corresponded with some strong EMF spikes that were documented with the EMF detectors.

Over in the Residual Area, the Spirit Box was fairly quiet, but there was quite a bit of noise going on- on what sounded like the roof. It was if someone was walking around above them moving from North to South. Very strange.

There was a great conversation in the Gribble House area. Two ladies who were investigating asked "Who is with us", and "Maggie" came through the Spirit Box. Just then, the smell of floral perfume filled the room- something we have always associated with Maggie. They then asked if Maggie was alone- she replied "No". She then told them that she had "Four" people with her".

Kelley was in charge on Tuesday night for the investigation. All of the equipment was super active all night long. The MEL Meter was set to 0.8 in the middle of the Slave Quarters, which worked out pretty well. One of the guests asked how the spirit he was conversing with died and "Burn" came up on the Ovilus. The KIIs, the Ghost Meter Pro, the Raggedy Ann doll and the Boo Bear all had flashes of activity, in unison, in the both the Slave Quarters and the Gribble House areas- even when they were re-positioned!

At one point, Kelley decided to set up the Laser Grid pointer, and it captured a few shadows. Unfortunately, the shadows moved away before anyone could snap a picture.

One guest in particular, started getting cold chills in the Slave Quarters, and continued to have them throughout the night- especially on his arm.

On Thursday night, Ted was the lead investigator with a great group. There was some strange arm action going on for another guest named Heidi. She felt her arm and handle tingle for about twenty minutes. When one of the guests asked "What can we do for you", a very loud "HELP" came through the Spirit Box.

In the Gribble House, something strange happened with the Ovilus. The words "Near" and then "Death" came up on the screen, which is very strange, because words do not generally come up in quick succession like that.

Into the Slave Quarters they went, and Heidi felt her arm go numb again. When the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash, they used the EMF detector and caught some of that same energy just above the doll.

Kelley and Braden were the leading duo for Friday night, during both of the tours. During the first investigation, there was a mixed group- equal parts skeptical and professional. When the first started in the Gribble House, they walked directly into the sweet smell of floral perfume- and they got quite a few spikes on the EMF detectors.

In the Slave Quarters, they had a great conversation using the Ghost Meter Pro and yes or no questions and the blinking lights. They asked if Mr. Walls killed the three women and "Yes" came through. Then they asked if it was for money and "No" was the response. Finally, they asked if it was for jealousy and "Yes" came through.

The second group of the night has some great activity as well. It was a group of ten women who were celebrating together. Some had more paranormal experience than others, but they all had an open mind. Some pretty funny stuff happened. Braden was explaining that he had once heard Paul tell people to get naked in the building, and just then, it came through the Ghost Box. "Get Naked". After they were all done laughing, Braden asked if it was Paul. "Of course" came through. Pretty funny!

In the Residual Area, quite a few of the girls thought that they saw what appeared to be feet walking across the warehouse...

There were two big tours on Saturday night with the boys- Braden and Ted. During the first tour, they got to investigate with a great group. There was a pretty interesting exchange at the Stage Area. One of the guests asked where the spirits are and "With your mom" came through the Ghost Box. Pretty strange! Through the Ovilus, the words Dirt, Highway, Africa, Moist, Sit and Pine came through.

During the free time, one of the investigators was trying to interact with the figure we call Running Man. He asked them "Can you see me running? Do you want to race"? The response that came through the Ghost Box was very loud childrens' laughter.

The second investigation was great as well! One of the groups was in the Gribble House area and they swear that they saw something and hear something moving around in the Storage Area. At the same time, one of the investigators got the name "Dugan" come through the Spirit Box which just so happened to be the name of one of the investigators father's who had passed away.

Raggedy Ann was super active in the Slave Quarters. She lit up like crazy almost the entire time they were in there. Braden thought that he saw her move during the first tour, an then a guest reported they saw the same during the second investigation. Very cool!

A really good week, all and all. If you've got photos you'd like to share or send us, please feel free to shoot them our way. As always, feel free to tag yourself or to tag us using @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!