Sunday, October 11, 2015

Investigation Update 10.11.2015

Well, it is Columbus Day weekend! Lots of rain this week didn't keep our investigators out of the Gribble House- and here's some of what happened...

Kelley started the week off on Monday as our lead investigator. Before the investigation officially started, and Kelley was setting up the building for the night, she could hear the sounds of rustling in the Gribble House area as she was placing the Motion Detector- even though she was the only person in the building at the time. Later on in the night, it sounded like someone was walking on the roof with big, heavy steps.

Once the investigation started, there was a good deal of activity going on- especially with the Ovilus. The responses on the Ovilus were corresponding with other equipment as well- like the Ghost Box and the GM Pro. Using the Ovilus and Ghost Box combined, two investigators named Laura and John, were able to have some pretty indepth conversations. It was pretty cool, because the only real noises coming through the Ghost Box was in direct response to their questioning. While at the Stage Area, the name Murphy came up on the Ovilus, and was called through the Spirit Box.

The two ladies who investigated together on Monday night had a lot of orb activity going on around them. Many of the photos snapped of their investigation had those tell tale glowing spots in them. While they were in the Slave Quarters, they asked what the names of the spirits in the room were. The name "Annette" came through in a gruff, female voice. Quite a while later, that same voice came through again with the name "Annette". Just after, a mans' voice came through loud and husky "AGAIN".

Another couple investigating had one particular spirit who had communicated with them all night. It was the same, raspy male voice that made contact over and over in the Slave Quarters through the Ghost Box. One of the ladies asked how here grandparents were doing, and their names Michael and Mary came through...

On Tuesday night, Kait took the lead with a great group of investigators. There were some really interesting exchanges in the building. Over at the Gribble House area, one of the investigators had a conversation with a spirit who was a fellow smoker. The spirit told them his name was "Ken" and that he liked to "Smoke". Using the EMF detector, the asked Ken to making the light flicker whenever they brought out a cigarette. Whenever they offered him one to smoke, the EMF would go up to the orange or red and flicker back down as the cigarette was put away.

While having a conversation about politics, the investigators had some interesting, and some funny responses. They told the spirit they were conversing with that an African American man, Barack Obama, was President of the United States. The response was a shocked and loud "What?". They asked the spirits if they knew who was President and they heard "Grover" and "Nixon". The next step was to tell them that two women are running for President and the response was just as shocked- "TWO?".

Wednesday evening had Ted as the lead. It was a pretty active night. They started at the Stage Area, where Ted had set up the Boo Bear and the REM Pod. Everyone investigating was gathered there and over the Spirit Box they heard the word "Light" come through, just as the word "Observe" came across the Ovilus. As they looked around, they saw a bright flash of light in the warehouse- like someone was taking a picture using flash. But, here's the strange thing. No one actually saw the light go across the floor, but they all saw it on the television CCTV through the infrared cameras.

The TV captured something very interesting later on in the night, as well. One of the investigators, Tom, was watching the screen with Ted standing next to him when he saw a dark shadow move behind the two of them. It wasn't large, but Tom said that it looked like the size of a rat or mouse, but it wasn't solid- definitely a shadow.

The Slave Quarters were relatively quite, but the Raggedy Ann doll who was set up on a chair under the window had some good activity. Whenever her hands would light up, one of the investigators would move their EMF detector above here- there was always a correspondence between the Doll and the EMF detector.

Lead investigator Kelley took the helm again on Thursday night. The investigators heard from the same spirit, Murphy, from Monday night. His name came through the Spirit Box when asking whos was in the area, and then it came up on the Ovilus, as well. This night, they were able to get some more information from him. He told the investigators that he was a "Slave" and that he was owned by "Jim". They didn't get much more out of him, though. Another spirit, named Tom, refused to speak to anyone except for the women investigating. All evening long, he kept referring to the investigator Brianne and "Wife".

It was sort of stuffy in the building on Thursday- pretty humid. However, there were a lot of cold breezes and seemingly random chills that went through the warehouse floor that everyone noticed. Using the digital thermometer, they were able to document a couple of temperature drops that came around the same times as the cold breezes.

