Sunday, May 31, 2015

Investigation Update 5.31.2015

Wow! It is almost June! Here's what happened in the Gribble House during the last week of May...

On Monday night, the groups started at the Stage Area and almost immediately they started having  issues with equipment- the speaker kept turning on and off. At one point, when Dani tried to turn it back on, they hear "The speaker" come through the Ghost Box. Interesting.

When the groups moved over to the Gribble House area, Dani brought out the Ghost Pros to go along with the equipment they had already been using. Through the Spirit Box, they heard the word "Three". Through the Ghost Pro they were able to find out that it was two ladies and one man. They also found out that two of them were actually murdered and then the Ghost Pro turned itself off.

They heard from quite a few spirits that night- Mike, Abe, Lucy, Nick, Morgan, Roger, Clay, May, Anne, Beth, and Jordan.

Wednesday was full of activity. Kelley had a really good group of ladies investigating with her. They started off the night at the Stage Area, as usual, and as they were turning on the Spirit Box, one of the ladies, Christine, said "Maybe we should ask for Paul". Right away came the response "Paul is here". Then Christine asked if that was Paul himself, "Yeah" was the response. Kelley then asked who was sitting in one of the chairs on the stage and a male voice responded "Nicole". The ladies then kept asking if the spirit was a man and "No", "Enough" and "You're wrong" was the response.

At one point, they had a rather creepy exchange through the Ghost Box while in the Gribble House area. Christine said "Come back to us" and a British male voice responded "I can't". Another spirit responded to the male voice, a female voice saying "Then quit". She had a British accent as well. Christine then said "Tell me your name", and a voice responded "We... can... speak".

As for Saturday night, we had a great amount of activity. In addition to having the usual Ghost Box responses, Kelley also heard phantom steps that rustled leaves on the floor while she was setting up for the night. Later on in the night, you could smell a strong rose scent in the Gribble House area, which then changed to a bitter honeysuckle scent. A little time later, the rose scent had moved into the center of the Warehouse. Although it was rather hot and sticky in the building, there were cold breezes that kept sweeping across the warehouse floor.

That night they began in the Slave Quarters and set up the EMF detectors and the Raggedy Ann doll. One of the first questions the group asked was "Who is touching the doll?" They got several responses. First "Nobody", then "Bullshit". These responses were said in two different male voices. Quite a few names came through the Ghost Box. Ted, Judy, Frank, Ford, Nathan, Rick, Linda, Annette, Thelma, Heidi, Annie, Phillip, Seth, Guy and Kelley.

While at the Stage Area, two of the investigators, Holly and Frank, had a great exchange through the Spirit Box. "First time?" came through- the spirit must have known that Holly and Frank were first time investigators. Then, "Don't" came through. Holly asked "Don't what?". "Go... too... close" was the response. Creepy!!

A very good week, all in all! Here's looking forward to a great month of investigating in June.