Sunday, June 21, 2015

Investigation Update 6.21.2015

Wow, it has been so hot in Savannah these last new days- and our investigations have been hot as well! Here's what's been going on...

This past Sunday night, we had a great group investigate with Kelley. Kelley has a great practice of recording most of her sessions so she can go back later and review everything that she heard, and more importantly, anything that she may have missed during the night. When she went over the recordings she had, there were quite a few great intelligent responses to specific questions that the group heard, and some they may have missed as well. When the group had first entered the Gribble House area, they asked the spirits why they were there. "Sick" was the response they got back. Just after that, the response of "Smoke" came through twice, and "Furnace" came through as well. A little while later, they asked "How did you die". The response? "Fire". Creepy!

When they asked the spirit if they would come and touch the red light on the EMF detector, "Red" and "Light" came through. In addition, there was a cold breeze coming through the Residual Area (and remember, these have been some pretty warm nights). When it was time to leave, they said goodnight and goodbye and "Leave... jerks" came through.

Kait was our lead investigator on Wednesday night, and she her group also had some great activity. During one exchange in the Slave Quarters, they heard from a soldier named Jordan. He told them he was in the army. The Raggedy Ann doll was very popular in the Slave Quarters, as well. She lit up the whole time they were investigating in there!

In the rest of the warehouse, the investigators heard from two of our residual spirits, Paul and Steve. They heard from Paul at the Stage Area, and he was pretty chatty. He told them he was "Trying to be nice", which is a change for Paul. Steve was contacted in the Gribble House area, and he told them he was responsible for the breeze that was coming across their legs.

Thursday was a stellar night of ghost hunting. Kelley had a group of almost all believers. Three of the investigators, Tom, Susan and Matt, all had their names come through the spirit box. Susan is an avid ghost hunter, and actually came with some her own equipment. She and her group experimented with a white noise maker, hoping that would trigger a different response through the spirit boxes.

They also made contact with a child in the building on Thursday night. The conversation took place in the Slave Quarters. One of the investigators asked if they could stay in there for a little while and "Please" came through, in a child's voice. They asked the child how old they were and "Six" was the response. Just after that, though, a deep male voice said "Stop" and they didn't hear from the child again.

Again on Saturday night, Kait was our lead investigator. The night started out with the Raggedy Ann doll blinking away in Kait's arms as she explained to the group investigating how the equipment works. What a great start to the night!

When they got into the Slave Quarters, they heard from a spirit named Bryan. When they asked Bryan who had been touching the Raggedy Ann doll, he told them it was "Twins". They also heard from a soldier in the Slave Quarters who told him his name was Misha. When they asked him how old he was, he said he was "Thirty eight". Then he told them that he was heading to his "Unit".

One of the more interesting things that happened where a few "out of the corner of your eye" experiences. One of the girls investigating saw the Lady in White, and spun around fast to see her. She could see the white dress and veil. By the time she turned, the Lady was already gone. Kait and the group also caught the glimpse of someone in the Storage Area- so clear in fact, that Kait herself got creeped out!

Great groups, great investigations and great activity- what more could you ask for?