Sunday, June 7, 2015

Investigation Update 6.7.2015

We have had a super busy week with a ton of activity. Here's what's been going on...

This past Sunday night started the big week of investigations. Brice and Bree, two of the investigators with Susannah, had a ton of activity around them. Brice had his name said over and over throughout the entire night. Bree could see someone walking around the Stage Area while they were in the front of the building, and cameras were having a hard time focusing.

However, the strangest activity happened in the Residual Area. At one point, both Bree and Susannah had both of their left feet "fall asleep", at the exact same time, like someone was standing on them. Bree could feel a presence over her shoulder, so she asked if anyone was standing behind her. "ME" came through loud and clear through the Ghost Box. Crazy!

Tuesday night was full of happenings, as well. Paul, at the Stage Area, was active with bells on. When the group asking to speak with him, "What do you want" came through. This group had a few questions about what Paul's store would have been like in his life. They asked him what he sold and "Cheese" was the answer. They also asked him how much a pair of socks cost in the store and "Thirteen cents" came through the Ghost Box.

While in the Gribble House area, the group strangely heard a lot of meat related words come through. "Pork", "Bacon", and "Liver". How strange. They also asked if a little girl was present in the Gribble House, and a male voice came through the Ghost Box and said "She's coming".

On Wednesday night, Kelley had a great group investigating with her. To start the whole night off, as they were all watching the video and screen, the Stage kept creaking and sounding like someone was walking on it, and the EMF was flashing on the chair. What a great way to start out a night!

They decided to begin the night on the Stage, but then moved into the Slave Quarters. As soon as they arrived, they heard "Kill her" come through the Ghost Box. It felt exceptionally colder in their than in the rest of the building. Using the Digital Thermometer, they were able to ask the Spirits to lower the temperature to around 71 degrees.

The group got quite a few responses to the question the asked the most frequently, "How did you die"? They heard many answers, from "Paper", "Killed", "Gun shot", "Prison", "Bomb", and "Beach".

Kait was leading the investigation on Thursday evening. Again, the Slave Quarters was the most active area for the group investigating that night. As soon as they walking in, both the Spirit Box and the Raggedy Ann doll began to go off. There were quite a few garbled answers through the Ghost Box, like the Spirits were having a hard time communicating.

One spirit they heard from quite a bit was Mike. Mike told the group that "Lincoln' was the President when he as alive. Mike thought that Lincoln was a "Moron".

The first investigation on Friday night was lead by Kelley. It was a night full of activity. One of the guests even had their full name spoken! They also heard the names Paul, Duke, Luke, Seth, Abraham, Eli, Rich, David, Carrie, Angel, Randell, Joseph, Yusef, Noah, Rick, Omar, Lisa, Steve, Henry, John, David, and Scott. That's a lot of names!

The language coming through the Ghost Box that night was fairly urgent. The investigators heard quite a few "Help"s and "Help me"s, as well as "Don't", "Get out", "Leave" and "I need help". That can be fairly unsettling. At one point, the group asked the spirits if they should leave the building and "Not yet" came through the Ghost Box. 

Kelley led the charge on the second investigation of Friday night, as well. Again, a lot of names came through, but different names. They heard the names Pete, Jan, Malory, Chris, Kirk, Alan, and Randolph. Two of the investigators, Aisha and Pranav, had their names said through the Ghost Box, as well.

One of the ladies investigating complained of hip pain throughout the investigation- something she didn't have until entering the building. When she spoke about it "Sit" came through the Ghost Box. 

And finally, this past evening. Kelley had another two amazing investigations. During the first, even before the investigation officially began, Kelley had a great experience. When she turned on the speakers to test them, "Tourniquet" and "Kelley" came through. After that, the Stage and Slave Quarters were the most active areas. When they came into the Slave Quarters, "Speak" came through the Ghost Box. When they asked what they wanted to talk about "Nana" was the response. 

They asked they spirits if they wanted to touch the light on the EMF detector and the word "Light" came through. They tried to entice the spirits into touching the light and was saying that it would be neat to see and then "Thinking about it" came through. In the end, the EMF never went off through their asking.

During the second investigation, the group again had quite a few names come through. Luke, Dwayne, Paul and Grace were all heard through the Ghost Box. "Hurt" and "Wounded" came through the Spirit Box again. When the group investigating asked "How are you doing" the reply they got was "Horrible". 

It was a great week of collecting evidence for everyone... If you collected any audio or photographs you'd like to share, send them our way!