Sunday, May 31, 2015

Investigation Update 5.31.2015

Wow! It is almost June! Here's what happened in the Gribble House during the last week of May...

On Monday night, the groups started at the Stage Area and almost immediately they started having  issues with equipment- the speaker kept turning on and off. At one point, when Dani tried to turn it back on, they hear "The speaker" come through the Ghost Box. Interesting.

When the groups moved over to the Gribble House area, Dani brought out the Ghost Pros to go along with the equipment they had already been using. Through the Spirit Box, they heard the word "Three". Through the Ghost Pro they were able to find out that it was two ladies and one man. They also found out that two of them were actually murdered and then the Ghost Pro turned itself off.

They heard from quite a few spirits that night- Mike, Abe, Lucy, Nick, Morgan, Roger, Clay, May, Anne, Beth, and Jordan.

Wednesday was full of activity. Kelley had a really good group of ladies investigating with her. They started off the night at the Stage Area, as usual, and as they were turning on the Spirit Box, one of the ladies, Christine, said "Maybe we should ask for Paul". Right away came the response "Paul is here". Then Christine asked if that was Paul himself, "Yeah" was the response. Kelley then asked who was sitting in one of the chairs on the stage and a male voice responded "Nicole". The ladies then kept asking if the spirit was a man and "No", "Enough" and "You're wrong" was the response.

At one point, they had a rather creepy exchange through the Ghost Box while in the Gribble House area. Christine said "Come back to us" and a British male voice responded "I can't". Another spirit responded to the male voice, a female voice saying "Then quit". She had a British accent as well. Christine then said "Tell me your name", and a voice responded "We... can... speak".

As for Saturday night, we had a great amount of activity. In addition to having the usual Ghost Box responses, Kelley also heard phantom steps that rustled leaves on the floor while she was setting up for the night. Later on in the night, you could smell a strong rose scent in the Gribble House area, which then changed to a bitter honeysuckle scent. A little time later, the rose scent had moved into the center of the Warehouse. Although it was rather hot and sticky in the building, there were cold breezes that kept sweeping across the warehouse floor.

That night they began in the Slave Quarters and set up the EMF detectors and the Raggedy Ann doll. One of the first questions the group asked was "Who is touching the doll?" They got several responses. First "Nobody", then "Bullshit". These responses were said in two different male voices. Quite a few names came through the Ghost Box. Ted, Judy, Frank, Ford, Nathan, Rick, Linda, Annette, Thelma, Heidi, Annie, Phillip, Seth, Guy and Kelley.

While at the Stage Area, two of the investigators, Holly and Frank, had a great exchange through the Spirit Box. "First time?" came through- the spirit must have known that Holly and Frank were first time investigators. Then, "Don't" came through. Holly asked "Don't what?". "Go... too... close" was the response. Creepy!!

A very good week, all in all! Here's looking forward to a great month of investigating in June.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Investigation Update 5.24.2015

It's Memorial Day weekend, and we've had a great week in the Gribble House. Here's what's been going on...

This past Monday night, the ladies who investigated with us had some activity off the bat. When they got to the Stage Area, the first thing they heard was "Please". Sue, one of the women, asked a series of questions with great responses. "Are you tired"... "Yes". "Where do you sleep"... "Underneath". "Do you want to play with the doll"... "Leave it". Sue also asked about her deceased cat, Snickers, because she saw a small shadow darting about her feet.

Towards the end of the tour, things got very active in the building. The girls were in the Slave Quarters and Sue suggested that they sing to any children that were in the Gribble House. They sang "You are my sunshine" and while they were singing, both the EMF and the Ghost Pro were going off. They also sand "Rock a-Bye Baby" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider", which elicited the same response. But, when they started singing "Hush Little Baby", the REM pod on the other side of the warehouse started going off. Dani (our lead investigator) went to go get it and it stopped when she asked it to, but it would go off right away again. Even after turning it off and turning it back on, it would go off. Very cool!

Tuesday was great. Even before the official investigation began, Kelley had a cool experience. While setting up the Slave Quarters, she was putting up the candle lights with the over head lights off and the door closed. As she was in there, she could hear banging on the door from the outside! What a way to start an investigation.

The investigators used both the Spirit Boxes and the Ovilus at the same time. They did this because the Spirit Box sounded like the voices were attempting to speak with one another, rather than the group investigating. Lots of words were spoken through the Ghost Box, and they all matched up with the words coming across the Ovilus. "Money", "Coins", "Store", "College", and "Work" all matched up, with whispers mixed in between it all.

