Sunday, June 28, 2015

Investigation Update 6.28.2015

It's been a typical early summer week in Savannah, as far as the weather has been concerned. Hot all day with massive rainstorms in the late afternoon and evening. But, that crazy weather didn't stop our investigations! Here's a breakdown of the activity that took place in the warehouse this week...

Kelley had a great group with her on Monday night. They got quite a few interesting responses to their questions through the Ghost Boxes. One exchange went like this- a guest asked "What do you need", and he got the response of "Help". Just to make sure he was hearing correctly, he asked a second question. "Why do you need help?". The response was the same, "Help". Then, "Help" again. Before the group would leave the Slave Quarters, "Help" would come through the Ghost Box twice more. Creepy!

There was some chatter about food and drink through the Ghost Box, as well. The guests got into conversation regarding eating. One guest asked a spirit what his favorite food was and "Tuna" was the response. A little later on, another spirit was discussing a "Bar" and being "Sober".

On Tuesday night, Susannah lead the investigation. The ladies who investigated with her got some great activity through the night. One of the more interesting things to happen was the amount of Spanish being spoken through the Ghost Box. Most of this happened in the Gribble House area, where they heard from a spirit named Jose. Over and over they would get the response "Si", or yes, to their answers from the same male voice. They asked that spirit how old he was and "Siete" came through, which is seven.

It was an especially warm night, but for some reason the group kept feeling these distinctly cool breezes going through the warehouse, but always behind them- almost as if someone was passing by. There were a few strange noises as well. The group thought they could hear hail dropping on the roof and roll-up door, but when they left for the night, everything was dry outside...

Paul was out in full force on Wednesday night. Kait led the investigation, and started them at the Stage Area for the evening, when Paul made his first contact. He was especially interested in one of the investigators, Laurie. Paul usually stays at the Stage Area, but he seemed to like Laurie so much, that he followed her throughout the warehouse except in the Slave Quarters. Through questioning they discovered that Paul likes donuts and rum, but isn't fond of hamburgers.

One of the other groups investigating had some strange things happen to them in the Slave Quarters. Everyone had their phones out to record their session, but they weren't getting any good activity through the Ghost Boxes. Then, when they turned their phones off, the activity would start. Well, in the hopes of recording their conversations, they'd turn the phones back on and the activity would stop! A little later one, one of the guys investigating heard his own name come through the Spirit Box, followed by "Kill"...

Susannah was the lead investigator for Thursday night, and the group investigating had a really activity filled night. Almost as soon as the investigation began, everyone went into the Slave Quarters. Over the Spirit Box, they heard something very strange. It sounded like a group of three women all speaking at the same time saying "Get out" and then "Go away". Susannah had that happen to her once before, but it's a very rare occurrence.

Paul was contacted again on Thursday night, but he wasn't as congenial as the night before. In fact, Paul seemed to be in a pretty terrible mood. All of his answers were short and fairly huffy- mostly "Yes" or "No". Later on in the night, one of the investigators asked if Paul was still around and "Obviously" came through the Ghost Box.

The groups had quite a few names come through, including a few of their own. They heard Ed, Eddie, Reed, Vince, Vincent, Jake, Paul, Adam and Eve.

And finally, last night. Kelley led the way with a pretty terrific group of investigators. Right off the bat, they got a really cool response through the Ghost Box. One of the groups heard the name Matthew come through, and they thought perhaps that the spirit was referring to one of the investigators. So, the Matthew in the group asked "Are you referring to me... if so, what's my middle name?" The response was "Charles", which just so happened to be Matthew's middle name... Woah!

One of the ladies investigating had her shirt tugged in the Gribble House area. When she asked who had done it, quite a few spirits fessed up with "Me" and "I did". Kelley also got touched in the Gribble House area, while she was breaking down the equipment at the end of the night. Especially strange, her phone kept pixelating, as well.

It's been a great with some great investigators... with more to come!