Sunday, April 12, 2015

Investigation Update 4.12.2015

A busy, busy week of activity! Here's what evidence we collected this week in the Gribble House...

On Monday evening, the groups investigating heard quite a bit from a spirit named Yusef. He told one group that he was 29 years old, and the other that he was under 30. When one mother and daughter group asked him if he knew a spirit named Caroline, they got the answer of "Yes". When they asked Yusef if he protected Caroline, he told them he did. They were able to find out that Yusef was not from Savannah, but that he did die here. Yusef seemed to follow this mother and daughter through the warehouse throughout the entire evening.

The other group of ladies investigating on Monday night had some amazing EMF activity. It went off several times on command, going all the way up to the red! When they asked who was touching the device, they were told it was "David" and "Dave". When the group of women were trying to go back into the Slave Quarters late in the evening, they heard "Bad" and "No" come through the Ghost Box...

Wednesday was a really good night for evidence collecting, as well. Kelley and Dani were our lead investigators, and they broke everyone up into two groups. There seemed to be a lot of strange shadows moving in the building that night. At one point, Dani thought she caught a glimpse of a shadow over her shoulder, and one of the ladies investigating asked her if she had seen something move behind her!

A lot of people heard the name "Yusef" come through the Ghost Box this night, but each time his name was spoken, the name "Robert" would be said just before or just after. Quite a few of the people investigating had their names spoken, including Kelley, Doug, Mike and Sue.

The Slave Quarters was very active on Wednesday, as well. One man investigating went into the room and developed a splitting headache almost as soon as he went in. He told Kelley it felt like his head was in a vice- so much so he felt nauseous.

The investigators on Thursday night made a lot of small talk with the spirits in the Gribble House. This means that they managed to get a lot of intelligent responses through the Ghost Boxes to their direct questions. One of the ladies investigating was asking questions about Eliza Gribble. She asked if Mrs. Gribble was a nice lady, "Yes". She then asked if her daughter had been murdered, "Yes". She asked if she was being followed, "Yes".

One of a pair of sisters investigating saw the figure of a tall man, but when she asked her sister to shine the light on him, the figure disappeared.

On Friday evening, the group investigating asked if there were any children in the Residual Area, and the voice of a little girl came through and said "Leave me alone". Kait, our lead investigator, asked what her name was, and a man's voice answered "Jennipher".

Near the Gribble House area, one of the groups was using an EMF detector. They asked the spirit they were conversing with to touch the light, and it went off on demand. When they told him that was really cool, the spirit responded "Thanks" through the Ghost Box.

One really interesting thing that happened on Friday night was near the end of the evening. Kait was standing near the center of the warehouse, and saw a black figure walk across the Slave Quarters doorway. Right at the same time, the group near the Stage Area saw that same figure come across the cameras on the TV.

Saturday night, we had a lot of small talk again- lots of intelligent responses to direct questions. One investigator asked the spirit they were conversing with if he would like to follow them to the next room, "No". A group of six women asked if the spirits knew how many ladies were there, "Six". Awesome!

At the Stage Area, at least one women in every group tonight got called some very nasty names- "Whore", "Slut", "Bitch". But, one group heard a little girl say "Mommy" near the Stage area, as well.

A group of ladies investigating at the Residual Area got corrected on Saturday night, as well. One lady asked a spirit if he was setting of the Motion Sensor and the Ghost Meter "Near the blue curtains" and "BLACK" came through the Ghost Box.

A lot of names came through that night- names like Steve, Henry, Mike, Paul, and Will, or William. One of the men investigating said that Will was the name of his late father- and that name and voice followed him throughout the building.

All in all, a great week for the Gribble House crew and investigators!