Sunday, October 18, 2015

Investigation Update 10.18.2015

This was a really good week for the Gribble House Paranormal Experience- we had a ton of great activity. Here's what's been going on.

Ted had a good investigation on Sunday night. The group was using the Raggedy Ann doll in the Slave Quarters when she started flickering. One of the investigators, Angel, asked "If Paul is there, make the light flicker", and the EMF Detector next to the doll started to flash, as well.

The most strange activity took place at the Stage Area, though. While everyone was taking pictures, Ted was looking at the television screens. As he was watching, Ted noticed several lights right in front of the group at the Stage Area, and they moved in almost a star pattern. It looked like a group of people was walking in front of them between the Stage and the TVs with LED flashlights. Ted called Angel over to look at the screen with him, and she could see the lights as well. But in addition to the lights, she also said it looked like there was someone sitting right between them on the stage. As soon as Ted walked towards the TV though, the lights vanished. Very cool.

On Monday night, Kait was our lead investigator, finishing up the Columbus Day weekend. There were some foul mouthed spirits in the building that night. Kait was called a "Bitch" as soon as she and the group went into the Gribble House Area, and then she was told to leave. While in that hot spot, one of the investigators asked the spirit Steve if he wanted to touch the Boo Bear or the Raggedy Ann doll, and the response was "F-". At the Stage Area, Paul called the investigators "Assholes" and didn't speak the rest of the night. Not very appropriate.

The Slave Quarters was very cold all night long, and seemed to get colder at different times. During the free time, Kait went into the Slave Quarters with the Raggedy Ann doll to see what was going on with the investigators, and it felt like she had walked into a fridge.

Tuesday was a very active evening for Ted, our lead investigator. He investigated with three ladies from North Carolina who had never done any paranormal investigating before. Despite being newbies, they had a great night of collecting evidence. When they went into the Gribble House area, the ladies asked "Who are we talking to", and a little child's voice came through and said "Pat". They asked Pat how old are you and they heard "2-5-3". The girls thought that perhaps the little girl was saying that she was 253 years old, which would have meant she was born in 1762. They thought this because they then asked her how old she was when she died and the response was "10". Then the word "Sick" came through the Spirit Box- turns out that she had the "Mumps".

In the Slave Quarters, the Ovilus was screening some very interesting words, strung together that almost seemed like sentences. They got "Jones... Saw... Disaster... Highway... Foliage.. Tree". Later the words "Kitty... Girl... Killed... Bike... Travelling... Ground". Very interesting.

The Ovilus was very active all Tuesday night. One of the investigators, Elizabeth, kneeled down to pick up her water bottle and said it outloud- "I am picking up my water". The Ovilus then read "Water". Later, in the Residual Area, one of the ladies said "It's hot over here", and the Ovilus replied "Hot".

Taking the lead on Wednesday night was Kelley with a great group of investigators. One of the investigators, Mike, had his name spoken several times, and sometimes even on cue. When they would get a response, he sometimes would get "Okay, Mike" replied to him. While in the Residual Area, Mike was talking to a spirit who was sort of like a conductor and kept greeting all the spirits in the building. Mike told him that he was "Nice", and the spirit told them that he worked for the "Railroad".

The equipment was working in tangent during the night, as well. One of the investigators asked the spirits to touch the light and "Did it work" came through on the Spirit Box. In addition to having some great full responses through the Spirit Box, throughout the night it seemed like there were whispers coming through the equipment.

Ted again on Thursday night! There was a really cool exchange at the Stage Area while Ted and another part of the group were in the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators asked "Can you make the green light blink once for yes, twice for no". Then they got started with the questioning... "Were you involved with the murders", the EMF detector on the chair blinked twice. Immediately after, the investigator John heard "No" said right behind his shoulder. It was so loud and distinct that John thought Ted had come out of the Slave Quarters and said it. Weird!

In the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann Doll and the Ovilus were very active. The named Murphy, Phillip, and Jim were all heard in the Spirit Box and then with the Ovilus. One of the investigators was sitting near the desk in the room and have a massive cold spot near him- which happened to be at the same time another investigator was holding the Raggedy Ann doll in the middle of the room- flickering away.

Another really strange thing happened while the group was in their free time. Everyone thought they could hear the sound of women and children giggling and laughing in the Residual Area. Everyone moved over to that area to check it out- they even looked out the windows and couldn't see anyone...

Ted was in charge again on Friday night. The activity started early when they were all standing near the Stage Area watching the TV screen. One of the investigators felt something touch her hand. Later on, but in the same area, that guest asked "Can you hold my hand"? As she asked that question, she saw a large mist on the TV screen behind her. The investigator was adamant that it wasn't just an orb, or dust, but something more.

In the Gribble House area, something very odd happened. It started off normal, with the names "Brittany" and "Norman" coming through the Spirit Box when they asked the names of the spirits in the room. Then they asked what month they were born and "May" came up on the Ovilus. But when it came time to change areas, one of the investigators felt like she couldn't get out of her chair- like she was being pinned down and was stuck there.

Kelley was our lead investigator for two tours on Saturday night. Both investigations were very active and fun. A lot of names came through the Spirit Box on Saturday night- they heard David, Linda, William, Lincoln, Eric, Craig, Paul, Richard, Ben, Priscilla and Winston. After asking what everyone's name was, one of the investigators asked how old the spirits were, and the sweetest little girl voice came through the Spirit Box and said "Three". They wanted to talk to her some more and asked if it was okay to talk to her. The next voice that came across was a stern, angry man voice that said "NO". They didn't hear from her again.

The Ovilus was active again and was especially active for one investigator named David. Not only was his name called over both the Ovilus and the Ghost Box, but his profession was called too- Teacher. Pretty neat!

The second investigation of Saturday night was just as full. One of the investigators during that tour was a police officer, and he had by far the most activity around him. Everything seemed to be tuned to this guy- from the Ghost Meter Pro, to the Spirit Box, even the EMF detectors. At one point, the words "Protect" came through the Spirit Box.

Strange whispers were coming through the Ghost Boxes again during the second tour, and they sounded like women and children. The investigators asked the soft voices if they would like to touch the Raggedy Ann doll, and then "Touch", and "We can't" came through the Ghost Box.

Over all, it was a big week of investigations, and a lot of activity. If you've got anything you'd like to share, send it our way. Or, you can always tag us with @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.