Sunday, July 5, 2015

Investigation Update 7.5.2015

It's been a great holiday week here in Savannah! The city has been full of activity- and so has the Gribble House! Here's a recap of what has been going on...

On Sunday night, Susannah had a great interaction as soon as the night started. As she was explaining to her group of investigators how to use the equipment and how the night would pan out, she turned on the Ghost Box. Immediately, she got the response of "Be quiet". Apparently, not everyone was happy for the investigation to be happening.

Throughout the night, the group got a lot of war and military related words coming through the Spirit Boxes. They heard word like "Disaster", "Troop", and "March". One man investigating asked if there were any soldiers in the building and a very young male voice responded with "Yes, sir".

Kelley was the lead investigator on Monday evening. Two of the investigators with her that night had their full name said over the Ghost Box, which is always cool. But, they also heard quite a few distressing pleads coming through the Spirit Box. They heard "Help" a lot, and "Leave".

One other time, the investigators heard what sounded like quite a few children talking all at the same time through the Ghost Box. This was just after Kelley was telling the group about taking the Ragged Ann doll behind the curtain in the Slave Quarters.

The Slave Quarters was the center of the activity on Tuesday night. Susannah and the investigators heard from an English man there, who said "Hello". We believe is name may be "Pete" because he also said that name as well. They also heard the name "Chootie" twice, which is a nickname that Jackie, one of our investigators that evening, and her boyfriend have for each other.

The Raggedy Ann doll was active all evening long. At one point, the doll even fell over with no one near it. Everyone exclaimed at how amazing that was, and through the Ghost Box they heard "Wow!".

At the Stage Area, one of the investigators, Alyssa, knocked twice on the wood. She then asked if the spirits could knock once. Just then, they heard a loud banging coming from the far corner of the building, and a scream came from the Spirit Box...

Lots and lots of name came through the Ghost Box on Wednesday night. Kelley lead the investigation with a great group .They heard Amelia, Yusef, Seth, Debbie. Yvette, Frank, Steve, Annette, and Josette. One of the spirits they communicated with was French, and continually said "Au revoir" over the Ghost Box.

They had one very interesting conversation in which one of the ladies investigating asked a spirit how long they had been there. The response was "Where"? When she responded with "The room I am recording video", they heard "You are" come through. Then they asked if anyone was sitting in the chair in the room and "You bet" was the response.

Kait led the way on Thursday night. She and her group started their investigation in the Slave Quarters, and immediately one of the women was told to "Leave". The same voice came through and told one of them men investigating that something was coming and that it wasn't "Going to be so nice"... How ominous!

And finally, last evening. Kelley and her group heard a lot of names coming through the Spirit Boxes, like Linda, John, Derek, Hunter, William, Sean, Chris, Mike, Annette, and Mike.

When one of the investigators asked if the spirit could touch the green light on the EMF detector, they got the response of "Yes" and "I can". Shortly after, there was a drastic drop in temperature in the Slave Quarters that they documented with the digital thermometer.

When they were in the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was going off almost constantly. When they asked who was touching the doll, "Monique" came through.

It was a really good holiday week, and we collected a lot of evidence! Remember, if you have any audio or photos you'd like to share, be sure to send them our way.