Sunday, May 10, 2015

Investigation Update 5.10.2015

As promised, here's the rundown on what's been happening in the Gribble House...

This past Sunday, we had a great group investigate with us. They had activity start as soon as the investigation began. One of the younger kids in the group had the EMF detector all evening and got spike after spike, especially on demand. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Kill" and "Murder", and one of the girls kept getting chills (even though it's quite warm in Savannah right now). One spirit they kept hearing from was Dave. Dave spoke several times through the Ghost Box for a series of several seconds at a time.

The one girl investigating, Ever, took a photo that gave her problems later in her camera. Every time she would scroll through the photos she had taken, all of them would come through just fine, until she would land on that particular photo. The camera would freeze every time!

On Tuesday night, the Stage Area was very active. As soon as the group investigating got to that area and turned on the equipment, it started going off. "Gribble" came through the Ghost Box right off the bat. The doll also went off and they heard the name "Paul" come through.

Throughout the building they heard from Paul, Reg, Remus, Moe, WIllie, Billie, David, Pedro, Same, Ed and Rodney. The group had a pretty good conversation with Dave. They asked him if he had any children, to which they got the response "Two".

Friday evening was pretty good, as well. Through the night, the group investigating heard quite a few "Help" and "Help me"s come through the Ghost Box. In fact, Kelley captured a great straight EVP where you can hear "Help. All need help". Very cool.

One distinctive male voice told the group to "Leave" at every hotspot in the warehouse that night, but his "Leave" was always followed by a woman saying "Stay" just after. While they were in the Slave Quarters, they heard "Sit" when they were standing, "Stand" when they were sitting, then "Talk" and "Speak" like they were being made fun of.

 Last night was very good! Two of the people investigating, Leo and Toni, communicated with a little girl named Mandy in the Slave Quarters. She told them that she loved apples, but that she had died from starvation. They also spoke with a male spirit who was a banker or businessman. The word "Coins" came through the Ghost Box a few times while talking to him. Another spirit they communicated with was "Tommy" who told them he died from "Poison".

Just as that group was about to leave they were saying goodbye and "Can't leave unless together" came through the Ghost Box. Then the word "RUN" came across the Ovilus. When they asked who they had to run from, "Peter" came through.

They heard from Ann, Jack, Guy, Yusef, Tony and Mary. A very creepy but inaudible whisper came through the Ghost Box. When they asked who it was who was whispering, "Does it matter" came through as a response. They had some very cool responses to their questions. "Are there any children here" and the response "Play... truth... help". "Are you watching us" with the response "Protect".

One of the guests pretended to knock at the Gribble House door before going into the Gribble House area, saying "Hello, is anyone home"? "Carrie" was spoken through the Ghost Box. And finally, at the Residual Area, one of the guests asked "What happens when you die", to which they got the response of "Hope".

Such a great week of evidence collecting! If you've investigated with us any you have any pictures or audio that you'd like to share, post it here!