Children seemed to want to make contact in the Gribble House on Thursday night, too. While in the Slave Quarters, the Boo Bear had his belly touched a few times and would light up green. When the investigators asked who lived in that room, "Kids" came through the Spirit Box in a small, female child's voice. When they asked about the Raggedy Ann doll, a male voice said "Ann". When they went to the Residual Area, a child's voice same through right away and said "Eat".

It was a lot colder in that area than any other. But, it was especially cold around the investigator Brianne. She was having some great activity with the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box in conjunction with one another, getting responses on cue. Whenever that was happening there was an eight degree temperature drop that the other investigators documented with the Digital Thermometer.

The duo of Kait and Braden led the investigation for Friday evening. When Braden was getting everything ready for the night, he was in the Gribble House area alone. He got pretty spooked when it felt like someone was tapping on his shoulder. There was a lot of that kind of activity all night long- not much through the Ghost Boxes, but a lot of other strange and unexplainable things happening.

In the Gribble House area later on that night, everyone could smell the very pungent aroma of floral perfume. It was almost overpowering. While they were in that area, from behind the caged area, they could hear what sounded like loud banging.

Moving to the Stage Area, they did hear from Paul a little bit. He said hello to them, and told them his name a few times. The more interesting thing that happened was with the Raggedy Ann doll, who was on a chair and then moved around by some of the investigators. She kept flashing and fluttering her lights, so much so that Braden thought that perhaps her batteries were going low. But, even after he changed them out, she continued to flash in the same way- like someone kept grabbing and then releasing her.

Then over in the Residual Area, again there wasn't much activity on the Ghost Box. However, while they were sitting in that hot spot, they had set up the Motion Sensor in the middle of the building. The whole time they were seated there, the Motion Sensor kept flashing like someone was walking around it.

We had two great tours on Saturday night, with Kelley and Kait as the dynamic duo lead investigators. On the first investigation, the Slave Quarters wasn't very active for Ghost Box activity, but there was some strange stuff going on there anyway. The lights were flickering in a weird way the whole time the group was investigating there, almost like the lights were blinking.

The most interesting experience of the night happened in the Slave Quarters with Kait and the investigator Grace. She was seated in one of the chairs when she caught the attention of a spirit. The spirit told her that he was a slave owner. As they were conversing, it felt like she had an enormous amount of pressure on her chest- like someone was pushing on it. It was so intense that she left the room, but it didn't stop. When she reentered the Slave Quarters, Kait asked why the spirit was making Grace's chest hurt and through the Spirit Box they heard "I did". Kait replied, "Does she remind you of someone", "Yes". "Were they a relative of yours", "Yes" was the response. Finally Kait asked if Grace reminded him of his daughter and "Yes" came through again, followed by "Tina". Kait then asked if he could step away from Grace and he said "Yes". As soon as the response "Yes" came through, the pressure on Grace went away. Very cool.

The second investigation was just as good. Some of the investigators even came in with their own equipment to use, including a REM Pod, a Mel Meter, an Ovilus and an IR Camera- which is pretty cool. The group of investigators who brought their own equipment with them had great activity with their REM Pod and with our Motion Sensor while on the railing by the Stage Area and by the Gribble House gate. It was even on cue- asking the spirits to go near or touch the equipment. Then it would go off! That's always cool.

In the Slave Quarters, at one point the Ghost Meter Pro held its red light for a very long time- so long that one of the investigators asked if the spirit was holding it and not touching it. After they asked that "Holding" came over the Ghost Box twice in a row.

A good number of names were called out and spoken through the Spirit Boxes and the Ovilus. They heard Anne, Annie, Ed, Emily, Steve, Paul, Nick, Wan, Sandra, and Gribble. One interesting thing that happened was that there was a good bit of Spanish coming through the Spirit Box, some of which they could understand, and a good amount that the investigators could not.

What a great week! And the three day weekend means even more opportunity tonight for some late night ghost hunting... Come back next week and we promise to fill you in on everything. And, as always, feel free to tag and share our photos from the week. Use the #gribblehouse or the @gribblehouse to tag us!