Two of the ladies, Samantha and Sharon, got some creepy whispers of her own, but they had some very upbeat and spirited responses to their questions. They both had their names spoken through the Ghost Box, and both had questions asked of them, too!

Susannah had a cool group with her on Thursday night. One of the investigators, Debbie, had her name said through the Ovilus, which is really neat. In fact, one of the spirits seemed to take a liking to her. "Debbie" was yelled through the Spirit Box in a very urgent manner. It was so loud that Debbie, who was on the other side of the warehouse when it was said, turned and said "Yeah?" because she thought it was another investigator! When she walked over to them, the same voice came through yelling "DEBBIE" even louder and more urgently.

On Friday night, Kelley again had a great experience at the beginning of the tour. While the investigators were watching the video, she was sitting on the stage. From behind her, she could hear the sounds of footsteps and the creaking of floorboards behind her. Creepy!

One of the groups investigating, Rich and Mike, were asking quite a few questions and made contact with a woman named Jane. When they asked Jane "How did you die" they got the response "Fell". "Who fell" they asked... "Rosette" was the response. They also made contact with a spirit named Eddie told them he was "Eighteen" when he died. "Shot" and "Body" also came through.

Finally, Saturday night! The folks investigating heard from Alison, Janet, Paul, Seth, Kelley, Phillip and Harry Dean. Two of the guests had their names come through the Ghost Box, as well- Swagat and Chris. Two of the groups even heard recorded piano music come through!

The groups had a strange string of phrases come through the Ghost Box. "Help", "Help me", "Send help" for starters. Then they heard "We're weak", and "Good luck" came through. Finally, "Cold here", "Hang on", "Hey... hello... sleep". Most of these came through in the same male voice, intermixed around other voices.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and if you have any photos or audio you recorded in the building, be sure to send it our way!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Investigation Update 5.17.2015

What a tremendously great week of investigation! Where to begin... where to begin...

Let's start with Monday night! Susannah investigated with a pair of ladies, Roxy and Nicole. Both of these women, and Susannah, had their names said through the Spirit Box, which is always very cool. As soon as they started the investigation that night at the Stage Area, they heard "Mike" come through the Ghost Box. Throughout the night, Mike came through the box in almost every room of the building. Roxy told Susannah later on in the evening that Mike was the name of her father, who passed away about a year ago. They also heard the names Reese, Maggie, Annie, Dianna, Lisa, Francis, Tom, Seth, Guy, Pete, Fred, Lewis, Will and a full name, Rick Goldsach. The best part about the names they heard is that they were just randomly called, but were actual responses to questions.

They had a rather unsettling exchange with a spirit. Roxy asked "What can I do to help you" and "Kill me" came through the Spirit Box. She replied "I can't kill you" and the response "Do it" came through.

Next came this past Wednesday night! Everyone has a different night in the Gribble House, and not everyone experiences the same activity, even if they are in the same group. One of the groups on Monday night was using the Ghost Box but didn't have much luck with in. In fact, it was almost like the spirits were trying to converse in whispers only. However, they had great luck with the EMF detectors, and caught a big whiff of the heavy perfume in the Gribble House area.

The other group investigating on Monday night could smell the perfume as well, but they had a very intense and deep conversation using the Ghost Box. This group made contact with Nick, a soldier who they thanked for his service. Nick then proceeded to follow them throughout the building, greeting and speaking with them in every area of the warehouse.

Thursday night was pretty awesome, too. Kelley investigated with a great group who had some great activity everywhere in the building. It's been really warm in Savannah recently (summer is almost here) but the Slave Quarters seemed very cold when they started the investigation. By the end of the night, it was very hot! Everyone had heavy activity in the Slave Quarters. At one point, Kelley asked if a spirit she was conversing with liked the Raggedy Ann doll, and "Wash it" came through the Ghost Box.

One of the best parts about using the Spirit Box is being able to identify difference voices. When Mark and Jennifer, two investigators, were in the Slave Quarters, they heard a very loud "NO" come through loud and slow in a southern drawl.

For those of you who know Willie, Mark told a spirit he was conversing with that he had been in the Gribble House investigating with Willie two years ago. The spirit replied "Who's that?". Mark said "He used to work here" and the spirit replied "Where'd he go?". A great conversation.

