Sunday, August 16, 2015

Investigation Update 8.16.2015

Yet another good week of investigations in the Gribble House- here's what's been happening...

Our week started on Sunday this past week, with Kelley as lead investigator. Even before the "official" investigation began, there was quite a lot of activity buzzing about the warehouse. As Kelley was setting up the equipment for the night, the Spirit Box was calling out voices. She heard "Sin", "Pray", and "I feel alive" as she put up the other devices.

When the investigators joined Kelley for the night, the activity just increased. Paul, our resident shopkeeper, was active at the Stage Area. Every time the investigators asked if Paul was there, or if Paul would like to talk, they would get the response of "Yes" through the Ghost Box. One of the ladies asked if Paul would touch her arm and "Yes... touch" came through. Paul was then asked when he died and the response was a bit surprising. "Today", Paul replied.

One of the other more common spirits we hear from, Yusef, came through on Sunday night, as well. One of the investigators asked who was in the warehouse with them that night and "Yusef" was the response. Kelley asked him if he was from the Middle East and "Kuwait" came through the Spirit Box.

Kelley was in charge again on Monday night as lead investigator. The spirits in the building were both very kind and very rude on Monday. At the Stage Area, one investigator was called a "Whore" and "She's a slut", then "Freak" came through. But, then a minute or two later, when she asked the spirits if they would like to have a drink, "Cheers" was the response. Frank was heard from at the Stage Area, as well, and not only did he say his own name several times, but he also said the name of one of the investigators. "Carmen, Carmen" kept coming through, as well as "Cute".

Another group of investigators were getting good responses using the flashlights. One of the guests asked if the spirits would like it if she shined her flashlight in the room, and "Light" was said through the Ghost Box. Once she turned the light on, "Stop" came through. When another investigator asked if the spirit liked the light or the dark, they heard "None". He asked again, "You don't like the light"? The response they got was a yell- "NONE", then "Get out".

The lead investigator was Susannah on Tuesday night, and she had a great group with her. Steady activity throughout the entire evening.

One experience that the entire group had together was in the Gribble House area. As they walked into the hotspot, everyone could smell the scent of floral perfume- very strong! In fact, one of the guests had a very poor sense of smell, but even she could smell the perfume very clearly.

Most of the activity that night was in the Slave Quarters, with the Raggedy Ann doll. The investigators would ask any spirits to hold the dolls hands, and each side would light up- like the spirit was standing in front, facing the doll.

There also was a great moment with two devices that night, where the Spirit Box directly correlated with a response on the Ovilus screen. A voice came over the Spirit Box and said "Birthday", with just a moment later the Ovilus flashing "Present". Pretty cool!

Kelley was our lead again on Wednesday night. Two of the ladies investigating, Emily and Teresa, had some great, full conversations through the Ghost Box, with a lot of back and forth. While they were in the Slave Quarters, the first question they asked when walking in was "Is there anyone here with us", and "Sit" was the response. When they asked if it would be alright to take pictures, "You" came through- every time they would take a photo after that the word "Flash" would come through the Spirit Box!

As they sat in the Slave Quarters, the activity got stronger and stronger. One of the ladies asked if the spirit they were conversing with was sitting next to her and "Behind you" was the response. She asked what his name was and "Sir" came through. "Sir?", she asked, and "Yes, sir" came back.

The other group investigating had some good activity at the Stage Area. As they walked into that area "Yellow" came through the Spirit Box. The investigators asked if that was his favorite color, and "YES" came through loudly and very promptly. As they settled into asking questions, some elicited more of a response than others. One of the questions they asked was "How did you die"? The response was strange... "Do... you... see... me..." came through, in three different voices. Very strange.

Thursday night was great as well, with Dani and Ted as our lead investigators. The activity level was steady throughout the night. The Stage Area was pretty good, with a lot of activity happening with the EMF detector. The device kept flashing throughout the evening. Again, someone on the Stage was being rude to the investigators. The words "Bitch" and "Jerk" came through. One of the guests asked "Who are you calling a bitch?!". The response was "All of you", followed by laughter.

In the Slave Quarters, two guests had some physical responses to being in different portions of the room. One investigator said that it was hard from him to swallow, and could feel pressure while he was sitting next to the Raggedy Ann doll. Another investigator said it was hard for her to breath whenever she tried to look behind the curtain...

Finally, last evening! Kelley and Kait were our duo lead investigators, and it was quite a night!

In the Slave Quarters, there were some interesting exchanges through the Spirit Box. The investigators asked "How old are you" and "I forgot" was the response. Then they asked "Are you angry?". "Yes" as the response. "Are you friendly?", they asked then and "I guess" came through the Ghost Box. The conversation continued with "You don't have to be afraid of us" and "I'm not" was the answer they got.

Those who have been in the Slave Quarters before know that there are a small set of deer antlers sitting on the table. As the group was sitting in there, the word "Deer" was called through the Spirit Box. "Do the deer antler bother you?", one the investigators asked. "Yes" was the response. When she asked why they bothered him "Death" was the reply, in a female voice.

One of the guests in the Slave Quarters had a dramatic drop in temperature associated with him. He could feel some pressure and coolness on his neck. When another investigator aimed the digital thermometer at his neck, the temperature was a stunning 32 degrees! As they held the line there, they could see the temperature slowly rise back up to 85 degrees. Crazy!

Lots of seemingly random words came through the Spirit Box. "Talk", "Answer", "Can I", "Who", "Teacher", "Relate", "Indian", "Partner", "Move", "Suffering", "City", "Help", "Woman", "Sit", Hurt", "Stole", "Dance"... all came through the Ghost Box.

What a great week! Look forward to hearing some EVP clips from the week, and if you've captured anything, be sure to pass it our way! Or, you can tag us with @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.