Sunday, March 29, 2015

Investigation Update 3.29.2015

Here's what you've been waiting for! Here's what's been happening in the Gribble House...

Last Sunday evening, one of our groups had a fantastic communication with a little girl named Jane. She told them through the Ghost Box that she knew "Jacob" and "Noah", and that they all played together. When one of the guests asked her how she had died, she said she "Got sick", and "Fell into a deep sleep". Then another voice repeated "Deep" through the Ghost Box. Jane really enjoyed playing with the Raggedy Ann doll- she continued to light her up all evening. All of the guests reported feeling a lot of positive energy, as well as a rambunctious feeling through the whole night!

Monday night was just as good. One group was investigating inside the Gribble House, and heard what they thought was a cow coming through the Ghost Box. When they asked about the cow, a spirit named Allen said "My cow".

They also heard from a little boy named Jacob, who told him he was less than 5 years old. Jacob told them that his family used to live near the Stage Area. He also told the group that he had a sister, but he wouldn't say her name, or the name of his parents.

Paul was in rare form on Tuesday night. Almost as soon as the investigation started, he started yelling through the Ghost Box at the groups investigating near the Stage. They asked Paul if he was mad at them for being there, and the EMF detector lit up right to the red. Then, they heard "Get the hell out" from the Ghost Box. When the group was discussing what they had just heard, Paul came through the Box saying 'I did". Trying to coax Paul into talking a little bit more, they asked him how old he was, to which they got the response "God damn it". Paul continued to rabble on through the Ghost Box, "Leave", "Exit", "Hags", and even worse.

In other parts of the building, the other investigators were getting some amazing action on the Raggedy Ann doll. While in the Slave Quarters, one group was getting the doll to light up the whole way on command, just by asking. When everyone was ending their investigation for the night, they heard "Thank you" and "Goodbye" come through the Ghost Boxes.

On Thursday evening, we had a rather flirtatious spirit interact with one of our guests! Brooke (the investigator) contacted a spirit named Mike, and he essentially followed her throughout the evening. He called her "Lady", and when she asked if he would like to hold her hand, the EMF detector she was holding went right up into the red! At the Stage Area, she told a joke, and his voice came through the Ghost Box with a "Ha!".

The investigators heard from Caroline, Wayne, Mike, Jacob, Paul, Yusef, Steve, Pete and Nick. Nick told them that he was a Civil War soldier He also told them that he was 32 years old, had a wife named Ruby, and a one year old daughter named Violet. When they asked him how he had died, he replied "Pistol" and "War". Very interestingly, the voice that was coming through the Ghost Box throughout this entire conversation was very deep with a Southern accent.

Nick continued the conversation on Friday night, as well. One group was able to contact him in the Residual Area. The girl in the group asked where he was, and Nick responded "Beside you". The girl's boyfriend then said "Nuh-huh, that's my girl", to which Nick replied "Oh, okay". When they would stop talking to him for a while, Nick would try to regain their attention with 'Hello? Hey?".

Saturday night was FULL of activity. One group that was investigating in the Slave Quarters asked if they could go behind the curtain, and "Yes" was heard through the Ghost Box. They then asked how many people were behind the curtain, and "Two people" came through. One woman asked "Do you believe in God"... "Do you?" was the response.

Another group believes they were in contact with Maggie tonight- when they walked into the Gribble House area, they were immediately greeted by the overwhelming scent of flower perfume.

Lisa and Tonya, two investigators, both had their names come through the Spirit Box. Paul was not in the mood to be kind to these two ladies. He called them "Bitches". Maybe one day Paul will learn to be nice. Or maybe not.