Sunday, April 5, 2015

Investigation Update 4.5.2015

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! Here's what's been happening at GHPE...

This past Sunday evening, there was a TON of activity, and apparently quite a few spirits in the building! In fact, when Susannah and her investigators got to the Stage Area, Jen (one of the investigators) asked how many spirits were there and "Seventy" came through the Ghost Box! One of those seventy spirits that were inside the Gribble House that evening, they heard quite a bit from a spirit named Ed. Ed told them that he had a wife and two kids. He kept saying the word "Rockets" and "Forty" over and over. At one point, they asked Ed where he lived and he replied "Gwinnett" (which just so happens to be a county in Georgia).

Even though the EMF detector that Susannah was carrying went of quite a bit, Jen's did not. In fact, when they asked if the spirits would light up the green light a loud "NO" came through the Ghost Box. Monday night was a GREAT night for evidence collecting. In fact, Kelley (our lead investigator) said her mind was "Blown" after the night from all the good activity they got. It was a super emotional night for the investigators and leads a like.

One of the girls who investigated with us was named Destiny, and unfortunately, Destiny had lost her father just a short while ago. Even though Destiny was hoping his spirit was still with her, Kelley still warned her that the spirits in the Gribble House are not always honest- that fairly often they tell you they are someone else. So, Destiny decided that she wasn't going to try to communicate with her father, so she wouldn't be let down. When she got to the Slave Quarters, she asked who was sitting in the chair next to her and "Your dad" came through. Just to be sure, she asked again and got "Your dad" again. She then asked if they knew what her name was and "Ruth" came through. This was very strange because her middle name is Ruth. Amazing!

The other group that investigated with us were in the Gribble House are and they asked the spirit they were conversing with how they died. "In fire. In corner" came through the Ghost Box. They then asked if the spirit had seen Jesus and "Still waiting" came through. Kelley asked if it was fear that kept them from going to the life and "Yes" was the response.

Even before the investigation officially began on Tuesday night, the first experience for the night took place. While Susannah was showing the investigators all the hot spots in the building, they were in the Gribble House area. Just as Susannah was was telling then that this was the area where many women are heard from, a woman's voice said "Hello" right next to one of the investigators, Evelyn's ear! It was loud enough that four women heard the voice and they went rushing back towards the Safe Room!

Almost the same thing happened as they were wrapping up the investigation for the evening! As they were leaving, a very loud, deep voice said "Hey" through the warehouse- prompting another bout of rushing towards the door!

We love when we can convert skeptics, and that's apparently what happened on Thursday night for two non-believers. We had a very active night with a lot of open minds, which always helps. While in the Gribble House, two of the investigators, Jake and Sophia (who are sensitives) could feel the room going from quite warm to quite cool. To confirm this, they used the Digital Thermometer and recorded a drop of 16 degrees!

There were some great conversations going on through the Ghost Box, as well. The investigators asked if anyone was murdered here, and "Three" came through. Right after, "Axe" came through, as well. Eerie! One young man wasn't too popular in the building. Jack kept hearing his name come through the Ghost Box, but it was always followed with "Leave" every time.

Dani and her group had a great conversation with the same female voice over and over. She said she was looking for "Laurie". When they asked where Laurie was, the voice replied "Heaven".

Friday night was very interesting. As always, Kait checked the equipment before starting for the evening, and all the batteries were freshly changed. That didn't seem to matter, though. One of the groups investigating in the Slave Quarters had their speaker die! Before the speaker died, they heard from either a Paul or a Carl. They also could hear some tapping on the garage door near the Gribble House area, but it didn't seem to be coming from the outside. Kait got called some nasty names there, which we won't repeat!

One of the men investigating reported seeing a gentleman walking across the warehouse. He was tall, wearing a top hat and black clothing.

And Saturday night! Well, Saturday night was very cool. The investigators broke up into three separate groups, and all three had some great REM pod activity at the Stage Area. In addition, all three groups heard from a spirit named Jack at the Stage. Apparently, the spirits at the Stage were not keen on having their pictures taken, because a few times when they were snapping pictures, they heard "Stop it" coming through the Ghost Box.

Rather interestingly, one woman was obviously trying to come through the Ghost Box, but was wasn't quite able to. She was rather inaudible, but she nonetheless kept trying to communicate. At the Gribble House area, they heard from "James" and "Howard" and the word "Gribble" came through. They also heard from "Bob" and "Braun".

There was quite a bit of chatter in the Residual Area, as well. One of the guests asked if they were speaking with a serial killer, and "Yes, I am" came through. When they asked how many people they had killed "Three" was the response.

What a great week of investigations! Here's to better weather and more evidence collecting to come.