Sunday, August 23, 2015

Investigation Update 8.23.2015

We really had a great week in the Gribble House. So much activity, lots of exciting evidence collected, and some great investigators. Here's what happened...

Our week started on Sunday evening, when Susannah and Ted led the investigation. There was activity all over the warehouse. One guest, Andy, came into the building saying he was a "scaredy cat", but that didn't stop him from asking the right kind of questions! He and his girlfriend, Angela, seemed to have found the sweet spot that night with their line of questioning- they got a lot of reactions through both the Spirit Box, and physically! Angela kept being touched on the leg, and most of the responses they got through the Spirit Box were direct answers to the questions they were asking.

At the Stage Area, Angela asked if a spirit would say someone's name and "ANDY" was yelled through the Ghost Box. Another investigator, Catherine, was told that she was "Nice" by one spirit, and then told she was "Evil" by another.

Catherine had another interesting experience in the Gribble House area. That signature smell, floral and strong, came through the area. Catherine thought that it smelled like magnolias, so she asked if there was a tree outside. "No tree" came through the Spirit Box right away. Susannah had set the motion sensors in front of the big gate by the Gribble House area, and they went off three times throughout the evening- always with the REM pod going off at the same time!

Ted was our lead investigator on Monday night with a great couple and an awesome mother and daughters team. The couple, Dave and Denise, had some great reactions at the Stage Area. Denise had her name come through the Ghost Box several times, one of those times being combined with her shirt sleeve being tugged on! Dave asked Paul some questions that got some typical Paul-like responses. "Can you come closer and touch the green light", Dave asked him. Paul responded "Dave, why should I?".

The mom/ daughters team of Lynn, Carrie, and Corrie had a lot of activity in the Slave Quarters and in the Gribble House areas. In the Gribble House area, Carrie had her name called twice through the Spirit Box. One of the times her name was said it was followed by "I love you". In the Slave Quarters, Carrie and Corrie both had their names. When it was time for them to leave the room, they stood up and "Leave" came through the Ghost Box.

On Wednesday night, Kait was our lead investigator. The Raggedy Ann doll was the star of the show, that night. Immediately after starting the investigation, the Doll started flashing As they went into the Slave Quarters for the first time that night, she continued to go off! One of the ladies investigating, Lisa, had her name called over and over through the Spirit Box. A different voice came through the Spirit Box and said the name Dale. When the investigators asked who Dale was, the response was "You'll see"...

In the Gribble House area, that same perfume smell came through, Kait decided to ask who was wearing the scent, and the response they got was "Amber". Raggedy Ann continued to go off, her hands lighting up almost constantly. One of the investigators asked who was touching the doll and "Lucy" was the answer.

The dynamic duo of Kelley and Braden were our leads on Friday night. Even though there was activity over the entire warehouse, the Slave Quarters was very active that night. Lots of EMF, GM Pro, Doll, and Spirit Box activity. One of men investigating asked if any of the spirits wanted to touch his friend Katie's hair and make it move, and right after that you could see her hair move off her shoulders! Crazy! As the man was telling Katie what had happened, because she didn't quite believe him, "It did" came through the Ghost Box.

There was one very interesting, long conversation that took place in the Slave Quarters, as well. It all started when one of the investigators asked if the spirits liked music, and if the spirits would like us to play that kind of music for them and "Play it" came through. Then, "Billie Ray" was said. Another spirit voice came through and asked "Who is that?". "Billie Ray" came through again. Our investigator said he didn't have that kind of music, and "Who's this woman" came through in four different syllabus in a female voice. Very strange and cool.

The other group investigating had a lot of luck in the Gribble House area. When they walked into that area, the immediately heard "Leave" come through the Spirit Box. They got a few names to come through, like Russell, Victor, Hank, and Bill. One of the more interesting things that they noticed was that whenever the Ghost Box would get quiet and they wouldn't hear really anything coming through, would be the same time that the REM Pod and the motion sensors would be going off in front of the gate.

Saturday night was with the repeat duo of Kelley and Braden! Lots of intelligent responses through the Ghost Box all evening long. One of the investigators, Logan, was definitely a natural. She got a lot of responses through the Spirit Box in response to her questioning. One of the more interesting ones was when she asked why the spirits were here and "Delayed" was the response. One of the spirits who was coming through kept asking the same question over and over. "Who are you?" Even after they would tell him their names, he would only respond with "Who are you?".

 Right at the same time that Logan was getting that response. the other group was on the Stage conversing with Paul. One of the investigators told Paul that her best friend's boyfriend was also named Paul and the very sarcastic response of "No?!" came through.

In addition to the regular Spirit Box responses, there were a few additional responses that came through. Temperature drops would happen on cue, and at one point they could hear the sounds of children crying coming through the Ghost Box.

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