Sunday, May 3, 2015

Investigation Update 5.3.2015

It's been getting warmer and warmer here in Savannah. This time of year means nice weather for investigating. Here's what our investigators collected this week...

Last Sunday evening was started off with a "Welcome" through the Ghost Box for our investigators. They heard from Morton, Ralph and Steve that night. Ralph could apparently speak Spanish, and communicated in Spanish with our two investigators! The Gribble House area was very active Sunday night. They heard from Max, Steve, Yusef, Seth, Walt, William, Kirk, Paul and Ed. One of the ladies investigating was told she was "Cute" over the Ghost Box.

While in the Residual area that night, one of our female investigators said he could feel something touching the back of her neck, so she and Dani (our lead) switched seats. Just after they switched, Dan got cold shivers down the back of her neck!

Monday was pretty good, as well. The investigators heard from so many spirits! Mike, Paul, Doug, Kate, Dani, Seth, Alice, Alex, Bob, Yvette, Matt, Mike, Theo, Troy and Benjamin. Now, we know that not all of those people were communicating with us, because Dani was the name our lead investigator that night, and Yvette was a guest with us that evening! When Yvette heard her name come through the Ghost Box, they then heard the words "Prove it" come through.

The Slave Quarters was very active for the Raggedy Ann doll Monday night. It did not go off for the entire time the group was investigating in there. In addition, they could sometimes caught the faint sound of piano music playing through the Ghost Box.

Tuesday night was a good night for activity, as well. Two of the guys who investigated with us were experience paranormal investigators. Almost everyone who investigated with us had their names said through the Ghost Box!

We had a super active night on Wednesday. Two of the people who investigated with us, Jeana and Jacob, were able to communicate with a little boy named Wes when they were at the Stage Area. Jeana told us that she could feel cold pressure on her hand, and that Wes told her he was "Scared" through the Ghost Box. When she asked him how many children were in the Gribble House, he responded "Seven". Jeana felt like someone as pulling on her necklace. She asked Wes if he had been choked, and "Yes" came through the Box.

At that point, in the Slave Quarters, the other group investigating was having a rather threatening encounter. The communication coming through the Ghost Box was very angry and violent. "Not ready for you", "You're no angel" as well as "Evil", "Get out", "Bitch", "Bull shit" and "Posession". Very creepy.

It was a very active night on Thursday! In the Slave Quarters, it seemed like several women were trying to communicate through the Ghost Box all at once. When they would ask a question the responses would be "We're women" or "We're dead" with several voices in the background. Strange!

One of the groups investigating was using a Ghost Box to communicate. They were having a conversation with a little boy who died around 1903. When they asked him how he died they heard "Hundred" through the Ghost Box. They then asked "Eighteen hundred and"... nothing. "Nineteen hundred and"... "Three" was the response.

All through the night, it was if someone was in the loft area of the Warehouse. It sounded like thumps and creaking.

Friday night, there was a lot of messing with the equipment. Kait, our lead, kept checking the batteries to make sure everything was working fine, but the devices kept shutting on and off nonetheless!

One of the groups, a father-daughter team, had a very interesting conversation with Steve in the Slave Quarters. Steve told the father to "Go away" so he could talk to the daughter. She laughed and told Steve he was twice her age. Steve told her he was "Thirty". Kait proceeded to tell Steve he was too old her for her, to which he replied "So what"?

And finally, Saturday night! It was an interesting evening. They heard from Paul, Ed, Eddie, Clayton, Dave, Daniel, Jimmy, Seth, Kelley, Floyd and several others. They had a very interesting conversation with Floyd. One of the guys asked "Would the real Slim Shady please stand up", and Floyd replied "I'm here". Dave, one of the investigators, told Floyd he was funny after he said "Shit" through the Ghost Box and Floyd replied "Am I"?

One of the other investigators, Kim, had a lot of activity around her. At one point, she had a flashlight in her lap and when she asked the spirits to turn it on, it did! She asked the spirit if it would like to touch her husbands hand and "I do" came through the Ghost Box. Then she asked if they would like to touch her hand and "It's a game" came through.

Another group, Sasha and Jody, was from Jordan, and they got several responses in Arabic through the Ghost Box. "Aab" came through (which means shameful) and then "Nam" (which means yes). They also heard "Jordan" come through a few times.

A great week of collecting evidence! Here's looking forward to more nice weather, and more investigations in the coming week!