Sunday, August 30, 2015

Investigation Update 8.30.2015

Yet another great week of investigation at the Gribble House! Here's what's been happening...

Our week at GHPE started this past Sunday night. Susannah was our lead investigator, and they had some good activity in the warehouse. One of the more interesting things that happened was near the gated area where Susannah set up the motion sensors and REM pod. The motion sensors would light up and then the REM pod in turn. Back and forth, back and forth, like someone was walking between them.

The Slave Quarters was the most active area, though. One of the guests investigating, Joe, was walking around in the room and when he went to move the curtain against the wall to look behind it, he had his named called through the Ghost Box. Another group was using the Ghost Box and the EMF detector to get some responses. They asked if anyone in the room would like to touch the EMF detector on the sink and a little girl responded through the Spirit Box "I can't reach".

The Residual Area was very active, as well. One of the guests had an in-depth conversation with a spirit who told them his was a soldier, he was in the infantry, but he wasn't in the engineers. Susannah kept trying to take pictures of the investigators while they were in the Residual Area, but every time she kept trying to snap a photo she got a strange reflection- like a huge halo of light bouncing back.

Ted was our lead investigator on Tuesday night, with a great group of folks with him. When they had first started the investigation, Ted could distinctly hear the sound of a folding chair being moved and then slammed. He went over to the Stage Area, but they said they didn't hear anything. So, Ted then went to the Slave Quarters and they said they couldn't hear anything either. But then later, when one group was in the Gribble House area and the other was at the Stage, they all could hear the sound of the folding chair coming from the Residual Area. Strange!

At the Stage Area, Paul was his usual nasty and crude self. Anthony and Bethany, two investigators, were talking with him, and Paul called them a "Brat". He then proceeded to tell Anthony to "Shut up, idiot" after he asked a question. Cara and Brenden, two other investigators, were called idiots as well.

In the Slave Quarters, there was some good activity with the EMF detector and the Raggedy Ann doll. The investigators and Ted could see the hand and the detector light up at the same time, several times in a row. But, after a minute or two, it didn't happen again.

What a good night Wednesday was! Kelley was the lead investigator, and there was a good bit of activity in the warehouse. Alex and Ruby investigated with Kelley and got some really good responses. The Slave Quarters was the most active it's been in a while- and it's usually our most active spot! Lots and lots of EMF and Raggedy Ann doll activity that coupled with some intelligent responses with the Ghost Box. For example. Kelley asked if anyone was behind the curtain and "No one" was the response. The words "Rape", "Demon", and then "Scared" all came through in rapid succession. Strange breaths, whispers, and sniffles could be heard coming through the Spirit Box, as well.

Lots of names came through the Spirit Box that night. They heard Tom, Susan, Phillip, Henry, Edward, Anne, Ruby, Scott, Rachael, Tupac, Paul, and Susan. Two different words and names kept coming through the Spirit Box. The name Susan, or Sue, came through in every area of the building, that is, except for the Slave Quarters. The word "Ditch" also came through across the entire building.

Susannah lead the group on Thursday evening. As soon as the investigators entered the warehouse, there was lots of activity greeting them. They started the night at the Stage Area, and Paul was very active- if not very friendly. He kept repeating the word "Bitch" over and over, at least four times. The EMF detector went off quite a few times, spiking up all the way to the red. The REM Pod was placed on the rail by the Stage and was fairly quiet- except for a two minute period. The REM Pod lit up and went crazy for a solid two minutes before petering off and not making a peep for the rest of the night.

At one point, Susannah was explaining where she had put the Raggedy Ann doll, which was on the Stage. By accident, she had said she put it on the desk. Back tracking she said, "I mean, the stage. That doesn't even remotely look like a stage", and then the Ghost Box broke out in clear, distinct laughter.

In the Slave Quarters, there were quite a few children trying to communicate. They all seemed to be looking for their mothers. They could hear a little boy say "Momma" very quietly. Then much louder they heard "MOOOOM". Very sad.

On Friday night, Kait and Braden led the charge. The Residual Area was pretty active. One interesting response that they got was with a little child. They asked if anyone owned any pets and the response was in a child's voice: "A dog". One of the investigators asked if they could see the Lady in White, and the response was "We can see her".

The Gribble House was pretty active, too. One of the guests spotted a shadow inside the caged Storage Area moving around. Another guest heard a lady speaking through the Ghost Box. When she asked if it was Carrie, the response they got was "Yes". Someone wasn't very happy in the Gribble House area. There was a lot of crying and screaming in a female voice.

Finally, Saturday night! Kelley and Braden were our lead investigators. There were two tours last night. On the first tour, there was a great mother/daughter team of Lucy and Natasha. Some of the most interesting responses they got were in the Gribble House area. They asked about the murders that took place in that area and asked how the spirits had died. They heard "Axe" and then "They're dead".

The entire Warehouse seemed to be very heavy and sad. They got a lot of "Leave"s and "Get out"s in every area of the building. Lucy kept getting chills even though the building was quite warm.

The second investigation had a lot of Ghost Box responses. In the Gribble House area there were some strange conversations. At one point the word "Happened" came through. When the investigators asked what had happened, the got the response of "Maggots". The group asked if the spirit would like to show them what had happened and "Okay" came through. The investigators got a full sentence, too. "You're,.. going... to be... okay" came through, all in the same voice over about six seconds of time.  Very cool!

When they went into the Slave Quarters, they got some immediate responses. "Begin", "Hi there", and "Speak up" all came through right away. After a few minutes they heard "Leave". When they asked if they should leave they heard "Step off". At another time during the investigation in the Slave Quarters, they asked the spirits if they could lower the temperature and the temp dropped from 86 degrees all the way down to 81!

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