Sunday, July 12, 2015

Investigation Update 7.12.2015

What a great week we had at the Gribble House... here's what happened!

Susannah and Dani had a cool group with her on Monday night. Off the bat, one of the groups watching our CCTV caught a glimpse of a black figure or form going through the Slave Quarters. Dani and one of her groups saw the door of the Slave Quarters open on its own!

One of the groups that night was in contact with a soldier in the Residual Area. He even told them his rank and Commanding Officer, and even tried to get the attention of one of the investigators that night. Just a few minutes later, they heard a man's voice come through the Ghost Box and they heard "It's coming"... creepy.

On Friday night, Kait had her first crazy experience with the Raggedy Ann doll! All night long in the Slave Quarters, the doll went crazy. This all happened while the group was asking yes or no questions. One of the questions they asked was what the spirits' favorite color was and the response was "White". Each of of the guests heard their names called through the Spirit Box, too...

Saturday night was great, as well. Dani was our lead investigator with some great groups. At the stage area the investigators heard a lot of words that would be commonly heard in a general store- which makes sense since they were conversing with Paul. They heard "Ice cream", "Socks", and "Coffee". They asked Paul if he liked women, to which they got a very loud and proud "YES". Someone at the stage area, however, wasn't very happy with the group talking with Paul. As they were conversing, some other voice came through the Ghost Box and they heard "Leave". As they were walking away, they could hear some old timey music coming through.

When this group was at the Gribble House area, something very strange happened. The father and son team that was investigating said that they could see a light inside the gated area. As they watched the light, they could see it coming towards them, then come through the gate and then out the fence and out the door... then the REM Pod went off like crazy!

Here's hoping you all had as great of a week as we did... And here's to more investigating in the week to come!