Sunday, July 26, 2015

Investigation Update 7.26.2015

There was a lot of energy floating around the Gribble House this week- here's what happened...

Kelley had a great group with her this past Sunday night. One of the groups investigating had a really great conversation with a male spirit in the Slave Quarters. When they stated that they wanted to hang out so they could sit and talk "Okay" came through the Ghost Box. They then asked if a spirit was sitting in the chair- "Yea... me" was the response. They asked if anyone was here with them and "Here with you" came back. "Why are you here" was then asked and "I don't know" was spoken. When the group attempted to find out what the spirits' name was, they asked "Are you Mike or Yusef?". The response they got was a correction- "Tom".

At the end of the evening, when it came time to exit the evening, they said goodbye to Tom. The response they got was "Stay".

On Tuesday night, Tracy was our lead investigator. One of the groups investigating was very much into the investigation because of a lifetime of paranormal experiences. They had great responses and activity throughout the entire night.

The other group investigating had a lot of luck with the Ghost Box. At one point, Tracy was sitting with them in the Slave Quarters, and it seemed like a lot of the responses they were getting were garbled coming through- like the spirits weren't strong enough to fully respond. Tracy then asked "What do we need to do to give you more energy" and "Die" was the response. Chilling.

The group that investigated on Wednesday night with Kait had a good amount of previous investigation experience, and they knew about how most of the equipment worked. Needless to say, they were ready and raring to get into the building and collect evidence.

At the Stage Area, they had an interesting encounter with Steve. When they approached the Stage Area, Steve immediately came through and said "Sup". Kait told the group investigating that Steve has a "thing" for women with long hair. So, one of the men said that Steve would love his fiancee. Steve wasn't especially impressed and responded, with attitude, "Yea, right".

In the Slave Quarters, the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll went off almost constantly. They heard the names Zack, Horace, John, and Yusef.

Kelley had a chaotic night on Thursday- it seemed like every spirit in the building was ready and raring to communicate with the investigators. This started even before the "official" investigation began. When one of the investigators asked how many spirits were in the building that night "Seventy" was the response. That's a lot of energy clamoring for attention. Needless to say, the building was full of energy and activity.

There were quite a few physical responses to questions in the building. One woman asked the spirits to touch her, or to pull her hair. She had a strange sensation on her head and the words "Pull it" and "Look up" came through the Ghost Box. A little while later, another investigator felt her legs being touched.

A lot of the responses coming through the Ghost Box were from children. When they asked how old the children are in the building "Five and six" came through. The kids seemed to be chattering quite a bit, saying things like "Hi Dad", and "Mommy".

Dani was joined on Friday night with two of our new lead investigators, Braden and Ted, who are currently in training! They had two investigations that night. The first one had a lot of names called through the Ghost Box. Abigail, Dan, and Ian.

Braden and Ted and the investigators had a interesting experience at the Stage Area. The EMF detector was set up on the chair, and it was flickering away. When Ted and Braden went to approach the chair, the flickering would stop. As soon as they backed away, the flickering would begin again. This happened throughout the evening, with different groups of investigators.

The second investigation had similar experiences with the EMF detector at the Stage Area. A couple of times, the EMF detector actually fell over. When the investigators asked who was responsible for it being knocked over, Paul said that it was him.

Next to the Stage Area is where the TV is kept so investigators can observe the entire warehouse and its activity. The investigators experimented with asking the spirits to name the camera channel where activity was happening. Whenever a large number of orbs or the activity detector would go off in a certain area, the Spirit Box would say the corresponding camera channel. Very cool!

Some strange noises were heard throughout the building that night, as well. They could heard loud banging on the window, as well as in the Gribble House and Slave Quarters.

Finally, this last evening, Dani and Kelley led the investigation. The groups had some really interesting conversations through the Spirit Boxes. One conversation was focused around the word "Dead". Almost every question had the word "Dead" as the response. "Who are the spirits inside this home", "Dead". "Are you telling us that you are dead", "Dead". "Did you die because of a fever", "Dead... dead... dead". "How did you pass away", "Dead... Please help... get me out".

The Gribble House area was by far the most active area of the building that night. Shadows were seen skirting around the area, and you could hear the rustling coming from the caged storage area. That was creepy, especially coupled with the fact that the blue motion detectors were going off.

The name Isabella came through the Ghost Box quite a few times. It sounded like a male voice was calling for here through the building, but she never responded.

It was a great week for us, and for our investigators as well!