Sunday, April 19, 2015

Investigation Update 4.19.2015

It was a drizzly and rainy week here in Savannah, but that doesn't stop us from investigating inside the Gribble House! Here's the evidence we collected...

Monday night had a lot of activity in the Slave Quarters, especially with the Raggedy Ann Doll. At one point, the temperature dropped a full ten degrees, from 64 to 54! When the group started using the Ghost Pros, one woman went to go behind the curtain. She told everyone it felt like something was trying to yank the curtain back shut.

One of the couples investigating that night had contact with Jacob. They heard from Yusef, Kevin, Ian, Seth, Jacob, Steve, Ben and Carrie. One of the more interesting things that happened was when you could distinctly hear the sound of a woman singing come through the Ghost Box. Very cool!

We had a very interesting night on Wednesday. One of the couples who joined us was a mother/ daughter team of Deb and Jen. Deb is a sensitive and an avid investigator. Another woman who joined us was Barbara, who is a sensitive as well. There was so much activity that night, it's hard to pin down the more interesting evidence!

The REM Pod was very active- in fact, it went off on cue for almost fifteen minutes. The three ladies were using it as a communication device with a little child, who was about five years old. Strange sounds were everywhere. Near the Gribble House gate, Jen and Kelley could hear the sound of what they thought to be keys jangling. When they were standing in the center of the warehouse, they could hear the sound of cards being shuffled very loud and very fast.

While they were in the Slave Quarters using the Ghost Box it seemed like there was a group of spirits that wanted to converse with the ladies. Whenever Deb would ask a question, the spirits seemed to converse among themselves before answering anything. One of the spirits they conversed with was a man, who said he was a slave. He told Deb she was "White" and that he "Hates whites". Paul came through the Ghost Box on Wednesday night, as well.

The other investigator, Barbara, heard "Fire" come through, and then she and Kelley got very heavy hot flashes that made them sweat.

Thursday night was great, too. Almost all of the areas of the building were very active. Near the Gribble House area, phantom smells were very strong. The same flower/ perfume smell was so strong that some of the investigators who were walking nearby could smell it! But then, the smell changed from perfume to the smell of cigarette smoke. It was so strong that Susannah, the lead investigator, thought perhaps there was a fire in the building! Throught the Ghost Box they asked if anyone was smoking. "Cig" and then "Does it bother you" came through just after. One of the investigators said yes, and the smell slowly went away.

Near the Stage Area, a group was able to make contact with a little girl named Leah. With a little encouragement, they coaxed Leah to play with the Raggedy Ann doll. Through the Ghost Box they heard her say "Play", but they could also hear the sounds of a child crying.

Last night was just as great, with lots of activity. Quite a few names were heard through the Ghost Box; Paul, Cory, Reese, Priscilla, William, Nancy, James, Anne, Jesus, Reggie, Mandy, and Raven. One group investigating at the Stage Area made contact with a little boy spirit. One of the women in that group described his presence as a mist sitting on the floor with her, touching her leg. Another group who investigated at the Stage Area made contact with Paul, who was his usual grumpy self. Priscilla, one of the investigators, had great luck with the Raggedy Ann doll, and it lit up with her a lot.

At the end of the night while everyone was getting ready to leave, the EMF and the Ghost Meter were going off together just after Priscilla had placed them on the table. Then the Doll went off like crazy until she put that on the table as well. Cool!

Hopefully next week will bring better weather. But rain or shine, the Gribble House Crew is always ready for an investigation!