Sunday, August 9, 2015

Investigation Update 8.9.2015

Happy Sunday! Without further ado, here is our Weekly Update...

This past Monday evening, Susannah was our lead investigator with a stellar group of investigators. One investigator, Debbie, had some great luck at the Stage Area with her EMF detector. By asking yes or no questions, Debbie managed to have a lot of spikes to the red. She learned that she was conversing with a male spirit who was born in 1895, who was married, but had no children.

In the Gribble House area, the phantom smell of flowers was very intense. Everyone was able to smell it as they walked into the area. One guest in that area, Mary, was told that she was "Kind", but Debbie was told that she was "Old". When Debbie told the spirit that being called old was fairly rude, "I'm sorry" came through the Ghost Box. Josiah, another investigator, heard his name whispered in his ear...

One other investigator, Mike, was touched in the Residual Area. The sensation of touch brushed his arm and his arm broke out in goosebumps.

Again on Tuesday night, Susannah was our lead. There were a lot of strange occurences that night. At the beginning of the evening as she was doing her initial walkthrough, she tried to open up the door from the Safe Room into the Warehouse, it seemed to be blocked- very heavy. So heavy, in fact, that she believed that some one had placed a garbage can or cart behind in during the day. When she finally managed to push through, there was nothing there. So, she tried to open the door again, and it swung open easily....

In addition, Susannah caught a whiff the perfume smell in the Gribble House area was very strong. That scent would continue to linger throughout the entire evening, with each group investigating getting a whiff as they rotated through the building.

At one point, Susannah had to go back into the Safe Room. While she was in there, the guests investigating could hear the sound of loud footsteps tromping through the warehouse. The steps were so loud, the investigators thought Susannah had come back into the Warehouse without them noticing!

Kelley was our lead investigator on Wednesday night with a great group investigating with her. The group broke up into three smaller factions, going throughout the Warehouse to investigate different areas at the same time. There was activity all over the building that night. Each group had similar experiences, like all three of the groups heard "Satan" come through the Ghost Box, as well as "Sit down".

But, each group also had their own unique experiences. The group of ladies investigating together had quite a bit of good luck with responses from women- much more than our investigators usually have. One of those women was Linda, who conversed with them quite a few times throughout the night. Kirsty, one of the ladies investigating, is from England. One spirit named Sid came through the Ghost Box, who also had an English accent. When Kirsty asked him where he was from, his response was "From the North".

Another group heard quite a few names come through the Ghost Box. One of those names was Jerome, who told the investigators that he was "Six" years old. They also heard Beth, Heidi, and Ace. An investigator in that group named Nate had his name screamed through the Ghost Box...

The final group investigating with us had some physical activity. When Kelley was spending time with their group, they were watching the REM pod going off on the rail near the stage. As they were watching, it seemed as if it were moving- closer and closer to them down the rail. A few minutes later, one of the guests felt a touch on their legs, another felt a sudden and strong headache above her brow, and yet another had her hand go numb!

Kelley and Ted were leading the way for the investigation. There was a TON of activity that night, and the investigators were very into it. One group were experienced investigators, two others were sensitives, and the others came in as believers. Throughout the entire evening, they had quite a few intelligent responses come through the Ghost Boxes. There were appropriate "Hi"s and "Hello"s when people entered different areas.

There was one interesting conversation between a guest and a spirit through the Ghost Box. One of the guests asked the spirit if he was African and "Black" was the response. When he asked if there was anything he could do for the spirit "You could", came through. Another group heard a spirit conversing with them clearly had a French accent. When the guests were discussing that they could tell the spirit was french, "French" came through the Ghost Box.

They heard words like "Weak", "Help", "People", "Train", "Railroad", and "Women" come through. Names like Joseph, Anne, Julie, Robbie, Mary, Debbie, and Angel. One guest named Dustin heard "Thank you" come through the Spirit Box, and when Dustin asked for what he was thankful, the response was "The light".

Other strange occurrences happened that night. Both Ted and an investigator could see a shadow figure standing and then moving in the window that is closest to the front door of the Warehouse. They could also hear a loud creaking noise coming from behind the curtain that at the front of the building. While Ted and Kelly were closing up for the night, they could hear footsteps on the roof, as if several people were walking around up there.

Finally, last night! Kait and Braden were our lead investigators. They and their investigators had some really great activity all over the building. At the Stage Area, each group made contact with Paul. However, Paul didn't seem to be too interested in talking. In fact, the only response they could get from his was his own name. One guest asked "Who is here", and the name "Greg" came through the Spirit Box. They conversed for a while, and the investigator asked "What do you do for a living". Greg responded with "Army".

It seemed like quite a few of the spirits in the building were trying to converse but didn't have the ability to completely form their responses- many of the words coming through the Spirit Box weren't very strong, or were slightly cut off. However, there were many, many voices coming through. The spirits were clearly trying to communicate. This was evident with the EMF detectors. Some of the investigators had the EMF detectors going off in response to their questions. One group of guests reported that the number of voices coming through and the high number of EMF responses made the building feel crowded.

It was a great week for us, and for our investigators. If you have any photos or audio you would like to share, feel free to send it our way, or to post it with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!