Sunday, September 13, 2015

Investigation Update 9.13.2015

It's been a crazy week of weather in Savannah... rain, no rain, storms, hot, cool, breezy- but that never stops our investigators! Here's some of the action we've captured in the Warehouse this week...

This past Sunday night was still during the very busy Labor Day weekend, so GHPE hosted two investigations that night! Kelley took the lead during both investigations. The first had quite a bit of activity. Two investigators, Abby and Jim, had their names called over the Ghost Box. At first, they thought that the name Tim had been called, but when they asked they got the response, "No, Jim". Apart from their names being called, there were some fairly nasty words floating around the building. Everything from "Slut", "Wench", "Penis", "Bitch", and "Jerk".

On an interesting note, in addition to those crude and base names that the investigators were being called, there was a religious undertone to some of the responses. They heard the words "Bible", "Jesus", and "Christ" come through, as well.

The second tour of Sunday night had a lot of similarity to the first! They heard the name Jim come through the Ghost Box, and had some biblical words called too.The words "Purgatory", "Demons", "Bible", and "Jesus" came up on the Ovilus, as well.

One of the groups made contact with a spirit who said his name was Dwight. As they spoke with him, he said the word "Ash" a few times. The investigators told Kelley that they know a man named Dwight Ash... pretty cool!

On a more chilling note, the investigators heard the phrase "Kill everyone" come over the Spirit Box, then "Beat", "Grab", and "Run"...

Ted was our lead investigators on Wednesday night with a great group. It was a very active night in the Warehouse. However, the activity that was happening wasn't necessarily over the Ghost Box- there was a lot of strange and creepy stuff happening all over the building.

Ted led one of the groups into the Gribble House area to start their investigation, and then went back to the Safe Room to lead the second group towards the Slave Quarters. As they were walking that direction, they heard the sound of a child's voice calling from the Residual Area. He called "HEYYYYY.... WOOOAH". It was chilling and very distinctive- you can listen to it below.

The entire group with Ted heard the call, but when he went to ask the group in the Gribble House if they had heard it, no one had.

Ted then went into the Slave Quarters and took a seat next to the table. As he was sitting there, it sounded like someone was moving a chair, but it got louder and louder and began to sound like a table being dragged behind the wall in the Slave Quarters. Ted walked out of the Slave Quarters to see if anything was moving around in the Warehouse and noticed that the group in the Gribble House area had left. They moved out of that area because they were hearing the sounds of what seemed to be metallic banging coming from the Slave Quarters. So strange!

Later on in the night, two guests, Cary and Michelle, were watching the TV monitors. As they were watching, they could see the figure of a person walking outside of the Slave Quarters towards the Residual Area, then move out of view. But it wasn't any of their fellow investigators...

On Thursday night, Dani was our lead investigator. They started their investigation in the Residual Area, and right off the bat they got some immediate responses. They heard the words "Mommy", "Pay attention", and "Keeping notes". Dani asked if the spirits were glad to have someone to talk to and "Yes" was the response.

In the Gribble House area, the investigators used the Ghost Pro to make contact with who they believe to be Carrie Oleander. They had a really good conversation with her. It went something like this:
Did you live in the Gribble House: No
Is this Carrie: Yes
Carrie, it this your perfume: No
Is this Eliza's perfume: Yes
Is Eliza here: Yes
Is Maggie here: No
Do you know your attacker: Yes
Do you know your attacker's name: NO ANSWER
Are you afraid: Yes

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Friday night. The group she had with her was very into the investigation. It was a strange night in the building. Strange things went on. In fact, Kelley had recorded over an hour of audio on her phone but when she went to listen to it later on, it was completely empty!

They heard the voices of quite a few children and women come through on Friday night. When they asked for the names of any of the children, "Kids", and "Bobby" came through. GHPE has some new equipment, and one of those pieces is a high tech motion detector. It has a large, wide range, so Kelley put it over in the far corner near the windows where the Shadow Man had been seen in the past.

And last but not least, Saturday night! Ted was in charge on a pretty active night. At the Stage Area, the investigators heard from Paul. One of the investigators, John, put a $5 bill on the chair and asked Paul if he wanted the cash. The EMF detector flashed twice for yes. Then when John asked Paul how he was doing and Paul called him a "Dick".

In the Slave Quarters, there was a rather severe temperature drop. Over by the sink, the temp dropped from 81 degrees all the way down to 71 degrees- all documented with the Digital Thermometer. Then the temperature rose right back up 81 degrees within a matter of seconds. The Raggedy Ann doll was very active in the Slave Quarters, as well. In fact, she was blinking so strongly that one of the investigators put the EMF detector over her and it spiked as well. The mother of the group, Judy, asked "What do you want me to do tonight" and the response over the Ghost Box was "Mom on the floor". Odd...

All in all, we had a really good week with some great investigators. We've got new equipment to investigate with, so look forward to hearing more about it in the coming week! As always, feel free to tag yourself in any pictures, or to tag us with @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.