Sunday, March 8, 2015

Investigation Update 3.7.2015

We had another great week of investigating inside the warehouse. Here's what happened...

On Monday night, one group of the investigators was communicating with a child spirit who didn't want to give a name through the Spirit Box, but agreed to go by "Friend". "Friend" was quite friendly in fact, and asked who was coming to join the group when another investigator was walking towards the Stage Area where they all were.

One women in the group felt chills and pressure on her chest by the stage area, as well. Another spirit the investigators communicated with was Jerry. Jerry told them that, "Yes", he was from the Gribble House. One other who was communicating through the Spirit Box was Jim, who told the group he was "hiding".

Tuesday was a lovely day, and the group that investigated with us had great energy. Two ladies investigating started at the stage area and they heard from Paul, Mike, Carol, Joseph, and Rose. One of the girls investigating was named Michelle, and when she asked through the Ghost Box if someone knew her name, it responded promptly.

Wednesday night we had just one women investigate with us, but sometimes less is definitely more! Kim was a teacher from New Hampshire and was down in Savannah for a conference. She's a one-woman paranormal researcher on a fact-finding mission so she can organize a ghost-hunting field trip for her students. How cool is that?! Lots of children came through the Ghost Box that nice. The first name Kim and Susannah heard was "Jane" and it was a little girl. They also heard Bruce, Steve, Seth, Noah, Elizabeth, Taylor, Tyler, as well as their own names through the Spirit Box.

All night, the two ladies were able to get some great intelligent responses using the Ghost Box. At one point, Kim asked if there was an old lady in the warehouse, to which they received a clear "There is". One very interesting thing that happened was when a spirit came through named Matt. Matt said the word Hawaii, which may seem strange. Except, it turns out that Kim was actually born and raised in Hawaii. How weird!

Something pretty incredible happened right off the bat on Friday night. Kelley was setting up for the night inside the warehouse, while Dani was inside the Safe Room setting up the computer. Kelley went into the office to get some batteries off the charge and she looked back into the building. Crouching in the threshold was a little boy with sandy blonde hair and a large tan coat on. He was just stooped there, smiling very silly- like he was caught playing hide and seek. He was only there for a few seconds before he dissipated...

One of the people who came to investigate with us that night was a fellow named Chad, who has investigated with us three times in the last year! Chad brought his own equipment- a REM pod and such. All night, his REM pod was lighting up! His REM pod had a light that set off for a decrease in temperature, and at one point he and Dani were using the Ghost Box and communicated with a boy named Jacob. Jacob told him he was 7 years old. They both felt a rush of cold air, that the REM pod then detected, and Jacob touched Dani. Maybe this was the little boy that Kelley saw earlier?

The other guests investigating on Friday night heard from Seth, Freddy, Jim, John, Paul, Tim, Pete, Megs and someone named Reeves. When they asked if any of the spirits knew their names, both investigators Matthew and Kristen had their names called. Paul, being his rude self, then proceeded to call Matthew a "bitch". When they moved into the Slave Quarters, one group asked the spirit Seth who they were looking for, and they were told "God". They then asked the spirits to make a noise for them, to let them know that they were there, and a very loud banging noise happened! It was so loud that Kelley rushed to the window to see if anyone was setting off fireworks- then they told her what they had asked.

Last night was great, as well. Paul was his normal flirty self and got pretty fresh with a man's wife on the Stage Area. They also heard from Grace, Bishop, Elizabeth and Phillip. Both the REM pod and the Raggedy Ann doll was popular with the Spirits last night. The REM pod essentially lit up the entire night. Kelley and some of the investigators were able to ask the Spirits to go near the REM pod and have it light up on command. Both Kelley and Kait had great luck with the Raggedy Ann doll. Kelley asked a child spirit if it wanted to give the Doll a hug, and the entire body lit up. Kait had a similar experience in the Slave Quarters when the Doll lit up completely.

The Spirit Box was very active last night, as well. One of the ladies investigating asked a child spirit what they wanted for Christmas. They response they got? "Toys". Very cute. One group investigating had their speaker turn on and off without them touching it.

All in all, a great week of investigation in the Warehouse.