Sunday, July 19, 2015

Investigation Update 7.19.2015

Wow! What a great week we had at the Gribble House Paranormal Experience. Here's what's been going on...

On Sunday night, Kelley had a really good investigation. Certain words are said frequently in the Gribble House, and a lot of those were heard on Sunday- words like "Home", "Sit", and "Leave". You can hear these almost every night you go into the warehouse.

But, there were quite a few exchanges that night that weren't so common. One of the investigators, Carrie, was told she was pretty. When she repeated the word to make sure she heard correctly, they heard "Yes, pretty" come through! Then Carrie asked the spirits if they could see her and she got the response "Only Paul". She then asked Paul if she had long hair- "Yes".

One pretty neat thing that happened was when Kelley asked if Maggie was in the Gribble House area, and "Maggie left" was the response.

Kelley was our lead investigator again on Monday night, and again, we collected some great evidence. All night long, the groups investigating had some great Spirit Box conversations. They heard a long and hard "SHHHHHHHHHHHH" come through the Ghost Box when the dad of the group told the spirit that he was conversing with that he had three ladies with him, and that the spirit needed to be a gentleman and to mind his language. So, the spirit straightened up his act and then called the ladies "Beautiful".

In the Slave Quarters, there was an interesting interaction. The group heard the word "March" come through the Spirit Box, so one of the investigators asked if the spirit had died in March. The response was "Yes". Then they asked the spirit if he could leave here, and "This room" came through. Then they asked why the spirit couldn't leave the room and "Inmate" was heard...

Tuesday was a really good night, and Dani had a great group to investigate with. On certain nights, certain areas of the Gribble House are more active than others. On Tuesday, the Stage Area and the Gribble House areas were sort of quiet, but the Residual Area and Slave Quarters were very active. In the Residual Area they heard from Paul and Steve, and Tom. They also spoke to someone who said they were a "Slave", and when they asked if it was hot they got the reply of "As Hell".

In the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was very active- she lit up almost the whole time the groups were in there. The first group was asked to "Leave" over and over through the Ghost Box. The second group heard the names "Mike" and "Lincoln" come through. When one of the investigators asked Lincoln to sit in her lap, all communication with Lincoln went away.

Kelley and her group of investigators had an incredibly active night on Friday! It seemed like there was a buzz of activity through the entire building. When Kelley was opening up the Slave Quarters for the night, the room smelled just like is usually does, but when she went back to set up the candles, there was an over powering scent of cigar in the room.

Two investigators that night were Zach and Kayla. Zach had some incredible activity around him. He heard the names "William", which was the name of his recently deceased father, and "Rachael", which is his step mother. Then a full sentence came through the Spirit Box that said "Zach... it's been a long time... hey buddy". Amazing.

Another pair of investigators were Jadeth and Crystal. Both of them had their names said over the Ghost Box. Jadeth had a spirit tell her that he was "Fifteen" years old, and that he wanted a "Kiss". Jadeth and the fifteen year old boy had quite a long conversation. He said that he had seen the "Murders" but that he was too "Scared" to talk about them. When she asked him "Scared?" he said, "Of course".

In the Slave Quarters, there was a baby bird trapped behind the grating. Through the Spirit Box, the investigators heard "Help bird". But don't worry, the bird has escaped.

When closing down for the evening, Kelley had another interesting experience. While she was packing up to leave, she could see the silhouette of a man standing in front of our Office. Then, as she was pushing the TV back into the Office, she could see his reflection in the TV screen. Creepy!

Finally, we had two investigations on Saturday night. The first group had a lot of activity in the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators, Ted, had a lot of activity revolving around him. At one point, Ted asked if the spirits liked all the questions that the investigators asked and "Please stop" came through. When Ted then said that he was going to walk around for a little bit, "Wait" came through the Spirit Box. They also heard "Get out", "Sit... talk", "Help", "Stinky", "I know" and "We'll wait".

In the Gribble House area, the investigators had the Ghost Meter Pros out to use. At one point, the light turned bright red on the device and "I'm back" came through the Spirit Box. When they asked who, they heard "Steve".

During the second tour, the groups investigating had a bunch of activity in the Slave Quarters again. The language in the Slave Quarters was pretty harsh. They heard "Jerk", "Bitch", "Piss off", and "Prostitute". They also heard "Yes ma'am", "Born again", "Stop", "Get out", "Bueno", "She's short", and "Help", several times. They heard the names Joe, Mickey, Steve, Judas, Bella, Annette, Jamal, Jeff, and Dennis. The conversation they had with Dennis was pretty interesting. They asked Dennis how long he had been in the Slave Quarters, and "Eight" was the answer.

They had some really good yes and no responses, too. For example, when they asked if they would touch the Raggedy Ann doll, "Yes" came through, and she lit up.

One of the ladies investigating had been trying to converse with the women inside the building. When she couldn't get contact with them because there were so many men coming through the Ghost Box, she firmly told the male spirits to let the ladies speak. Then, "I'm tired of her" came through the Spirit Box.

Over all, it was a very active week in the warehouse and we collected some great evidence. If you collected any of your own that you would like to share with us from your investigation, please send them our way!