Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekly Rundown 8.2.2015

It's time again to update everyone on the evidence we've collected in the Gribble House. Here's what's been happening...

This past Monday night, Kelley led the investigation. One of the coolest things that happened that night was in the Slave Quarters, involving the Raggedy Ann doll. The doll was sitting on the floor with an EMF detector on a chair next to her. Raggedy Ann kept lighting up in spurts that matched the EMF detector lighting up right next to it. Very cool!

The investigators heard a string of words that seemed to belong together, as well as some words that came through on the Ovilus. They heard a lot of labor words coming through, like "Hammer", "Saw", "Board", and "Foreman".

Quite a few people felt that they had been touched on their necks, and could see the shadows of figures walking in the Warehouse. When they shined their flashlights in their direction, no one was there.

Susannah had a great group with her on Tuesday night. In the Gribble House area they heard quite a few women's voices coming through the Ghost Box. One of the women said she was "British". One our our new lead investigators, Braden, asked if the spirits knew how many living people were in the building at that time, and a man's voice came through very strong and loud- "SEVEN". That was the exact number of investigators that night...

At the Stage Area, they communicated a little bit with Paul. We know that Paul used to own a shop right on the corner before the building was erected, so a lot of people like to ask him questions about his store. Braden's father was investigating as well, and asked Paul how much a bottle of beer would cost him. A male voice came through the Spirit Box and replied "Three dollars".

A few of the investigators felt their legs touched, and their necks as well, throughout the course of the evening. One investigator even said it felt like there were cobwebs trailing across her face.

Wednesday night, Kelley was once again the lead investigation. One of the groups got some good responses through the Ghost Box at the Stage Area. When Kelley was walking past the Stage, they one group asked "Do you like Kelley". A male voice responded "Kelley... yeah, Kelley". As she walked over towards the Stage, "Help" came through. Kelley asked "Who needs help?". "Pete" was the response. The investigators couldn't get any more out of Pete, though. Instead, a few other distinct voices came through saying "Stop", "Run", and "Get out".

When the next group went into the Stage Area, they also heard the word "Help" come through the Ghost Box. This time when they asked who needed help, "Ian" came through. One of the investigators asked why Ian needed help and "Dead", then "Hung" was the response.

Dani, and one of our new lead investigators, Ted were in charge on Thursday night. The Slave Quarters were the most active this night. The investigators heard the word "Kill" quite a bit in that room, as well as variations of that word and phrase. "I killed", "Killed", "Killing" were all heard.

When Dani was listening to her recordings later on in the night, after the investigation was over, she caught a straight EVP- this is a recording of a voice that didn't come through a Ghost Box. She had been moving the Raggedy Ann doll from a chair onto the floor and someone said "Moved my baby". Wow!

On Friday night, Kait and Braden were our lead investigators, and they had a great group investigating with them. While in the Slave Quarters, the name Jacob came through. They began asking Jacob what kind of alcohol he liked. When asked if he liked whiskey or beer, he responded "Yes". They also discovered that Jacob likes peach moonshine. Sounds like Jacob just liked to drink,

At the Residual Area, they asked how many spirits were there trying to converse with them and "Seven" was the response. Several of the guests got goosebumps while using the communication devices in the Residual Area, despite the fact it was exceptionally warm in the Warehouse.

When they moved to the Gribble House area, the EMF started lighting up almost constantly, all the way up to red. The name Carrie was spoken a few times, and when they asked who was saying her name, the male voice responded that it was her "Husband"...

And finally, last night- Saturday! Kelley was leading the charge for the investigators that night. One of the groups had a cool experience in the Gribble House area when they heard several spirits conversing with one another through the Ghost Box- asking each other questions and responding. Very neat. One of the men in that group asked if the spirits could go outside the building and "Stupid" was the response. They thought they had heard the name Leroy come through, but when they asked if his name was Leroy, "That's not my name" was the response.

Another group in the Gribble House area heard from a guy name Mike. Mike told the investigators that head had murdered the ladies back in 1909 because his parents had paid him to. "Paid", "Money", and "Gold" then came through on the Ghost Box.

While in the Slave Quarters, one of the investigators named Casey dropped her digital thermometer and "You dropped it" came through the Spirit Box. There was a lot of Raggedy Ann doll activity, in which she would continually light up when the investigators asked them to touch her.

It was a great week for us and all our investigators. Stay tuned for updates on our two new lead investigators... as well as some EVPS!