Sunday, September 6, 2015

Investigation Update 9.6.2015

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! We've been laboring away in the Warehouse collecting evidence with our investigators, and here's some of what's been going on...

On Monday, Ted was our lead investigator. The investigation that night was pretty active! Right off the bat at the Stage Area, Jeremy and Niki who investigated with Ted learned why we sometimes refer to Paul as being "rude". Over the Spirit Box they heard "Bitch". When Niki asked "Who are you calling a bitch" all Paul would reply was "Bitch, bitch, bitch". Although that was not very nice, Niki then asked "Are you calling me that". Paul's response was "No, you are pretty". Maybe Paul isn't all bad.

There were two instances in the building that night where the investigators were contacted by child spirits. When they walked into the Gribble House area, they immediately heard a little girl say "Hi" through the Ghost Box. Then, in the Slave Quarters, Niki asked who they were talking to and a little voice said "Lizzy". Niki asked her how old she was and "Nine" was the response. Just then, Jeremy had the hair on the back of his head touched, just as the EMF detector began to flicker.

The strangest thing that happened all night though was while they were in the Residual Area. As they were asking questions through the Spirit Box, they could hear the sounds of women talking in the Gribble House area on the other side of the Warehouse. It definitely sounded liked it was coming from inside the building and not outside. It was so clear and loud they the three of them walked over to the GH area to double check. But no one was there, no one outside, and not even a car parked on the street...

Kelley took the lead on Wednesday night in the Warehouse. The two biggest hits of the night were definitely that EMF detector and the Raggedy Ann doll. Both of those detection devices went off all over the building! There seemed to be strange, unexpected, and almost inexplicable surges in energy that would cause both the EMF detector and the Raggedy Ann doll to light up suddenly to full force- so much so that you could hear it come through the speakers! At one point, the Raggedy Ann doll lit up so bright and clear that Kelley yelled out in excitement. Over the Ghost Box came "Oh, I'm sorry" in a child's voice and the Doll stopped flashing. Kelley then said to the child spirit that she was sorry, the Doll is for her to play with, and then Raggedy Ann started flashing at full force again... Amazing!

Another piece of equipment that was very hot on Tuesday night was the Ovilus. Almost every word that came across the Ovilus screen was accompanied by a spoken word- either through the Spirit Box or by one of the investigators. For example, they heard "Sit down" come through the Ghost Box and the Ovilus read "Sit". Pretty cool!

This past Wednesday night, Kelley was our lead investigator again. That night, it wasn't just the investigators asking the questions- even the spirits had one or two to ask themselves! "How are you" came through the Ghost Box, as well as "Ma'am"? For the most part, it seemed like almost random babble coming through the equipment- and not just words. At one point, the investigators Missy, Lisa, and Jaysa, were attempting to get a Straight EVP by turning off the Spirit Box. While it was turned off, very weird noises happened with temperature fluctuations.

While in the Slave Quarters, two other investigators, the Cegerenkos, had a very strange interaction through the Spirit Box. When they entered the room, she asked what there was to do in there. "Hide" was the response. Then she asked why they called it the Slave Quarters and the spirit replied "Slave room". She then very specifically asked the spirit if he could "Get rid of the interference and have it just be you coming through the radio, if you have enough power to do that", and the response she got was remarkable. He replied "Sit and look at me"...

Lots of names came through on Wednesday night, too. Jessica, Jessie, Mom, Willam, Tim, Elizabeth, Robert, Rachael, Mary, Larry, Paul, Eugene, and others.

Kait was in charge on Friday night, with Ted as well- for two investigations! When the first investigation began for the night at the Stage Area, the investigators asked Paul if he was going to be nice. Paul replied with "I guess". He kept his wishy washy promise, however, and didn't use any foul language for the evening. Paul did follow this group throughout the Warehouse for the whole night. He was heard from at the Stage Area, in the Slave Quarters, in the Residual Area, and even as they were walking across the building from hot spot to hot spot.

In the Gribble House area, they heard from Paul again. But, they also heard from a spirit named Mary. Whenever Mary would answer a question through the Spirit Box, the EMF detector would light up to the orange. The investigators asked if the spirit could make the lights flicker and the response they got was from a male voice- "I already did".

During the second investigation, Ted was with the group of investigators in the Gribble House area. They were having a conversation with a friendly female spirit who told them she had been "Murdered". When they asked her if she had "Died right here", the response they got was "Yes." Shortly thereafter, another spirit told them to "Get out". That didn't deter our investigators! In fact, just after that, a guest named Peter asked the spirits to make the EMF detector flash once for yes and twice for now. He asked "Do you like visitors?" The EMF flashed once, confirming that yes, they do enjoy having people come visit them.

The Slave Quarters was super active for two investigators, Peter and Ashley. Rather than relying solely on the Spirit Box for communication, they also used the Ovilus. Paul (or a spirit who claimed to be Paul) was the one coming through the Ovilus, in conjunction with the Ghost Box. Through question and answer they came to find out that Paul (or the sneaky spirit) had been murdered through mercury poisoning by a doctor, and a slave- for property. The doctor had an affair with Paul's mother. Paul also told them that he had a son named Jim who is buried in a grave marked only with his initials.

Two great investigations on Saturday night with Kelley! The first investigation had a lot of children activity in the Warehouse. When they investigators asked about them, and how many were in the building, the response they got from the Spirit Box was "Several". Kelley used the Raggedy Ann doll as a way to determine in a spirit inparticular they were conversing with was a boy or a girl. She asked the spirit to touch the left hand of the Doll if they were a girl, and the right hand if they were a boy. The right hand lit up right away, indicating they were a boy! Then the investigators asked what his favorite toy was (other than the Raggedy Ann doll, of course), and the word "Ball" came through the Spirit Box.

In the Gribble House area, the distinctive floral aroma was quite strong. However, when the investigators were walking through the Warehouse, a distinct and rancid odor overtook them. It was like the smell of rotting death. It dissipated quickly, but it was very strong when it was present.

During the second tour of Saturday night, Kelley investigated with a great group of ladies. In addition to having a lot of auditory activity, every single one of the women who investigated was touched, or "petted" in the Warehouse. There were random chill breezes going across the building that were confirmed by the Digital Thermometers and Mel Meters. They also were able to capture quiet a few orbs in their photographs.

One lady had an interesting exchange with a spirit. She was wearing a long tunic and the word "Dress" came over the Spirit Box. She told them that it wasn't a dress, it was a long shirt. The response she got was "Pretty".

The hardest area for the ladies to be in was the Gribble House. In fact, it was so distressing to them, they barely spent any time in that hot spot area at all. Each of the women felt an overwhelming sense of dread and unhappiness wash over them as they entered the area. One lady said it felt as if her head was in a vice.

All in all, we had a great Labor Day week, We hope you did as well. As always, if you've captured anything you'd like to share with us, send it our way! Or, you can always post it with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse. Feel free to tag yourself in any of the photos!