On Friday night, one of the spirit only referred to themselves as "Me" throughout the evening, and wouldn't actually identify themselves. They also heard from Gabe, and Steve all over the warehouse. The one lady who investigated could speak Russian, and got some really cool responses through the Ghost Box in Russian.

A father and son duo was investigating in the Slave Quarters and they had a great conversation with a spirit who called himself Ronnie. He told them that he used to build ships. Another spirit that they spoke with was Jessica. They asked Jessica why she was still here and she replied "Mike". Just after she responded, their speaker shut off.

And finally, Saturday night! Both the EMF detector and the REM pod were very active all night long. Even in the warm building, there were cold breezes and drops in temperature throughout the warehouse.

The groups had some very interesting conversations through the Ghost Boxes. One woman investigating is pregnant. She asked through the spirit box if they knew if the baby was a boy or a girl and "Son" came through. Kelley had been talking to one of the groups investigating and when she was walking away, "Weird, isn't she" came through.

There were quite a few creepy whispers and maniacal laughter through the Spirit Boxes. They also could hear children and several "Help me"s come through. When the night was ending, the group was saying their goodnights and goodbyes. "See yah... good luck" came through.

It was a really great week in the warehouse... be sure to send any photos you've taken to us and we'll be sure to post them!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Help... All Need Help EVP

Check out this really cool EVP that Kelley got on last Friday night... we think it says "Help... all need help".

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Investigation Update 5.10.2015

As promised, here's the rundown on what's been happening in the Gribble House...

This past Sunday, we had a great group investigate with us. They had activity start as soon as the investigation began. One of the younger kids in the group had the EMF detector all evening and got spike after spike, especially on demand. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Kill" and "Murder", and one of the girls kept getting chills (even though it's quite warm in Savannah right now). One spirit they kept hearing from was Dave. Dave spoke several times through the Ghost Box for a series of several seconds at a time.

The one girl investigating, Ever, took a photo that gave her problems later in her camera. Every time she would scroll through the photos she had taken, all of them would come through just fine, until she would land on that particular photo. The camera would freeze every time!

On Tuesday night, the Stage Area was very active. As soon as the group investigating got to that area and turned on the equipment, it started going off. "Gribble" came through the Ghost Box right off the bat. The doll also went off and they heard the name "Paul" come through.

Throughout the building they heard from Paul, Reg, Remus, Moe, WIllie, Billie, David, Pedro, Same, Ed and Rodney. The group had a pretty good conversation with Dave. They asked him if he had any children, to which they got the response "Two".

Friday evening was pretty good, as well. Through the night, the group investigating heard quite a few "Help" and "Help me"s come through the Ghost Box. In fact, Kelley captured a great straight EVP where you can hear "Help. All need help". Very cool.

One distinctive male voice told the group to "Leave" at every hotspot in the warehouse that night, but his "Leave" was always followed by a woman saying "Stay" just after. While they were in the Slave Quarters, they heard "Sit" when they were standing, "Stand" when they were sitting, then "Talk" and "Speak" like they were being made fun of.

 Last night was very good! Two of the people investigating, Leo and Toni, communicated with a little girl named Mandy in the Slave Quarters. She told them that she loved apples, but that she had died from starvation. They also spoke with a male spirit who was a banker or businessman. The word "Coins" came through the Ghost Box a few times while talking to him. Another spirit they communicated with was "Tommy" who told them he died from "Poison".

Just as that group was about to leave they were saying goodbye and "Can't leave unless together" came through the Ghost Box. Then the word "RUN" came across the Ovilus. When they asked who they had to run from, "Peter" came through.

They heard from Ann, Jack, Guy, Yusef, Tony and Mary. A very creepy but inaudible whisper came through the Ghost Box. When they asked who it was who was whispering, "Does it matter" came through as a response. They had some very cool responses to their questions. "Are there any children here" and the response "Play... truth... help". "Are you watching us" with the response "Protect".

One of the guests pretended to knock at the Gribble House door before going into the Gribble House area, saying "Hello, is anyone home"? "Carrie" was spoken through the Ghost Box. And finally, at the Residual Area, one of the guests asked "What happens when you die", to which they got the response of "Hope".

Such a great week of evidence collecting! If you've investigated with us any you have any pictures or audio that you'd like to share, post it here!