Sunday, May 17, 2015

Investigation Update 5.17.2015

What a tremendously great week of investigation! Where to begin... where to begin...

Let's start with Monday night! Susannah investigated with a pair of ladies, Roxy and Nicole. Both of these women, and Susannah, had their names said through the Spirit Box, which is always very cool. As soon as they started the investigation that night at the Stage Area, they heard "Mike" come through the Ghost Box. Throughout the night, Mike came through the box in almost every room of the building. Roxy told Susannah later on in the evening that Mike was the name of her father, who passed away about a year ago. They also heard the names Reese, Maggie, Annie, Dianna, Lisa, Francis, Tom, Seth, Guy, Pete, Fred, Lewis, Will and a full name, Rick Goldsach. The best part about the names they heard is that they were just randomly called, but were actual responses to questions.

They had a rather unsettling exchange with a spirit. Roxy asked "What can I do to help you" and "Kill me" came through the Spirit Box. She replied "I can't kill you" and the response "Do it" came through.

Next came this past Wednesday night! Everyone has a different night in the Gribble House, and not everyone experiences the same activity, even if they are in the same group. One of the groups on Monday night was using the Ghost Box but didn't have much luck with in. In fact, it was almost like the spirits were trying to converse in whispers only. However, they had great luck with the EMF detectors, and caught a big whiff of the heavy perfume in the Gribble House area.

The other group investigating on Monday night could smell the perfume as well, but they had a very intense and deep conversation using the Ghost Box. This group made contact with Nick, a soldier who they thanked for his service. Nick then proceeded to follow them throughout the building, greeting and speaking with them in every area of the warehouse.

Thursday night was pretty awesome, too. Kelley investigated with a great group who had some great activity everywhere in the building. It's been really warm in Savannah recently (summer is almost here) but the Slave Quarters seemed very cold when they started the investigation. By the end of the night, it was very hot! Everyone had heavy activity in the Slave Quarters. At one point, Kelley asked if a spirit she was conversing with liked the Raggedy Ann doll, and "Wash it" came through the Ghost Box.

One of the best parts about using the Spirit Box is being able to identify difference voices. When Mark and Jennifer, two investigators, were in the Slave Quarters, they heard a very loud "NO" come through loud and slow in a southern drawl.

For those of you who know Willie, Mark told a spirit he was conversing with that he had been in the Gribble House investigating with Willie two years ago. The spirit replied "Who's that?". Mark said "He used to work here" and the spirit replied "Where'd he go?". A great conversation.

On Friday night, one of the spirit only referred to themselves as "Me" throughout the evening, and wouldn't actually identify themselves. They also heard from Gabe, and Steve all over the warehouse. The one lady who investigated could speak Russian, and got some really cool responses through the Ghost Box in Russian.

A father and son duo was investigating in the Slave Quarters and they had a great conversation with a spirit who called himself Ronnie. He told them that he used to build ships. Another spirit that they spoke with was Jessica. They asked Jessica why she was still here and she replied "Mike". Just after she responded, their speaker shut off.

And finally, Saturday night! Both the EMF detector and the REM pod were very active all night long. Even in the warm building, there were cold breezes and drops in temperature throughout the warehouse.

The groups had some very interesting conversations through the Ghost Boxes. One woman investigating is pregnant. She asked through the spirit box if they knew if the baby was a boy or a girl and "Son" came through. Kelley had been talking to one of the groups investigating and when she was walking away, "Weird, isn't she" came through.

There were quite a few creepy whispers and maniacal laughter through the Spirit Boxes. They also could hear children and several "Help me"s come through. When the night was ending, the group was saying their goodnights and goodbyes. "See yah... good luck" came through.

It was a really great week in the warehouse... be sure to send any photos you've taken to us and we'll be sure to post them!