Sunday, June 14, 2015

Investigation Update 6.14.2015

So it's time again to recap what's been happening in the Gribble House...

Our week started on Monday night. Kelley had a great group with her. The mother/daughter team had never investigated before, and their first time ghost hunting went very well! One word they heard come through the ghost box several times was "Hope", which just so happened to be their last name. Coincidence?

Quite a few names came through- George, Lewis, Harriett, Rich, Gabe and Dave were all heard. The name Larry came through as well, twice in the building and once through the Ovilus. At one point, the mom asked through the ghost box if any of the spirits wanted to answer her questions and "Hear us... patient" came through. In the Residual Area, they asked how many spirits wanted to communicate, and "Three" came through immediately, and very clear. When it came time to finish for the night, they asked if they should stay and talk and "Absolutely" was the response, then "Okay... I'm good".

Susannah lead the investigation on Wednesday night. An aunt and niece investigated with her and had some really good luck with the Ovilus III. It had been a very rainy and stormy evening, and the first word that came up on the Ovilus was "Purified" followed by "Rain" through the ghost box.

The Slave Quarters was the hotbed of activity that night. The word "Poltergeist" came across the Ovilus, but the really unnerving activity came through the ghost box. The words "Under", "Cellar" and then "Board" came through. When they asked what was under the cellar board, a man's voice came through and said "People". Creepy!

When the group moved into the Residual Area, they got both the names Jim and Dana through the ghost box. The aunt's middle name, "Fay", came up on the Ovilus, followed by the words "Metal", "Tag" and "Human".

Thursday night was really full of action. Susannah had another great group with her, and every part of the Warehouse was brimming with activity.  At the Stage Area, everyone had contact with Paul, which he didn't seem to enjoy so much. When one of the guests was taking pictures at the Stage, Paul said "Stop it" through the ghost box. They also heard the name Denny come through. One of the investigators said "Hi Denny" and immediately "HI" came through back.

While they were in the Slave Quarters, one of the groups was asking who they were talking to and "The Devil" came through the ghost box. Just to make sure that they were hearing correctly, they asked again "Who"? Again, "The Devil" came through. Just at that same moment, the Raggedy Ann doll across the room on the table fell over- with no one around her.

Finally, in the Residual Area, they made contact with a spirit named Bruce, who told them he was forty years old and had children. The speaker was having some problems there- it turned on and off three times before it stabilized again. As they were moving towards the Safe Room, the words "Don't move" came through the ghost box...

Finally, the investigation last night was led by Kelley. The group investigating had some very unsettling conversations through the spirit box. At one point, they asked if they could help the spirits and "Try and help me" came through. The investigators were told to "Sit" and "Wait", as well as "Sit and smoke" on several occasions.

In the Gribble House area and on the Stage Area, they heard one of the investigators nickname come through several times- "Cootie" and "Cooter". The nickname, "Cooter" only came through after Kelley had asked the spirits to proved that they could see the group investigating.

There were some very strange noises that came through the spirit box throughout the Warehouse. The investigators heard a ghost whistle at one point. When they asked "Was that you" they got the reply of "I did". They also heard what sounded like a pack of dogs barking through the spirit box as they walked from the Gribble House area to the Slave Quarters. Finally, in the Slave Quarters, they heard jazzy swing music coming through. When they asked about a party, a young female voice replied "Party".

Kelley, being polite and knocking on the Slave Quarters door before entering, heard "It's open" come through the ghost box. As they were getting ready to leave the Slave Quarters, the spirits were not as welcoming as they were as they entered. "Leave here", "F- you all" came through as they were exiting the room.