Sunday, September 27, 2015

Investigation Update 9.27.2015

Happy Sunday!! As promised, here is some of the activity that's been happening in the Gribble House...

Our week started on Sunday of last week with Dani and a pair of skeptical but open minded investigators. Kristen and Casey had never done anything like paranormal investigating before, but were ready to go! There was a pretty good amount of activity going on in the building. They started their night in the Gribble House area. They placed the Raggedy Ann doll and the EMF detector on the rail near the Stage Area and really got down to business. Using both the Ovilus and the Spirit Box, they were able to make contact with a few different spirits. Paul came through several times. At first, Paul's name came across the Ovilus. When they asked if Paul was with them, through the Spirit Box they heard "Yes". They asked Paul if he had a wife, and very politely he replied, "Yes. Thank you for asking". A few seconds later, the name Sandra came across.

At the Stage Area, they made contact with Paul again. This time, while conversing with him, the name Veronica came across the Ovilus. They asked Paul if he was alone and "NO" came across the Ghost Pro. As they were talking with him, they could hear the sounds of creaking- like someone was walking across the stage.

Something sort of strange happened in the Slave Quarters. The investigators were having a conversation with a spirit and were getting pretty prompt answers. They asked how many spirits were in the room and "Nine" was the response. Then they asked how many people were in the room, and "Three" came through. Then they heard the sound of cackling laughter come through the Ghost Box as the word "Story" came across the Ovilus.

Monday night, Braden led the investigation- an investigation with some really strange activity! The night started for Braden in the Gribble House area where he smelled the scent of flowers that were really sweet. Braden had placed the Motion Sensor outside of the gate in that area and there were quite a few spikes through out the night.

The Slave Quarters was the most active area of the building that night. One of the investigators was using the Raggedy Ann doll behind the curtain and she got a lot of spikes. When Braden grabbed the Doll the word "Protect" came through the Ghost Box. Then one of the investigators asked if the spirits could grab the Raggedy Ann while Braden was holding it. Incredibly, the Doll was tugged hard enough in Braden's hands to give him shivers. Crazy!

Ted was our lead investigator on Tuesday evening. The two most active areas were the Stage Area and the Slave Quarters. In the Stage Area they heard the name Paul come through twice, but in an angry and loud voice that did not sound like Paul. One of the investigators, Sean, asked "What's my name", and "Hobbit" came through the Ghost Box. That does seem like much, but Sean's nickname happens to be Hobbit. Pretty neat.

In the Slave Quarters, one of the investigators from England felt a cold spot on his right shoulder. Ted snapped a picture and another investigator used the Digital Thermometer, but they couldn't pinpoint the source of the coldness, or get a response through the Ghost Box about it. Nothing came up on the photograph, either.

The same sort of thing happened in the Residual Area. Everyone investigating felt a distinct cold spot near the floor. Aaron, another investigator, asked "Are you making this spot cold" and "Chill" came up on the Ovilus. The Ovilus was pretty active in the Residual Area. The investigator, Sean, said that he was a "Short, loud jerk" and laughed about it. Just as he finished saying that, the words "Short... Loud... Jerk" came up on the Ovilus. Wow!

Thursday night's investigation had Ted has the lead once again. One of the groups of investigators, Howard and Evelyn, investigated with us again for the third time! Welcome back, guys! There was so much activity that night it's hard to know where to start...

At the Stage Area, there was a great response combo between the Ovilus and the Ghost Box. The investigator, Carly, asked "What is your favorite color?". The response she got through the Spirit Box was "Apple", then over the Ovilus came "Red". Some foul language came through the Ghost Box, as well. Kara, another investigator, asked "Who is here tonight", and "Slut, slut, slut" came through.

In the Gribble House area, both groups smelled the very pungent perfumey, lavender scent at two different times during the night. While seated in one of the metal chairs, Carley felt what seemed to be fingertips touching, or rubbing against her leg.

There was a pretty cool exchange in the Slave Quarters. Carly asked "Who are we talking to". The immediate response they got was "Larry" on the Ovilus. Right after that, everyone in the room heard a very loud "LARRY" in the middle of the room. Everyone thought that the investigator Bill had said it because it was so loud and because it didn't come through the Ghost Box. But, Bill said it wasn't him. You can hear that exchange right here:

The most incredible experience of the night happened in the Residual Area. The name Veronica came through the Ovilus again, along with the name Paul- just like on Sunday of this same week. The group was firmly fixed around the Ovilus trying to figure out the message behind the words coming up on the screen when the investigator, Howard, turned to Ted with a start saying "That was not you!?". Howard told them that he had seen someone walking from the Slave Quarters towards the stairs, turn and disappear. He thought that it had been Ted, even though Ted had been with them in the Residual Area and the other group was in the Gribble House area. How cool is that?

Kelley and Braden were the lead investigators on Friday night- which was a pretty good night. There was a good bit of activity, especially with the new Motion Sensor and the REM Pod. Whenever there were changes in temperature, either the orange (for more heat) or blue (for less) would lite up in correspondence to the actual devices sounding the alarm of activity. It was pretty creepy to see the devices alarm as the spirits were moving either closer or farther from the devices.

The first group that investigated in the Gribble House area had a lot of luck using the Ghost Pro and EMF detector in congruence with one another. They were able to get the EMF to go off on cue by asking yes or no questions. While at the Stage Area, this group asked the spirits if they would like to play with the new Boo Bear device and make it move. The response they got was two fold- first they heard "Yea" in a male voice, and then "Do what?" from a female voice.

The second group investigating started their night in the Slave Quarters. They had a really decent amount of EMF, Raggedy Ann Doll, Ghost Meter Pro, and Spirit Box activity in there. One of the guests, Candice, had her nickname of "Candy" come through the Spirit Box, which is always cool. The group then asked how long the spirits had been in the Gribble House and they got a couple of differing responses. First they heard "One hundred", then "Forty" came through twice in two different voices, then "Three".

Braden noticed in the Slave Quarters that both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll were going off at the same time and this is what he captured:

Finally, Saturday was spent with Kelley and Braden once again. Everyone who investigated was really into it and engaged in all the activity. Some of the guests were able to capture orbs in their photographs and every group recorded audio to listen to later on.

Once again, the Gribble House was filled with the very distinctive aroma of floral perfume. Someone, it seemed that the scent was coming in waves that night, with concentrated whiffs blowing through. At one point, Kelley was walking towards the Gribble House area with the Mel Meter and she mentioned that it seemed to be a lot colder in that area than the rest of the building. When she said that the word "Cold" came through the Spirit Box.

The Slave Quarters was the most active area of the building on Saturday. Lots of voices came through the Ghost Box- male, female, and child voices. One of the investigators swore that she saw the Raggedy Ann's hair move right around the same time that another investigator felt her left shoulder being touched and that area of her body get very cold. An investigator in her group was even able to confirm the temperature drop with the Digital Thermometer. The group experienced chills all night long- so much so that the group started using the Digital Thermometer quite a bit. At one point, an investigator noticed that the Raggedy Ann doll was only 61 degrees when the rest of the room was much warm. As they were watching the Doll with the Thermometer, they watched the temperature drop all the way down to 31 degrees... wow!

Another pretty cool thing was when Kelley and Braden brought out the Laser Grid to test out and see if they could capture a few shadows... it looks pretty cool for sure.

Lots of fun activity and lots of fun investigators this past week- and we are looking forward to having a whole lot more in the weeks to come. Remember, you can always tag yourself in the images we post, or tag us in any images you post with #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!